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Blood From Stone

"Blood From Stone" (1996)

1. Blood From Stone
2. Still Born
3. Of Darkness I Breed
4. Dying Infernal Embers
5. A Dark Decade's Rising
6. Dreams In Black
7. Mirror Of The Soul
8. Dark Reflections

1. Blood From Stone

The growing dark void inside
Is as dark as the bitter sky
The eyes are blind of pain
In darkness the agony remains
A dying fire inside
An aeon of oppressed desires
Between walls of demise
In death's shadow cold as ice

Imprisoned in internal grief
Invisible pain, stone can't bleed
The seeds of suffering is sown
Silent screams, no blood from

An eternal wasteland domain
Forgotten lie this well of sin
Imapled on the thorns of
Nailed to the cross of
Tasting the rain of broken
Drowning in a sea of tragedies

2. Still Born

Lost in the final twilight
Of a bloodred sunset sky
Cresfallen i behold the nightfall
As darkness burns my eyes
Standing on a blackened plain
(In a) Mental shadowzone
In the depths of darkest domain
Forever doomed to walk alone

Enslaved in a realm of agony
Fettered by the chains of destiny

Stillborn in the claws of damnation
Blessed in desecration
Devoured in the flames of hatred
No god above can hear my prayer
With a mind collapsed and hollow
I stare through eyes of sorrow
As flames of hate cremate the sky
Fire burns my unheard cries
Erosion of the mind
As sanity fades
Dwelling in insanity
Forthcoming fate
Dwelling amongst infernal shades
Paralysed before it's atrocity

3. Of Darkness I Breed

I saw the sun and a dying
A pale horde dressed in black
Winter fell, the found
As I arrived - an army of death
I tore their souls, injected
I drank their blood, coloured
I am the son - of darkness I breed
I rule them all since I am death

Indeed my wisdom is ancient
(Therefore) One kingdom to be
Ruled by one king
Upon this throne of black hate
I'm forever ruling this land
Of sin

Death I'll seek and find
To please this dark soul of mine
(I gather) Strength as blood
Is wine
I'm ruling the dark halls
Of time

4. Dying Infernal Embers

Between blackened walls of grief
The light is long gone dead
Like dying autumn leaves
The soul withers away
Cold air freeze the limbs
Yet the fire still burn inside
Cold air freeze...

The fire fades away
As the winter air grows cold
Dreaming away from this
Unspeakable pain
A statue of sorrow
The power is drained
Dying internal embers
Dying internal embers

Confined in this dark affliction
A frozen arctic kingdom
Lost in a quicksand empire
Fading in the loss of desire
These eyes of despair are lifted
Towards a sky dressed in black
A monument moulded of agony
Beholding itself bleeding the dark

5. A Dark Decade's Rising

I've seen the dawn
A dark decade's rising
The symbols of thousand years
All to be torn
The punishment of all your sins
Done in christ name
You're weeping, I can see it flow
I laugh in scorn

I've seen the dawn, I laugh in scorn

Come flow, we hail thee
Thy darkest of midnights
Release all souls in darkness born
Thy darkest disciples
Cleanse the sky, let cold winds blow
Let no angels in my sight
Forever burn the sacred whore
Release your might
Descend into the coldest of chasms
Retribution's torned away the sun
Twilight of eternal winter
Claws of grief embrace my soul
So the angels fell
The lambs wept in grief
Their death so bottomless
Their souls ripped and torned
In agony i saw them fall
Into eternal nightfall
Might I seek and might I've found
Since blood is all

6. Dreams In Black

Lying dormant, embraced
In sleep
Dreams in black where
Mortals weep
Dragon tears have stained
My eyes
Forever last my hideous

Behold the burning
In the eyes through which
I stare

Trapped within this body's
In a sleep of eternal

Dreams in black, voices
From the past
Dreams in black, lament of
The damned

Lost in a realm of infernal
Where blood rains from
The sky
And those burned by the
Fire screams
For ages buried in silent
The earth is covered with
The remains of tortured
Purified through
Cleansed by the unholy

Marching dormant beyond
Tears are black when
Mortals Weep
Dragon tears have burned
My eyes
Forever last the hideous

7. Mirror Of The Soul

The ceased to burn
Died in the cold winter dusk
A caleidoscope of fading light
Dancing in the gravelike silence

The embodiment of your fears
Staring back from the mirror glass
A nightmare voice speaks inside
The whispers of a haunted mind

Black bowels of hate
Runs the pain it creates
Flowing faster through veins
Everything but pain is erased

The fire of the soul
Burns through a spectrum of hate
The world's lying dark in flames
Terminal thoughts leave scars
Scars cut deep within the heart

8. Dark Reflections

Only the shadows remain
As nightfall eclipse the day
Fear of an unknown kind
Lurks deep within the mind

In the nightward realm of
Like a vulture roaming free
I must cross the burning
Upon the black wings of

Beyond the subconscious
Embraced in horror I see my
In the obscure mist I descend
Within the nightmares end

Haunted by grotesque visions
Insanity is this dominion
Devoured in darkened crypts
Of sorrow
A revelation without
Everlasting pain
From the cradle to the grave
Tormented screams
As existence fades away
No forgiveness
For all the sins done
No tomorrow
Dead, forever gone


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