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Per Aspera Ad Astra

"Per Aspera Ad Astra" (2004)

1. Dream about True Past
2. Irrestible Temptation
3. Born from Hate...
4. Next Night will Come
5. The Lord in the Sky
6. Fall of the Kingdom of Brightness

1. Dream about True Past

Scream of fight of night dawn
Is waking me from eternal dream
My vision of the past
Was born in this dream
Of pride of ancient world
Move my body and remind me remembrance
Of old times when a sword was the law
Of old times when I was powerful

I was fighting for the truth which cross destroyed
My brothers were dying for the truth
I saw blood of my race
The race as old al eternity
I'm sitting by forest stream
I feel power of revenge inside me
The revenge which doze inside me for ages
Now the time of revenge has come

It's not a simple dream
I was living and fighting there
I want to go back there
But unavoiaable old age kills me

2. Irrestible Temptation

Throw off from your face the mask of goodness,
Throw off your conscience
Plunge deep into your mutilated soul
Touch minds, touch insane resons

Give the pleasure into your bleeding body
Move your mentality, set a limit to your blindness
Look at the world with sober eye, you're getting crazy
Possessed by sin, buried by evil
Unholy disposed towards life and religion
Joik! I'm going to overthrow the daylight
I'll open wide the gates to darknessbefore the world
I'll hew out in fire dreams that were born from lust
Ritually baptized in flames I am

Lost are those who trusted the liar
Come with me, we'll pave the way for darkness
Ghastly figures will capture my body
The day of the Prince of Darkness arrival is coming!

3. Born from Hate...

So, my soul is whittled, with axe of executioner
With soul covered in the abyss of night
I look in the dark with owl's eyes
And I can see shadow of my soul

Born from hate, born from pain
I am condamned to make devastation
Like an ancient fathers I have to fight
I'll touch the blood with my hands it will be done

I'm going through pool sowed by dead bodies
My axe in my hands shivers
My revenge, my devastation
I pray for the old days without god and cross

Still I'm going and I don't care
I have to do what I have to do
Rules lost in time
I will tear out from deepest light

4. Next Night will Come

Northern wind whispears blasphemous words of prayers
Circle of monks is singing glorious psalm
In thirteen arms chandelier black candles are lighting
Their shining harbringer a day of battle

Frostly wind brings sound of murderous fights
Northern warriors are rising their swords
There are sounds of tortures between flames
Death is triumph and his shadow

We have to destroy this race of fools
Spit on their own blood
let fire and sword destroy their orders
Our victory will bring darkness

Walking on a large battlefield
Sowed with dead bodies
I can see dead bodies of my brothers
Their sacrifice brought victory

Next night will come tomorrow for forge new axes
And next crusade will bring the call of revenge again
Villages will burn, blood will being shed-fire, massacre
And evil moonlight will mark the end of the revenge

5. The Lord in the Sky

Deep night born million of stars
Moonlight appears far away
It wakes fear, it wakes sorrow
And destroys light of day with his power

Frostly winter night is his daughter
She kills life with her own ice

Only moon is the lord in the sky
Ancient master of nightlife

Like wolf on step precipice
I worship you and give you my admiration
And psalm comes out out from my mouths
Born in dark corner of my soul

Your shine which born my wilderness
Gives me bestial power
And transforms me into something else
A man, which don't know a mercy

I run in thickness
And I meet my victim

Kill - I see only that
And I taste blood on my mouths

Whisper of stream wakes me
My body is placed there
I don't know - was it dream or truth
It is ungures riddle of my soul

6. Fall of the Kingdom of Brightness

Though from abyss seed born
And throw down in hellish depths
He stands with army of darkness, prideagain
And with fire he knocks in your gates of light

Above your head heavy ceiling will hang
Of shapeless damned beasts
The light which gives you power is going down
And your bastards will fallow in blood

You are crying about your fate
Darkness has come for you - shiver up
And when you will hear howling of wolves
The time will come when your kingdom will turn to dust

The end of tyrany is near
Great emperor will sit on yout throne
It means the King's return
True Master Of The Universe


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