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"Cities of Deception" (2007 EP)

1. Cast in Horror
2. The Unrivalled Times
3. Divided Paths
4. Escaping Nowhere
5. Werewolves
6. The Fallen Ages

1. Cast in Horror

What comes from herenonly brings misery
Majesty I see, Divided paths
One moment can define
Behold, these cities of deception will fall

2. The Unrivalled Times

In this golden age
serenity engulfs my being
the greatest revelation shall be known in all the land
in your city i am lost for words
in your golden heart i am truly reborn
one moment can define euphoria never seen or heard
let's keep the past at bay and revel in these days
yet the feeling of fulfilment is felt by many
we are carved into statues aspiring life anew
for what it brings
ge me my sin again
everything feels so right tonight
and sometimes even i do shine
and we shall dance
like a breath in the eyes of eternity
as your voice lingers on
so the memories find a home
i am complete in this superior state
ingrained with hope and a will to conquer

3. Divided Paths

please wait awhile as i cut away the mess
from what we've become and will become
i'll wlak this street for you
we lead our lives into oblivion
now will ypu take my hand?
and i am the one to see you
and i am the bringer of storms
and i am the scapegoat of us
and i am the infinite bearer
worlds fall at the engraving of our name
the embers are eternal and remain to defeat our cause
so do we push on the engine?
see our paths divide tonight
divided paths
for it leaves us speechless
we'll never live through this tragedy
broken wings cannot fly
and broken hearts cannot thrive
heres to all that we fought for
a toast to end it all

4. Escaping Nowhere

i cant recall what it was that brought me here
so many wasted days still waiting to ascend
if this leads me to turn the page and close the book
darling, i give my life
i can never return to this place
in the end are we meant to cease the wound?
be strong, demoness, for this time i am not coming home
these bridges will burn
these cities of deception will fall
i stay pure
to all the words i've ever spoken
i endure
the scars you bestow so gently
i rise
at the fall of the kingdom
and i
this is what i will find
as i enter a world in flames
oh dear
how you kill this soul of mine?
i attack
piercing the mist with a blunt sword
despair is my name
all i have seen
my unsung song
whispered through three years
a call to arms
biting my tongue
so i lift up my hands now
in hope to reopen my eyes
i summin forth redeemer
redeem my feeble mind
this fragile awakening beckons
i draw near
still i am escaping nowhere

5. Werewolves

my soul risen
spits out fire
with a will to take to the grave
this body burns waiting for the day to divorce the light
what will i make of these bloodshot eyes?
when will my lycan heart lust no grip?
in a haze i muscled
a death like grip
in the host of horrors
the burden of pain
my days seem to know no end
and this body is burning again
even in this state there is but time to think of the past, i know
born of fist and fury
with a wide-eyed glare to make the bloodthirsty cringe
this infinite struggle
my infinite curse
what comes from here only brings misery
ten kills a day keeps the guilt away and away
these intentions i grasp so dearly
and one day i will leave the body, torn
destroying my monster form, the disease
existing to breach and obliterate old boundaries
seize the day
seize the day
tonight the voice screams
of unending battles, now victory
my soul, risen
risen to true great heights
what comes from here is not what it used to be
forever enduring the suffering and still
these intentions i grasp so dearly
is the beast now not within me?
i'll go beyond
paving a new path

6. The Fallen Ages

Majesty, i see through your golden throne
lize a glazing glass wall to your rightful arm
oh how we praise these minor gods tonight
behold, i am jerusalem
for i'll play on stage for no one
never forgetting the scars of roads travelled
in the midst of the great one
in the fallen ages
tragedy is now
eating away at our souls
mutilate with no remorse
for we bear such a catastrophe
what will these days bring forth dear?
a land filled with blood craving whores?
we are forever, we are immortal
through our laws, this is final
we're immortal
this is final
all it takes to remember their reign
greed, murder, and misanthropy


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