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Psico Fantasia

"Psico Fantasia" (1997 EP)

1. Dream Of The Rainbow Angels
2. Killing Zone
3. Red Moon
4. Letter To My Love

1. Dream Of The Rainbow Angels

I love to see your smiling eyes,
And everything they tell me... When we kiss the skies
And as I fall asleep
I have this mystic dream of Angels flight...
I see them dancing by the clouds... Through rainbow colours...
A thousand Angels singing... In a single choir,
But then they start to spread their wings,
And in my vision they take you
To their eternal trip

Then I try,
When I try to fly with them
My wings are burning flames.
When I fall,
I hear their call, I hear their sing
Like hymns of victory.

I love to take your hands and see ... All the things you mean to me,
It's when I understand those words that once you said:
-"I'll love you till the eternity"
But the only thing that seems forever is this dream I got.


Across the rainbow, all in white,
Through the garden of delight,
You were for me the perfect bride,
But your wings were made to fly.
The dream is real
I'll love to death,
I'll love to the end of time.
I'd love to hold you in my arms
Even if it was for the last time.

I would climb the highest mountain,
To reach the stars, to reach the skies,
To keep you by my side...


Will I ever know?
Will I ever understand?
I wish this dream would never end.
Then I cry,
The dream goes by
With all my fears.

You are the reason for these tears...
You are the reason for all these tears...

2. Killing Zone

She's not the queen she used,
Through drugs and self-abuse,
She lost herself in endless stories.
She met the madness man
Joe "Paranoid", her friend,
There's no solution to her problem.
She plays the star,
But there's no spark on her,
She choose the game,
She loose, she give up once again.

He's not the king he thought,
He is no king at all,
He's just a moron without kingdom.
He met the madness girl, in paranoiac world,
And since that day,
They just don't know what game to play.

They play the star,
But there's no spark,
They choose the game,
They loose, they give up once again.

"Fantasy, it seems reality
I see clearly my insanity"

"I feel so high, feels like I never die
I feel so strong...
Hey! Something's wrong!?..."
She's in the killing zone,
She's one her own...
He looks her; he's frightened,
There's no way back, It's over...

She played the star,
And now she's gone
She chose the game,
She lost, she gave up once for all...

All the time they knew it...all.

3. Red Moon

Something inside of me
Grows like a chemistry of evilness,
Tearing away my flesh,
My body's leaving, am I dying, am I?

Free like our love once was,
When we were one, (the lovers bond)
But now you're not the same as me.
Will our love overcome?
Things were so bright, until the night,
The night we saw the prophecy.

We knew that
This strange moon,
Would be a curse for us soon.
All we have,
Is now our love and hope,
To reach the wings of our freedom...

The guardian of the temple has come to speak,
The book of life is open, my sentence is red:
-"No God or man on earth can set you free,
Only the blood red moon... so it was meant to be..."
...Only the full red moon

The shining eye of the night has shown her shyness
Has the shadow dress our souls,
So close we are but still so far...
Do we deserve all this pain in our hearts?
Will my lips ever caress your velvet skin again?
Will this punishment last till the end of our lives?
We both look almost human, almost...
But we are not! Then what are we? What do we feel?
Our souls are not touched by the spell,
This moon made us so blind
All through the night... The darkest night.
We can not see her color...


4. Letter To My Love

My Dear Beloved

Almost a year as already passed and
I still can't express all things I would love to say...
And they are so many...
It's a living hell here,
I'm learning the highs and the lows of the feeling inside,
a moral life sacrificed on a battle field,
and those who try to send me to the grave,
they will never know the secrets that love hides...
They will never know...

I feel the shadow clouds so near,
Lead me into your dreams,
I can feel you in every tear
They are falling in a sea of grief,
There's no relief for this pain...

I see the clouds divide,
A silence approaching,
Voices inside my head
Whisper "I'll never see you again".
Remembering drinking red wine,
A naked dance by angels choir,
Making love by fire...

This winter breath and the falling snow,
Remembers me home,
With Thousand candles burning
(and all the shinning stars)

Can you feel my heart beating?

Take me to the place
We use to make our promises,
Those field of green and gold,
I need your lips to heal this wound...

My soul is dying,
My heart is bleeding,
I taste despair in every tear...


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