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So I Wait

"So I Wait" (2006 Demo)

1. Recollection
2. Tears of Once Unknown
3. Kattegat
4. In Silence
5. And If It Ends
6. Again

1. Recollection

Verse 1
It hit me, like a flower in the rain, back to life
It left me, with a bruise but not a stain, shining bright
It hurt me, just enough to take away, this crying pain
It saved me, had I been freed again this way, was I alive again

Chorus 1
And today, I was gonna stay, before it came too late
Yesterday, I had the price to pay, to receive this fate

Verse 2
A new light had come and headed my way, burning through the ground
This time it had led me astray, into the beautiful sound
So much space had tried to make things slow, but I'll fight back
I know that I will never let it go, because I canít

Chorus 2
And today, I was gonna stay, before it came too late
Yesterday, I had the price to pay, to receive this fate
And tomorrow, after time has passed, will I still be dressed in black
I know, I wanted her back, but I will move on now, because....

I wanted to remember
And I would never surrender
Should I really get to know her
Coz I needed to show her...

2. Tears of Once Unknown

Verse 1
Trading myself for her bliss, making her happy, I am dismissed
Trying to fight it once more, for it is her that I adore
Inches away from her grace, I do not dare to see her face
Administering my causes, I hate the lying and disorder

Sadness allies with my defeat
Though I placed myself beneath her feet
They're all above me watching disaster
The more I help, it comes ever faster

Verse 2
An eclipse, on a red moon, veiled for a short time, it comes back soon
Though the stars seem very small, they're still there and cannot fall
Drenched in blood that I cannot wipe clean, when it was not there I was so serene
Tipped by the iceberg of sadness, I take the full blow that it can possess

Verse 3
Filed away she is in the past, I needed something that could last
What I yearned I found in you, time took us, they always knew
Had I done what was good for me, was she history, was I set free
The sacrifice I made was it the right choice, have I found my place, because...

Bridge 2
I can't stop thinking about you
Won't stop thinking about you

Verse 4
Finally I was happy because she knew, that I was going to be with you
No heartfelt disaster no culled heart, it gave us a nice new start
Those times of jealousy finally gone, no longer will I have to look on
People can see the joy that's filled my face, because they know...

Bridge 2

No longer will I shed tears of sadness, the pain of loss has finally flown away
In my past I thought I'd known love, but it's never moved me in this way
Your light continues to dry away my tears, your soft touch is here to stay
Inside I know you'll never hurt me, but I'll be in hell if you start to fade

3. Kattegat

Verse 1
Indulgence I can see, in a reign thatís set apart for me
Itís under par to be, in a state of morbid apathy
On a distant path from me, the abysm of love can burn till the others come down
I hope it can never be, an anchor of stress and agony

Bridge 1
Why do I see so much beauty?

Verse 2
Is it the eyes amidst your face, that soothes my heart in its place
The shine of your smile, that makes pain and endurance all worthwhile
Or the fall of your hair, that could never leave me to despair
There is one thing I can sense, I could never feel this was if it wasnít for your existence

Verse 3
Succumbed into the inner cage
The facade is growing into decay
Nothing can change the way that I see you
I will stay no matter what time puts you through

Bridge 2
Unphased by the taunts in line
Innate love defined
Untrained I survive
Enshrine the true divine

Verse 4
Injured beside me once again
The face has still not reached its end
Unravel time and watch it all fall down
Ignore the signs because youíre still wearing my crown

4. In Silence

Verse 1
I have no need to go to heaven
Because you are here on earth
But if I was to meet you in heaven
You would be the same as you are on earth

I see you as beauty that's out of site
You fell unto my heart and the love ignites

Verse 2
I don't know why I feel this way
All I know is that it's going to stay
I can't speak my mind it's true
But listen to what my actions will do


Verse 3
I can't understand what my heart really needs
I haven't figured out what love really is
But look in my eyes and feel what I can do
Because every time I die, I rise to be with you

Verse 4
The message lives on
For so long
My heart grows strong
It will never be gone

5. And If It Ends

Verse 1
I know sheís happy with me, but she can throw it all away
Is it all too much to see, that your design has led the way
It started so long ago, but the power has taken its toll
And if it ends tomorrow, will my life begin to slow

Chorus 1
I donít want to leave
I canít leave my home
Will I be more free
If I choose to go
Come back, I miss my harmony

Verse 2
All those times that we spent together
Is it a sign of wear and tear
The common visits that brought me happiness
Have they started to lose their finesse
Every hug you left me with at night
Gave me no reason to have to fight
That very first kiss that changed me forever
Had I thought that this would happen, never

I cant leave you
This is my dream come true
Then why am I in pain
To know I cant take the reign

Verse 3
And if it ends, will things ever be the same again
If I go away, will it be something I regret
I cant leave you, this is my dream come true
Then why am I in pain, to know I cant take the reign

6. Again

Verse 1
It happened again, someone gets me (to) write away
Just like the times, of the joy that I create
When I'm alone, I just head on down the road
I know ill find, someone to make my abode

Thereís always someone, to walk into
Thereís always someone, to make things seem so new

Verse 2
I thought I knew, all that it takes
Little did I know, id make so many mistakes
Itís hard to find, someone that understands
Now I've found, a path to make my stance


Thereís no beginning of the search for salvation
Itís always been, and will have no end
But I donít want to search, for love any more
Because it will find me, whenever I leave my home


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