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Immersed By The Flames Of Mankind

"Immersed By The Flames Of Mankind" (2004)

1. The Wrath
2. World of Vengeance
3. Sight Through Bleeding Eyes
4. Lies of Eternity
5. A Fallacy Carved In Stone
6. A Gradual Awakening
7. Immersed by the Flames of Mankind
8. Isengard Unleashed

1. The Wrath

The sun has fallen into the sky
Now night has overcome
From my heart I curse at the moon
This entity has possessed my soul
The substance of teh dark makes me become
A killer
This pain has dwelled beneath my flesh
For too long
A life spent suffering
Beneath the sky, my shadow is cast upon the ground
Lurking through the night I find no solace
Alive are those not taken by fear
Afraid of the wrath by God
Breached is the truth I was told
Behold I have come
Pure are those that I touch
But this their final breath

2. World of Vengeance

The blackest of night
The darkest of ages
It shall not save you
From what our world faces
Fallen angels from teh sky
Apocalypse lingers in your mind
But on this demon night
I sit alone, contemplating
The actions of our kind
Solitude is a way to esscape
For I see no serenity
Amongst the masses of followers
We will live in hell for eternity
The setting sun, a black dawn
The future seems bleak
The eternal war is what we're upon
I know no faith
I know no tale
Of a man who died in vein
From the ashes of a tortured world
Brought down by the organized tyrant
We rise against the felonies
Displayed by our hierachy
World of vengeance

3. Sight Through Bleeding Eyes

Laid to rest
I have seen no future
The demise of myself
Lifeless are my actions
To be free
In a state of isolation
Enclosed from creation
Blood is all I see
The triumph over this test
One must not be saved
For I have seen no light
Fall from hell into the grave
Nightfall has come
Black has spread
I am no more
How can one see
When ignorance has cloaked the surrounding hope
Alone I await darkness overtakes

4. Lies of Eternity

We stand alone in this ongoing battle
For our human ideals
Against the powers of the ones called holy
These unholy acts committed
Out of bengeance towards the persecutor
This is a funeral for the believers
As I die for my cause
You try to take back what you claim is yours
I'll kill you first
This suffering you have given me doesn't die
But you will
My word, my sword, my wrath is felt

5. A Fallacy Carved In Stone

A lie we live, led astray by a facade
That there is a heaven this is an empty sky
No truth written in words
Encrypted by a man whose faith is a question
Does he belive in scriptured writings?
Lives are given for this hypocrisy
Your name has no bearing on my beliefs
I see my reality as what is true
This unholy hymn I read is to deny and destroy
A fallacy carved in stone
Reject the name held sacred
This is the torment
I face with hatred and my blood keeps me yearning
Intolerable are those who cannot see
Lord to no one I seek my own truth

6. A Gradual Awakening

These souls have awakened into their hell of a world
Tormented by the infections of their flesh
Blood spills from their mouth
Rage is the killer from the inside
With bloodshot eyes they only see
The death for the innocent
But all is silent in this atmosphere
Not a hint of breath or life
With these being the last days
For the human race
From a virus its thirst is blood
In these days of suffering
In a world that does not exist the end has come
From the bowels from which we were spawned
No turning back below this red sun
A haunting tale with an ending
Not so satisfying, like the taste of the infection
There is a hint that nothing can be
Changed from this society
Among the dead I fall asleep to lose y grasp
On this so called civilization
This death has spread into my veins

7. Immersed by the Flames of Mankind

8. Isengard Unleashed


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