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Awaken The Lion

"Awaken The Lion" (1990 Demo)

1. Awaken The Lion
2. Burning Bridges
3. Reflections Of Yesterday
4. Arcana
5. The Immortal

1. Awaken The Lion

Take a look around you
is a future gonna come
see the growing wasteland
killing our common lung

Money's got the power
we're dying for our wealth
concepts of expansion
but our limits are denied

This planet's gonna burn
fools play, awaken the lion
path of no return
madness, awaken the lion
who will decide, wich way is right
awaken the lion
end of history
future, blown now forever

Muting every veto
progress our sacred cow
ignoring all the warnings
the writing on the wall

On the train to nowhere
zero flight into the void
raping our mental forces
who's sowing wind, will harvest storm

2. Burning Bridges

Jealous heart, a dessert mind
he cannot face another day
solitude, the killing silence
tomorrow's gone so far away
mental decay, nervous breakdown
memories, the uninvited guests

Promises, the early hours
when every flower seemed to grow
silver spoon. blood red sky

that's what dreams can do
fallin' tears, a chainreaction
trembling eyes in broken glass
Strangers in the darkness
on the wings of destiny
upon the bloody trails forevermore
ride against the wind to climb
the stairway to the stars
but they feel the pain inside their heart

Dreams in the dark another bridge is burning
and when the hurt is gone
they stand beyond a vale of tears

A twilight serenade. a siren song in loneliness
fragments of a love, who's dying now
a little bit of heaven
can be more than words could say
finally the answer is cry

3. Reflections Of Yesterday

Autumn and winter, summer and spring
seasons change like the spirit within
snowoovered mountains, wild raging seas
nature's beauty, a farewell symphony

Mother - I ain't gonna cry
Mother - before I die

Life ain't forgivin', forgivin' ain't free
honour or pride, mendacious morality
you deny the children, the religion and faith
no justification, mankind's fall in disgrace

Father - no turning back
Father - run with the pack

Diary, all my dreaming
my legacy, the unspoken word diary, all my
dreaming yesterday's been passing away

Lord of creation. forgotten in time
carry the light through thunder and rain
Father. hear me, time´s standing still
reflections hurt, my last will

Heaven - the lost paradise
Hell - the abyss for all

4. Arcana

Only winter, not the breath of spring
barren land, nightmare of ice
but the daughter of the woeful king
swore to fight for the sunrise

And she knew the time was right
to fight the creatures of the night

See her standing at the gate of doom
sword and shield close by her side
entering into eternal gloom
break the spell, drive out the night

Arcana - you shattered the night
Arcana - turned darkness to light
Arcana - the rays of the sun
melting the ice
Arcana - you fought the dark one
Arcana - thy kindom has come
Arcana - the shadow of gloom
floating away
Challenging the dark one on his thron
ignore the fear, neglect the pain
avold the eye or you will turn to stone
and your suffering was invain

5. The Immortal

I live and I die but alike the corn in the
fields I shont pass forever I´m Osiris


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