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"Frustrated" (2004 EP)

1. Standing on My Own
2. Darken
3. Diabolica
4. Chained

1. Standing on My Own

Another day has reached the night
and I can't stop wonder
How I've come this far
Despite the things you've said and done
I am still standing
And you can't hurt me anymore

The price of your deception
was so hard for me to bear (you waste my love right down the drain...)
Wings too weak to fly, eyes too blind to see
And you still can't see the damage done

You play your games with me
I'm drowning in your lies
but for you there aint tomorrow
For you I'm just a toy
but it's you who's going down
'cuz my pitch-black heart survives...

2. Darken

Again...the dark inside my head...
embraces me with it´s ice-cold touch of death
Too much agony I´ve seen on my way
and finally I´ve come this far that I have reached the End

The only way that it was ment to be...
fight until the bitter end and see...
how everything you sacrificed for was nothing but a dream
and now alone you pay the price

A sudden blackout in my head destroys my hope of new tomorrow
I´m on my way to leave behind and yet I feel no sorrow
My sky grows darker every moment
As I go blind I gently sigh
my darken mind lies six feet under
it´s my time to say goodbye

3. Diabolica

It's been dark for so long
I'm lost without a light
to guide me back home
A voice in the distance
calls me into unknown
a strange desire fills me...

Brief look is all it takes
I'm lost inside your eyes
the road that leads to hell...
Your gentle touch
makes me feel like home
But in the end it always cuts too deep...

Crawling naked at your feet
craving for demise
...again you let me down...
Underneath your greed devours
your ice-cold caress
slowly freezes me...
(Your freezing me)

You make me taste the bitter kiss
and kneel before you
Strange fascination burns inside
You touch me and it feels like
heavens closer day by day
yet I know it's killing me...

4. Chained

I find myself crawling in the snow
It´s been this way since I let you go
The nights I spent with you I should´ve let you know
that you´re the one for me, I´ll always love you so

You we´re my firts, my last, my everything
For you I would die for
And yet being with you feels like a sin
like I can´t breath anymore
These chained emotions trapped inside my head
they make me want to scream
(but it´s so hard to say "I Love You")

Again I close my eyes and fall into your arms
And sence the warmth in you, it melts my frozen heart
but you are somewhere else, somewhere far from me
Now every night and day you stay there in my dreams...


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