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"Depredations" (2004 Demo)

1. Malady
2. The Conqueror Worm
3. Of No Serendipity
4. The Extreme Unction
5. Murmurs Of Aura
6. Stiff
7. Maladjusted

1. Malady

2. The Conqueror Worm

3. Of No Serendipity

A trip on psylocibine
Hypercommunication supreme
Another toxic god, another toxic dream.

Symbiotic relation
Between nti si tho and human creation
The epitome of the transgalactic generation.

Invisible and Incorporeal
Seeing but not seen
An excursion to aeons of time and space
In the kingdom of psylocine.

New religions, televisions
Frustrations, depredations, this damned place
Would you give it all up
just for the little of bemushroomed grace?

"What today is resolved into the effects of a mere drug
a tryptamine or lysergic acid derivative, was for them
a prodigious miracle, inspiring in them poetry
philosophy and religion."

Phantasmagorical scenes
Beyond the veil of low-life schemes
A quick fix of madness and eternity juxtaposed.

Hollow creations, legislations
Caught within the social maze
End it up, give it up
Welcome to biosynthetic space.

"In truth, he is the five senses disembodied
all of them keyed to the height
of sensivity and awarness
all of them blending into one another most strangely
until the person, utterly passive
becomes a pure receptor
in delicate, of sensations.

As your body lies there in its sleeping bag
your soul is free
Loses all sense of time,alert as it never was before
Living an eternity of night
seeing infinity in a grain of sand.

What you have seen or heard is cut as with the burin
into your memory
Never to be effaced."

" Then, indeed, as you lie there bemushroomed
listening to the music and seeing visions
you know a soul-shattering experience
recalling as you do the belief of some primitive peoples
that mushrooms, the sacred mushrooms
are divinely engendered by Jupiter Fulminans
the god of the lighting bolt, in the soft mother earth."

4. The Extreme Unction

It tends to be extreme
This self destruction in me
It tends to be extreme
Bale of calamity within

Theater of delusion
With the rood of celestial intrusion

It tends to be extreme
Manifestation of Apop's kin
It tends to be extreme
Perdition brightest gleam

I'm lost in this mayhem and confusion
Strangling repulsive convulsions

5. Murmurs Of Aura

6. Stiff

No more
From unruly traumas
And scary 'nevermores'
The ego sore is.

Ubi Sunt / Qui Ante Nos Fuerunt /

Foremen of cunning,
Poverty below
Both tremble before it -
A magic unfathomable.

Were one to know the asylum,
Would he flee
From hollow darkdays of humanity?
The blade of strife
Its image is cold
Yet, pruned of light
Is the face of the old.

In hoax,
Not by hoax
Passive life is led.
The difference is not
Once the blood will be shed

Sic Transit Gloria Mundi

7. Maladjusted


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