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Suffer no Guilt

"Suffer no Guilt" (2006)

1. Angel Of Death
2. Suffer No Guilt
3. Gemini (instrumental)
4. Riders Of Doom
5. Slay The Weak
6. Wyrmwood (instrumental)
7. Dweller In The Deep
8. Children Of The Night (instrumental)
9. God Wills It
10. The Woe Of Kings (instrumental)

1. Angel Of Death

The world on fire, scarred by war...
Millions falling to Hell's floor...
The human race, bled to death...
Poison gas chokes the breath...

Booted feet crush the ground...
In slaves chains you're beaten down...
Tortured hand claw the sky...
And burned survivors beg to die...

The fire touch of the brand...
Mace and Chain in a bloody hand...
Legions die at his command...
His iron will shall rule the land...

Angel of Death
Rides the skies
Angel of Death
Choose who dies

2. Suffer No Guilt

Suffer no guilt
The iron time is here
The weak shall tremble
So let them die in fear
Be as a wolf
And let your jaws embrace
None can stand
None can meet your face

Suffer no guilt
Child of the hills
I'll count the dead
Valor your god wills
Breath my gift
From the moment of birth
And the will to thrive
In a world without mirth

Red is the wrath that blinds your sight
Axe meets skull in the press of the fight
Hyborians wither at barbarian rush
Drowning in blood let in the crush

Suffer no guilt
Eternally hack and slay
Hew them down
About you the dying lay
Cimmerian fury
No one can with stand
A vassal to none
Son of my misty land

3. Gemini (instrumental)

4. Riders Of Doom

Iron hooves pound the ground
Iron riders from the north
Ice hearts full of hate
Cold touch the whim of fate

Swift come the dogs of war
Swift from the mouth of hell
Steel glints in their hands
Hard the will that drives it home

Oh the riders of doom
Vengeance and fire upon you soon
Oh the riders of doom
Bringers of death
Riders of doom

Wheel and charge in the smoke and flame
Hammer smashed face to spatter the brain
Running men die with an axe in the back
Dying men howl as they press the attack

5. Slay The Weak

Under the blood red moon
With banners held high
The vermin come forth
Begging to die

With sword in hand
We offer no quarter
Purge the land
Of their mutant plague forever

We the Templars of Doom
The false fear the wrath
Through the murk and gloom
We cleave a bloody path

Call for the priest
It's your time to die
The lies that you live
The one reason why

6. Wyrmwood (instrumental)

7. Dweller In The Deep

Five fathoms down
Beneath the waves
There lives a beast
And blood it craves
It was borne from beyond the stars
An unseen threat to this world of ours

Malformed cult
The daemon calls
And in it's grip
Sanity falls
Shattered minds
In Dagon's halls
Hybrid men
The shoggoths call

8. Children Of The Night (instrumental)

9. God Wills It

Deus lo vult Deus lo vult
The cry throughout the land
The council at Claremont
Brought the sword to hand
Salvations sweet promise

In numbers unreckoned
Came commoner and thief
With women and children
Desiring Christ's relief
A hope for the hopeless

Ten times ten thousand
The followed Peter south
Betrayed by Alexius
Across the rivers mouth
The bodies lie broken

And Volkmar with Emricho
Waged war against the Jews
"Why fight them abroad"
They pillaged the Danube
A demon unleashed

This fire rages no longer but could burn yet ten times stronger
We are grist for the mill
Whoa-oh oh-oh

Like a snake coiled around us
Islam's truth still confounds us
This faith of 'peace'
Whoa-oh no-oh

Still the Templars came onward
Along the middle sea
In Antioch was found
The Spear of Destiny
A tale yet to be told

Then with hunger and hatred
Deep within their hearts
They boiled women; ate children
An image so stark
Would Jesus have partook?

Is this fire something we know who was it struck the first blow
The Moors push into Spain, or Eastern Rome's domain
Many 'truths' there to blind us
Many oaths there to bind us
Who can claim the right today?
No one

On the seventh of May
They reached Jerusalem's walls
After two months fighting
The holy city falls

"The slaughter was so great
Men walked in blood"
Like a scene from a nightmare
A cariminium flood!!!

In those red days that followed
Godfrey was Advocatus Sancti
For he would not rule
In the place where Christ was slain
The vow was fulfilled

In Ascalon did Godfrey
Stop the Fatamid horde
At his death Baldwin
Became the holy cities lord
God's will it was done

Expelled in Saladin's times
Another war and untold crimes
That place will never know peace
The butchery will never cease

10. The Woe Of Kings (instrumental)


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