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The Name

"The Name" (2004 Demo)

1. Notwithstanding
2. Dying
3. Reason To Live
4. Secret Universe
5. Neurosis (Instrumental)
6. I Feel Your Life

1. Notwithstanding

...So I feel that I´ve got no place to hide
and scape from my own sad story
hit by stormy winds and ocean´s tides
all my life is an endless worry

You swore you´d never cry
When anger filled your head
But now it seems
You´ve got to burn
With all that you regret

Tried so hard to redeem my life from pain
But it feels as if there´s no morning
Trapped in fortune´s endless wheel of fate
Now I know it won´t stop from turning

You know you never tried
To fly across the air
And got to see
If you believe
There´s always one more chance

I follow the signs of my life
A way to the light

I,M HERE STANDING...proud...

I,M HERE STANDING...on and on...

2. Dying

From the depths of the ocean
Rising up with Death´s Black Mask
There´s a threat of evil darkness
I fear there´s no turning back

I´ll kill the future of all Mankind
Before you realize
I´ll seal your destiny and your time
It´s dying time

A child cries all alone at home
Sees the future of his life
A nightmare to be true, I fear
And there´s a reason why


Dying world
Our greed is our fault
Dying love.

3. Reason To Live

I'd put a smile to mute the screams
Flying high on a rainbow of dreams
Flying high
I created my own world
And desecrated all my words

Afraid to answer,pride or glory?
Not pure stability
Chasing my internal simphony
And rest on my own ecstasy

I try to clean my soul every day
Beyond the heaven and hell
But something disturbs me,behind the mistakes
Possibly Hate is my name

I won´t lose my dreams for an answer
I know is inside of my head
Maybe it's time to change my ways
Maybe for the last time

Life is the reason to heal
Life is the reason to get hold on
Life is the reason to live...without remorse.

4. Secret Universe

Light, gets into
Each and every corner of my life again
Sight, is wisdom
Open up my eyes and dream along my friend

I taste freedom
Looking for my lonely own last Unicorn
I´ve seen visions
Far beyond my dreams, long past Capricorn

Cold eyes
Are the guardians of my life
But they don´t heve a clue of what
I keep inside my mind

A secret universe
A place they´ll never get
Safe inside I feel
But I don´t ever feel alone

Maybe you will never see the reason why
But I know that there´s a fire in my life
That is lighting me up all across the silent sky
If you want to know I´ll teach you how to fly

Open the door
Take a hold of the secret
Fight to be part of my life

Feeling I´m a part of your life.

5. Neurosis (Instrumental)

6. I Feel Your Life

How many times
I´ve been waiting for you to come
Since another life
Maybe before
You know how to make me smile
Something I had forgotten
But now in your smile life
Who will make it for you?


How many tears fell down
That defenseless face
Like rain drops caressing the moon
On an April night
Maybe in a near future you´ll ask
What are you doing here
But remember that I´ll be there for all
So don´t be afraid to be alone.


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