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In the Wake of Separation

"In the Wake of Separation" (2005)

1. Cold Victim
2. Without Warning
3. And Since Forgotten
4. Live To Die
5. Corpse You Up
6. Innocent Mind
7. Sliver
8. Consqeuence Unknown
9. Regret Your Fear

1. Cold Victim

So unashamed of your solution
Trapped only fooling yourself
As my existence offends you

Immortal mind of weakness
Frozen until death do us part
You fucking tore me to pieces

Internal rage boils strong
Blood drained veins are left to heal
Your silent breath speaks lounder than words
Release my soul of misery
Ever lost love infects with ease
Now tears of blood left rising for you

Challenge the soul of the dead
Cold victim caught in your head
Still drowning in your passion
Put my fist through the wall
With no one to break my fall
My eyes will bleed tonight

You're only fooling yourself
It's much deeper than pain
A sudden shiver of weakenss
You fucking tore me to pieces!

2. Without Warning

Collapsing heartache
Brought to the young
Release this heartless soul
This web of sorrow now put to shame

Can you tease the restless
Can you taste the life
Through the passing darkness

I walk alone, through the dead winf

Shame will arise
Every time you breath
With every word you speak
And every time you think
You will hear me bleed

I can't be your perfection
For what it's worth I'll bleed
I can't heal this depression
And what if it was me

Time will only hide
What will soon be carried out
I'll see you bleed for me

Without a tear we sleep

3. And Since Forgotten

Stare at the broken reflection
Wishing we were lost
Here lies the album
Torn pictures now seem shot
Begging now for what we live for
Counting down to collapse on the floor
Closer now the nauseas creep
Quiet now we softly speak

My myth, your magic
Not quite the way we planned
Last kiss, seems tragic
Can't this cure the damned
My myth, your magic
Will you ever understand
Last kiss, seems tragic
Am I the weaker man

When every nightmare calls out to you
I'll be far from here
Exhaust the roots of confession
Before the dead appear
Seamless portraits hide much more
What I have in store

Dying moment, will it ever end
This sickness, contagious
This hate within

4. Live To Die

You can scream all you want to scream
And it's cold every one has left with me
Your last breath isnt what it could be
Now I burn apart every last memory
Suddenly the innocent will control
By your need for pain
Why live to die
I walk alone tonight
Without a trace ill make sure your in sight
To die, to live a familiar fright
Every word shadows deeper
The night is young hold your head up high
They will come before you say

Live to die
Without memory
Face of evill
Some how so empty
Live to die
Someone please save me
Face of evil
Some how reflects me
Live to die
Left so empty
Face of evil
Someone please save me
And you'll scream all you want to scream
And it's cold everyone has left with me
You last breath exactly what it should be
Now I tare apart everything you gave to me

Suddenly the innocent has your soul
Theres no need for pain

And I'm set free from the fury we were sent unhappy
Light the fire, bring the pain
Somehow you enrage me
Now take life in your hands
To hold all that is real
You'll find me in your dreams
As you look for me you'll be sorry
That you couldn't live and let it go
And now your sorry
Remember how you hurt me
And now I'm sorry

5. Corpse You Up

I see myself fading deeper
In a world of pain and anger

Don't hold your breathe
I wont be there
The smell of innocence carries through
So hold your head above the water
When darkness falls they will catch you

Youll be carried deep inside my mind
To say that I hate you, is far to real
I hang my head above your grave
In hopes that one day ill be the same
When every second of everyday
Is spent wishing my life would change

Taste of blood rolls of my hands
I will bleed through
Taste of blood pours through the eyes
I will bleed through

Now here the devil speak

6. Innocent Mind

I feed the damaged
Your soul is mine
I feed the damaged
It'll come in time

To feel the pressure
So deep inside
To feel the pressure
You'll burn alive

Ive got the answer
So short inside
Ive got the answer
I'll win this time

Keep holding on

Now a helpless cry
Hate is blind
Feed off my life
The fear to fail
Lies in me
The fear to fail
Will arise

To capture a moment without being seen
A painted picture of one lost drea
This weirght on my shoulders has kept me blind
Reach inside and find whats mine

The darkenss speaks
You keep it, under your skin
I feel your pain

Because I can it, drawn illusions speak
When every word has no meaning
An empty room is somewhat soothing
Reach inside and find whats mine

Just to capture this moment without being seen
This is my dream

7. Sliver

How long can you hold on to nothing
Rotting inside and out
Follow me on this road to nowhere
As I dig my grave

Engraved in stone, I lie asleep

How long can you hold on to something
I'm dying alone
Follow me

Miles away from a brighter day
Running faster in pouring rain
Eyes of thunder will haunt for awhile
Now forget how it feels to smile
Unforgettable visions
Soon rest with me
Fight my way through the sadness
As the sunset creeps
Fight my way through the sadness
And rest with me

Walking hand and hand
Learn to live again
Your confession proceeds
Carving deep wothin
As your blood runs thin
Let the absence be seen

8. Consqeuence Unknown

I walk with the shadow of death
Failure echoes through the vengeance
As the blood breaks through the skin
I feel alove again
Seems of terror to split the wound
Corruption of silence
Burning bridges to please the foolish
I walk with my head high

Can you feel the hatred now
Step into the flames and burn
Come alive with no ending
Ive been dead since the beginning
Dive into the devils sky
Arms tied to without the lies
My hate is now the vein

Can you hear your conscience
Are you still considered proud
When every day your body weeps

I live for the torture
I grew up with the shame
I follow the pressure
With my passive mind
Falling to me, I cant control this hate

9. Regret Your Fear

Life is almost through
Silence screams forgive me
Your eyes sewn shut with greed
Who's to hear your bleeding

Come alive, embrace the last time
Keep the vision upon your side
By the hour, by the minute
You will hold but one kill

Life glares back at you
Illusions captured for me
Precious hearts that tend to bleed
Among all those still grieving

By the hour, by the minute
You will hold but one kill
Believe until unspoken

Shadows cover the blackened sky
Haunting past will now arise
Conscience crumbles when hit with vengeance
Nervous mind to neutralize
Failure torn with every motion
The end of fate will slide

Whispers cold and hateful now
Close the door and fall into your mind
Intrusion of thoughts soon shattered
All left between the lines
Failure torn with every motion
The end of fate will slide
You will soon suffer from within...


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