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Domination Commence

"Domination Commence" (2001)

1. October Ruins
2. Grow
3. Forsaken Life
4. Sown By Greed
5. Stoner
6. Icon
7. Entering Domination
8. Pitched World Collapse
9. Prozak Nation
10. Fanatic Mind
11. Destination Devastation

1. October Ruins

You found your game emasculated, to the real you
suprisingly fast you've changed, like a simple flip of the coin
Fair, said fair, was the only thing you were, sorry but I don't understand
I close my eyes incline my head, fearing every next second

Bitter man
I still think it's you
Turned to a stone
Cast aside for dead

Options for me now lie free
Question, what am I suppose to do?
Can I tell right from wrong?
You see, I don't know where I belong
Fair, you said fair, what does that mean to you?
Well fuck that and the rest of your lies
Shame I feel for you, you are your deeds
Wasn't I worth more than this

2. Grow

Been safe for some time now
Never thought that this was not meant to be
I try to prevent myself
To say the words that make it even worse than it is
What we've got here
I thought would last and that I would die with this feeling
Enslaved by my needs
I can't give up and give away


To survive we've got to committ
Is there anything to say that can change your mind?
The words that you say tear my guts
Anxiety is creeping up and I have to face the pain
The future was ours we said
What remains now belongs to the past
Open mind open soul
Have we failed?


Tell me what remains
Tell me what is left
Tell me what remains
Tell me what we've got

3. Forsaken Life

Sucking energy out of the soul
Leaving an abandoned shell
In which life grew
In which I once flourished

Drain your inner will to love

And it's all forsaken
I still believe in what I had
Escaping deep down in myself
Dedicated to my demons

Can you take it

Born with a harmless innocence
Glazing at a golden future
Preparing that of gold
Which didn't come out as planned

Cut your strings from this world now

The overwhelming naDvete
Was soon to be choked on
And it's all torn fucking down
Now it's just a decomposed relic

4. Sown By Greed

Thinking you know this face
Thinking it can't be replaced
After all that's said and done

A seed sown by greed
Grown without a plan
A seed sown by greed
Now and forever damned

Numb filled with disgrace
Numb to see you fall from grace
Give the sign of enlightment
Bring the meaning of existence
Choices taken at my cost

5. Stoner

Haunting my inner vision
Blackening light
By blood I inherited this war
Just my will keeps me alive

Beating myself blind
Stoned into infinity
Crushing against the wall
It's like a raging pestilence this fight

From this inner decay
From your dismay

prejudice is stalking me
Grinning in my face
Burning the last part of me
I'm beyond the point of no return

Lunacy lies near
Breathing down my spine
Raging inside this temple
Manifesting cold remains of fear

6. Icon

Born out of selfishness
Fed on ignorance
Life through demise of man
You gave it all you had
It took back all
Why couldn't you stop it in time

in time your lessons
Ought to be learned
By your mistakes
Lies keep you on your path
With dismay you'll find the truth

The icon is wearing you down
Are you that blind
A new god is rising
False believes and false hopes
Screwing your mind
A new god is rising

This way is for no one
But it justifies
And pray the shell won't crack
Lay down on yourself
Your rights and wrongs
Harvest the seed you've sown

Your soul will be weighted
it can't be purified like this
Tear and build up new
Cleanse with this yourself

False believes and false hopes

7. Entering Domination

8. Pitched World Collapse

Seeking the fortune looking for
That perfect womb all these colors
Shapes might be nothing but reflections
Fragments meant to blind the beauty meant to seek
Never meant to find
Please stay a while longer

Lighting candles for the wicked
A billion shallow flames velvet lips
Of fire caressing our tunnels and dimensions
Riding through the underworld
Organic cage
Defect match
Pitched world collapse

Violate the existence of your past
I long to be a dream away
Driven to the end of insanity's bliss
Face your fear
Pitched World Collapse

We won't beware any spiritual
Resurrections subhumanity
As part of the machinery has swallowed
Its spiteful jewel
My frustrated hands are tied
Defect match
Pitched world collapse

Violate the existence of your past
I long to be a dream away
Driven to the end of insanity's bliss
Face your fear
Pitched world collapse

These aren't fragments of a dismal past
Face the fall of euphoria
We are but a dying star
An exploited example through distant times
Defect match
Pitched world collapse

9. Prozak Nation

never smile when anyone's around
I'm pounded into my selfcontained obscurity
I don't give a fuck, and I never will
I'm my only friend and I stay true to my core

Those miserable dots, gazing by in haze
The more I give you, the more I die
Riding my sharp edged ego
Spit and stain my name

Welcome to the prozak nation
I'd give it all just to see it fall
To weird to live, to rare to die
The drugs stare and witness all

Hope the line is drawn for the 3rd dimension
My nest of insanity's crescendo, isolated
You'll remember sunshine when it's gone
Face the fact, no rhyme or reason

Cause i'm mother earth's wet forbidden dream
The masturbated soul
And it's stained pain
A strange flower in hallucinating fresh bloom

10. Fanatic Mind

Down stay down just because I fucking say so
Don't question who I am
Forsake all your needs
And all I want is what you crave
You know my demands are unreal

Your being

Down you kneel
It turned out unreal
Sterile life
Fading slow
You bury it deep down inside

From the start I pissed down your back
Not giving any slack
I am god on earth
I'll take you down understand
That there's no way out

11. Destination Devastation


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