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...For Theirs is the Flesh

"...For Theirs is the Flesh" (2002)

1. The Ways of the Wicked (A Prologue)
2. Court of a Fallen
3. Black Gallows (The Ascension)
4. Ordo Malleus
5. High Voltage Messiah
6. Magnum Innominandum
7. Master Pain
8. Church of the Worm
9. The Woods of Suicide
10. Elsewhen (The Final Unmaking)
11. Bonus-Shit

1. The Ways of the Wicked (A Prologue)

This is a story of places forgotten.
Of different peoples from the past.

The present and the future wiped out from the memories of men.
Of protagonists and antagonists both living and dead.

And of gods that should not have been.
Visible now are the first signs of the never ending night.
Lost kingdoms of last living creed.
With the Storrm wash away the flesh.

2. Court of a Fallen

Distant corner of a distant island.
Through barren lands and woods never trodden.
Over hills over mountains through desolation of civilizations long dead.

If you'd make it there alive and sane you would find a fortress gigantic and ever so slightly shifting.
Behind the uneasy walls there would be gods.
Nine of them.
What could frighten the gods?

Nevertheless, their forces were on the move.
The fallen lords Gods shunned by the righteous.
Armies of the nine spreading like a wildfire.

Hacking, slashing, crushing.
Burning, boiling, eating.
Laughing, crying, howling.
Insane, twisted, wicked.

Burn! for the glory of the nine.
Burn! The righteous to ashes.
Burn! The world aflame.
Purifying We reap. Putrifying The diseased.

3. Black Gallows (The Ascension)

Lonely figure stood at a crossroads in dose vicinity to towering gallows.
Calmly he took the steps up and removed his silvery crown, which soon corroded in his hands.
He knew there was no returning to the former life anymore.
With the noose around his neck he awaited to see the first clouds gathering.

He would be there at the end.
Visions through time call the greedy.
Last night among the living.
Carved from the blackest of woods.

Swallowing the poison, he reaches the gallows.
Spitting up blood the last king dies.
Deadly magic leaves a copse hanging for nine days and nights before removed.

Arcane forces escort the deceased.
Nevermore seen alive.
Travelling through time.

4. Ordo Malleus

The dark side of a nearby moon.
Colonies of a new breed. The high breed.

Genetically engineered from the finest specimens of the species and bred in humanatcheries.

The very first generation of homosuperiors were brought forth for warfare and are now eager to depart on their forthcoming crusade.
In the dropships the first platoons one with their superb ebony armours and their senses hightuned are on their way to deal justice.

Many will fall under the hammer.
Under one leader.
Under one banner.
Many will fall under the hammer.
Forged in wars.
Bound for eternal glory.
One with the law.

The Order reigns Supreme.

The legions of a thousand sons.
Thousand bodies one soul.
March forth with blazing guns.
Thousand minds one goal.

The highest breed knowing no fear.
Dawn of triump is drawing near.
Created for massive destruction.
Praise the children of hermetic wisdom.

The highst breed knowing no fear.
Those not of faith must sear.
Smell of flesh burning throughout the kingdom.
Under one leader.
Under one (true) god.
All will kneel before the hammer.

5. High Voltage Messiah

Yet another heir to the throne was determined to harness the dormant powers of the end of time.
Unyielding in his quest this usuper had unbelievably made his way to the pantheon where the gods held their gathering.
Defying the unwritten laws the arrogant and intrusive royalty demanded to receive blessings from all the nine deities.

Seemingly benign they choses to grant him his wish.
It was only then when he realized the horrible mistake he had made.

You sought gods that never existed, finally you found ones sick and twisted.
Deprived of old faith succumb to insane forces.

Nine blessings of contradicting sources.
Nine powers of nine towers.
Nine powers in me combined
Everything so pure, so cold.

Knowledge searing my mind.
Too much to withstand.
This might for a mortal man.

Forces untold mine to control.
The light of reason lost forevermore.

6. Magnum Innominandum

In a nameless place where none dare to venture, shapeless beings defying the very laws of nature awant, far away, yet so near, they observe patiently.
Only the most potent ones are even aware of their existence.

And as the time is soon at hand they will come as one.
Come with the storm, bringing forth the prosphetic ending.

Come! we must hurry before the storm awakens!

7. Master Pain

His heavy breathing and hasty footsteps echoed from the walls as he kept hoping that he might've led his pursuer astray.
In the dark it was difficult to see well, and he couldn't make out any other sounds besides his own racket.

The tunnel led to a door through which he entered into a cabinet with nothing but comestibles.
Even after locking the door he kept leaning against it just to make sure it would stay shut and tried to regain his breath.

Maybe I won't be found, he hoped in his mind.

A cold breeeze brushed the back of his neck as reality twisted for a second, and he turned around in time only to see the cruellest smile ever.

Six inch claws Cutting through bone, fangs of steel Ripping your throat.

Ten feet tall Deadlier than all.
Tonight another life ends.
Deyinf time he's gone again.
Like a nightmare it never ends.

Killing, killing rejoicing within Blackest eyes.
No remorse.
Coldest smile.
No Escape.

Floating over the carcass of his last kill, the assassin licking his long nails heard a caling.
And with a slight breeze he was gone.

8. Church of the Worm

The Order of Reason's tactical Omega squads troopers gazed in awe as numbers of huge towers slithered from beneath the desert sand.
The church was a dull gray in color and when the moon lit it, they could see that the walls were oozing with something.

One of the few soldiers who weren't sickened by this gruesome visage, noticed movement beneath the sand around them.
Even with all their hi tech equipment and armament they were not ready to face the disciples of the worm.

As the last man falls to darkness.
The one not eaten is taken beyond.

Blind yet they see..
No eyes, no ears, no speech.
Hivemind hunger for blood, degravation and power feast on the flesh.
No pain, no grief, no sickness.

Disciples of the sand praise the worm. Above the sea of skulls bound to a pillar a man resists the hunger.
Tempted by promises of strenght beyond strenght he curses the wicked for their words of wisdom.

9. The Woods of Suicide

A purgatory of sorts.
Between life and death.
Between the beginning and the end.
Between light and darkness.

Only a select few may choose their destination.
...And they're headed for the end.

The dead smile at them on their way whispering them wonderful things.
Promises of sweet oblivion.
Pleading them to succumb to the dark.
Lasciate ogni speranga, voi chentrate.

10. Elsewhen (The Final Unmaking)

At the end of time they meet for a final confrontation.
With the storm comes the beast.
At the end of time they meet for a final showdown.
Powermongers fearless and ruthless.

Against one another, poised to kill.
Horrors never before seen.
Beings as in a dream.
Guardians of the end.
As one being they stand.
Seeing everything, reaching everywhere.
Cleansing the filthy flesh away.

The beast of forbiden lore shall be defeated nevermore.

You are weak, sentient meat.
In the end we must live

At the end of time they meet for a final showdown.
Crumbling down comes the pillars of time.
One after another they shall fall.

11. Bonus-Shit


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