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Blood Delirium

"Blood Delirium" (2004)

1. Razor Blade Salvation
2. Mordum
3. August Underground
4. Gore Whore
5. Baptized by Demon's Piss
6. Nightmares in a Damaged Brain
7. Festering Beneath the Fog
8. A Corpse is Forever
9. Blood Delirium
10. Spawned by Ghoul Insemination
11. You Will Be Eaten Alive

1. Razor Blade Salvation

Abandoned at birth
Left to die
Nailed in reverse
Abused and Beaten
Never time to be a child
A stench that never goes away
Branded in exile

Growing into hate
Absorbing pains creation
Like a second skin
twisted into from

Abscessing into sin
Inheriting white knuckle fever
Frightenced submission
Pre-ordained mainifesto
Screaming into reflection
Mocking every movement
Releasing the last drop of life
Razor blade salvation


2. Mordum

3. August Underground

Monumental suffering
Slipping out of control
Clogged arteries strain
Medicated dementia

Cancerous growth
Prapalegic sodomy
Scarred erection
Acting out impulsive rape scenes

Bound and gagged
Mucos lubricant applied
Thorazine injected
Convulsive stumps subdued


Fornicated abomination
Rotting in the walls
Liquid cellulite fever
Traumatized by reflection

Freak of nature
Born insane
Frontal lobe missing
Crustifucked tattered brain

4. Gore Whore

Deviant masterbation
born without a clit
Never knowing pleasure
Provided by her slit
Killing in a frenzy
Acting out her lust
Penile dismemberment
blood encrusted stump

Blistered scabs draining pus
drawing flies into her cunt
twisted mind ruined snatch
Death erect stuck in her crack

Opened wide up
Pouring cottage clots
Mangled stink hole
infested with crotch rot
double penetration
Severed hands invade
Ass bleeding brown
Screaming as she came

Gore Whore


5. Baptized by Demon's Piss

Buried beneath the eyes of god
the beast of mockery waits
Life a dormant disease
Poised to spread its fate
Rising from foul ground
Glowing eyes of liquid fire
the lord of flies awakes
a rotten messiah of morbid desire

I'm baptized by demon's piss

I accept the pain
a vow unto contagion
Take my soul
Putrid sacrifice ordained
Defiled in demonic fluids
Showered in eternal bliss
Annointed with new life
Baptized by demon's piss
I'm baptized by demon's piss

6. Nightmares in a Damaged Brain

I want to cut you
Feel by disease
I know it's sick
but like wathing you bleed
Some call me twisted
Others deranged
Doesn't really matter
So take you pick
it's plain and simple...
...zirnef si kcis

7. Festering Beneath the Fog

They live
They breathe
Beneath the fog

Mutated subscecies
Abandoned by faith
Dormant by day
Crippled by light


Nine moons rising
addicted to blood
Caravan of disease
Masquerading to survive

Whispering voices
Godless savage beast
Hymns of the damned
tortured souls feast


8. A Corpse is Forever

Sifting past worms
Stroke her cold skin
A staring lifeless gaze
through slits sewn chut

ripping off her burial dress
Nipples decayed and stiff
a body pure and willing
Without a word from her lips

Our coffin is sacred
aged with cum and soil
A love that can't be severed
because a corpse is forever

Her dried flesh resists
As my erection slips through
I swear she is smiling
With a face so pale and blue


I keep her in the basement
so were never disturbed
My funeral lover
Chemically preserved


9. Blood Delirium

Raised in a funeral home
Finding comfort in death
Fondling corpses
Soon became her friends
Anatomy lessions
At an early age
Undressing the dead
fiendish unspeakable acts

Licking the stitches
that hold her lover in place
blood between her thighs
Innocence gone forever

Exploring bodies
inside and out
Rigor mortal erections
in her ass and mouth
Keeping mementos
in formaldehyde jars
Her silk lined cunt hungers
For dead leathery flesh


10. Spawned by Ghoul Insemination

Abducted by graven figures
Orafices ripped open for invasion
Their mouths sewn shut
Dead yet screaming

Spawned by ghoul insemination

Repeatedly raped
by obscene rotting creatures
Absorbing zombified semen
Putrid flesh with inhuman features

Spawned by ghoul insemination

Ghoulish eyes widen
Ritual fucking and torture begins
Her womb transforms and reacts
to the kicking of an infants dead limbs
Stomach spasms and splits open
Revealing a larvae laced face
Vile even by a mortician's standards
Spawing a brood of the living dead

11. You Will Be Eaten Alive

Worm ridden
My innards swarm with maggots
My eyes see only gangrene
I hunger for warm flesh
My lust burns black for blood
Lacerations form a twisted crown
eternal cadaver alive and rotting
you will be eaten alive


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