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"Rust" (2006 Demo)

1. Illusions Failed
2. L.T.N.D.
3. Rust

1. Illusions Failed

Summoning in the dark alone
searching one place to belong
Just one thing that never crossed your mind
Quest failed, you didn't make it through...

Light of day wakes a newborn hope
of something I once believed in
Reach out, I slowly suffocate
now my world is crumbling down
Written in my eyes, the reflection
of such mind-tearing tragedy
I've lost the passion
to ever feel again like before...

...It's getting closer...

Refill my soul...
I've been dreaming for so long
dreaming apart this world so torn
watching my life go down the drain
...Illusions failed...
Burning bridges left behind
drowning until the end of time
a fragile heart no longer bears
the weight of world today...

2. L.T.N.D.

It's starting to feel like fall
drifting further every day
drowning in this downward spiral
time running out in my nightmare alive...

Come, watch and learn
about this hell i feel inside
reached the point of no return
and with eyes open wide
we lose our freedom
How could you ever think this tale could last...?

The lights go out, it's getting colder
shadow's embracing my soul
Passed the moment of our glory
In darkened night I stand alone...

Living for tonight
Bathing in moonlight
the love that never dies
I could make you see
to share something unreal
So come with me
and kill your feelings tonight

...did you even hope you'd get so far...?

3. Rust

New day will rise
to reveal the scars still haunting from last night
with cloud darkened sky
striking down this weak ruin of human mind

A death-like craving for something
something to live for, something to cry...

Times passed and times to come
always longing for someone
the one to make us feel alive
To fall in love and lose it all
the only way that life goes on
Bitter taste of world remains
The rust that's draining me...

I had a dream last night
I held you in my arms
The one to hate, the one to crave for...
Until I wake up for the sound
I somehow lost you in the crowd
Bitter taste of world remains

Another day without the sun
We're still waiting for the one
The one to make us feel alive


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