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The Gateway

"The Gateway" (2006)

1. Moth
2. Far Open Sea
3. Civilized
4. Little Leaf
5. The Footsteps Of Minotaur
6. Her Dead And Fusted Fields
7. Californian Dream
8. Maelstrom Of Emotions

1. Moth

Stepping outside, roaming through the forest in the night
Standing here, on his own, he’s pensive,
with a flood of moonlight in his eyes…

The wind whistles a whisper of allaying

His face is shrouded in a summer breeze
It’s like a great perfume that elates him…

He’s gone so far from human grief
(His soul is learning how to breathe)
It’d feel so sweet to follow him
(Diving into serenity…)

I will travel between Sky and Earth
And cast myself away in an outer space
Using universe as playing field for my soul
In harmony with the world,
Like a twirling moth under a pale starlight…

Going nowhere and everywhere
Throughout the oceans
And above the mountains
Going nowhere, everywhere
Gliding above Earth
Staring down at us from land to land…

… and blows the summer breeze

Wondering outside
With all the might
Of the moonlight
As only candle

2. Far Open Sea

We do not know the fortune that is ours to have the world we live in…
And we do not know who’s made it and for what,
But we are down on this great place we slaughter…

There’s no spare somewhere we could go
And no reason to find one anyway…
There’s no spare somewhere to go on
With the waste we carry out everyday…

How long shall we rave until we feel some regrets?
And keep on driving straight on to failure?
How much long remaining for enjoying this place,
This place that we’re just wasting, that’s sure?

To follow my fathers
I will forsake the land,
Obey my inner feeling
And meet the seas again.
I will choose the same path
They’ve taken million years ago…

So, escape as fast as you can
The insane world they built without care…
Find a shelter as far as you can
Safe from their blind spitefulness…
Then, run as long as you can…

Now I’m free… And all is clear
My destiny… far open sea
Far in my dream far of your greed
Leaving all behind all out of my sight


I’ve found a place where noise turns to silence
Impurity lies deep in the ocean of all our fears…

3. Civilized

Transcendés par la musique nous nous emportons dans un univers virtuel, ou nulle personne n'est allée.

Nous avançons avec difficulté dans une opacité de fumée hallucinogène ou règne une atmosphère euphorisante, voire même hilarante.

C'est vrai, en général, dans un environnement aussi hostile, on suffoque, on étouffe, nos yeux sont irrités, larmoyants.

Mais là : rien ! Pas un soupçon de malveillance de la part de dame nature. Au contraire une douceur, une volupté. Des senteurs subtiles dont on ne
soupçonne même pas l'origine.

Une divine harmonie entre les gens qui vivent tout simplement les jours présents, sans se poser de questions compliquées, en faisant abstraction de la
haine, la peur, la convoitise qui pourrissent notre conception de la vie.

4. Little Leaf

Little leaf, flying away
Gone and travelling in the middle of a cloudy sky…
Gone for a trip, lightly driven by the wind
To never land , anywhere…

No borders to stop it
All barriers are vain
Then one time-pause in the wood, getting some rest
Before going everywhere… everywhere… and nowhere…

Little leaf, flying away
Riding the ages, forever and ever she’ll be free…
Still well-guided by her own childish innocence
She never looks at the past…

Travelling through beautiful landscapes
Facing the fate that ends her path
Peaceful, she’s going forth
She never looks at the past…

Let’s the sun smile down at us
Let’s our trouble fly away
Nature won’t misguide our path
If we hear what our hearts say…

5. The Footsteps Of Minotaur

Dear somebody, dear someone,
This friendly radio-message is sent from Earth…
Guess a place that is so sweet to live,
Such a paradise if you could see
Such a paradise if you could hear me…

The chaos work has sown its seeds
And now we’re here, ready to make the bells toll…
Our control’s just a veil:
We’re small observers
Helpless and maybe sometimes so blind
Nothing but pawns on the scene of life

We came out here and then took over everything
All the elements, the expanses and the other beings
They are the tools and the toys for this insane machine
We’re deeply convinced that God will keep us out of sin… of sin… of sin…

But the fire keeps on burning
Higher and stronger thanks to gasoline
Clouds are creeping over us all
Shadows spread their curses down on this world

And how this world be serene
While only sounds here the language of brutality?
Money floods…
What other reasons
To justify all crimes men keep on lasting…

Should we have a moon-trip like Neil to realize
That we are gonna loose
What gave birth to this oasis of life
If we don’t care? …

Can you hear me?
Is there anybody up there?
I get the feeling
Space turns a deaf ear to my prayers

Both the dream and the real merge and outline
The wonder of creation
With this Eden so fertile
Nature’s built an artwork that’s so bright

And how could so much beauty be
In such a lone little place
The balance of what we can’t see
Is the spring of a rich and hopeful play

Our race is lost in its own self-built corridors,
Laughters cover the footsteps of Minotaur
Blinded by shallowness, punishment will come
The more I try, the less I can find any once of hope

Dear somebody, dear someone,
This friendly radio-message was sent from Earth…

6. Her Dead And Fusted Fields

I’m not sure to come back, maybe I’ll never…
For more than two years far from here, away from those who were mine…
Now, do I really want this trip anymore?
Indecision rises inside me…
I can’t stand this growing terror,
Every thought is shaking and the beast is roaring under…

Mother of every being, your beautiful innocence
Is the theatre of pacifying colours, forever lasting…
Just a still expanse, vast and so weak, defenceless…

Ho Earth… now hidden by my thumb…
Sorry to leave you behind…
Sorry to be no more by your side…

You were so close and relieving
But now at each glimpse, I see you further
A safety vision that slowly fades away
Leaving us alone ahead the deep unknown…

Wherever focus my sight, just a black-painted wall
A stabbed backdrop the stars shine through
Every ticket has been sold
No chance to turn back
So far, you’re just a point, and then we are lost
In the infinite drapery, out of reach for so much time…

With red boundless streaks
Set aglow by a further sun
Unfolding dead and rusted fields
She has dressed up for our coming
Numb with cold, sterilized…
Faithful squires watching over us

Ho Earth… you’re so far,
Won’t you forgive us to have
To have ran…
Away for her dead and rusted fields

First steps
On this single day
All around all what I see
Just a perfect desolation
I’ve waited so long
To arrive where no life has dwelt here
For 3 billions years or more…

7. Californian Dream

Feet dived in the fresh river,
Mind lost high in the clouds
Then I’m fine, yes I’m all right,
The bright sun warming my soul
But somewhere people starve,
Why children have lost their laughter?
The holy Californian Dream’s
Out of reach behind its borders…

Judas’ world
You never wanna see…
By your own
The doom that lies down here

Self-styled civilized
We’ll surely strike bottom
Greediness just drives us blind
The same mistake than before…

We are not always aware
Of what happens everywhere
But in many other lands,
They don’t have the chance we get
Still lying to ourselves,
For anything we moan
We are just an easy prey,
We don’t know what’s good or wrong…

You the wise man, the way you live ’s so clear
In harmony with what’s around, you always stand still…

8. Maelstrom Of Emotions


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