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Sonic Scriptures of the End Times / Songs to Have Your Nightmares With

"Sonic Scriptures of the End Times / Songs to Have Your Nightmares With" (2004)

1. Epithimia Gia Athanasia
2. Riddles without Answers & Celestial Mechanics
3. Phobos IV
4. Point-Blank Avenue & Unbirthday Song - The Ultimate Ordeal
5. To Kill A Friend
6. H8 Universal
7. Vaptisma Tis Gnosis
8. Digital Satan
9. Lex Praedatorius - Eaters of the Weak

1. Epithimia Gia Athanasia

It has been nearly three months since I obtained the book from the old man's estate.
For nearly three months I've spent deciphering its contents, its purpose.

I knew it was of considerate power, to say the least.
It seems that I had blatantly underestimated it.

My dreams are now envenomed with its whisperings.
It reveals to me wonderful things - horrid and sweet. Sordid yet blissful.

Treasures never hidden.
Secrets never sought after.
Answers without questions.

I leave my house more and more scarcely as time passes.
I hear ominous thumping noises from within the walls.
Wailing and sobbing from the basement, and somewhat unsettling laughter from the attic.
I should probably be worried, but I have no time for such foolish sentimentality.

What used to be my bedroom is now a pathway to a forest.
At first when I opened the door after the continuing rustling sounds I sthought I was simply hallucinating. Delirious from the exhaustion.
But there was the brisk smell of woods after rain.
The tranquil unscathed from a pack of wolves, I dared not to venture there any further.

I hear distant footsteps from my wardrobe.
Echoing like in an ancient hallway.

2. Riddles without Answers & Celestial Mechanics

[Celestial Mechanics]

I'm floating. It is very dark and it's very cold.
Or it could be hot, I'm not absolutely positive about that.

I can't see. I can't hear.
I don't feel anything. I don't believe this to be hell.
I just don't.

They come to me at times.
They come in ones or twos, or in multitudes I cannot comprehend.

Sometimes they're so small they crawl into mouth and my nostrils.
Sometimes they're bigger than the sky. Such as I remember it.
The sky that is. But sometimes...

Sometimes they look just like you and me.
And that's really the worst part.
And they start cutting into my flesh.
Sometimes I dream of hallways.
Here, in the emptiness it probably is the only thing soothing me.

Sometimes I'm visited by the paper men.
I never knew you could feel your soul.
But when they took it from me I felt utterly cold and alone.
Even more so than before.

After an unknown amount of time had passed they brought it back to me.
I wept.
It was cauterized back in place.

But it wasn't the same.
They put it there inside-out.
I could feel it. Just when I thought that I'd endured it all.
That they'd run out of horrible things to do to me, they started working on my mind.

3. Phobos IV

4. Point-Blank Avenue & Unbirthday Song - The Ultimate Ordeal

5. To Kill A Friend

That's a funny thing.
Now how do you suppose I am to choose my followers?

Guess I'll start with my close friends.
Asking of their assistance in a dire task that will ultimately corrupt them.
That would be sufficient.

Then I'll proceed on to the misfits of the land.
To God's unwanted children.
Everybody wants power.
That's what really makes the world go around.

6. H8 Universal

Have you ever wished that people would just, you know, die?
I started disliking people at an early age.
I was never keen on company, so I mostly kept to myself.
I simply enjoyed solitude.

Eventually the dislike evolved into disgust.
And to hate.

Unexplainable, at times irrational, but honest hatred towards people.
After my transformation that hate escalated into a manical state of disgust towards every living creature.

I just wanted to kill a lot of people.
All of them, in fact.

7. Vaptisma Tis Gnosis

Voice after voice joins this song, which is slowly escalating into an aural storm hovering barely within the limits of consciousness.
Thousands after thousands join the hymn, which people are only able to hear in their dreams.

If you listen to it very carefully, at the same time not listening to it at all, you can make sense of it.
You'll understand that it is an anthem.

It is a song for the nameless.

8. Digital Satan

I was there. Watching.
I was there listening to the ambience of crackling flames mixing with Nero's fiddle, which I had taught him to play.

In the time of the three sixes I was there smelling the freshly baked bread and turning up the heat.

When the tiniest stars of my wandering carnival escaped one third of the West became spotted.
And very dead.
And I was there.

I was the rebelling angel.
I am the unstoppable darkness.
The inevitable failure.
The cleansing by fire.
The anticipating death.

I am the Digital Satan.

9. Lex Praedatorius - Eaters of the Weak


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