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"Writhing" (1993)

1. Kama Sutra
2. Spit Forth
3. Castration
4. Whorrified
5. Rectum Wreckage
6. Forced Intercourse
7. Execrate
8. Sacramental Molestation
9. Beyond Recognition
10. Family Of Sodom
11. Hideous Reproduction
12. Submission

1. Kama Sutra

2. Spit Forth

Born to the world
I am alive
An unwanted life
A Mistake My Birth
Pulsating Mass
My Life Shouldn't Be
A Horrid Future
I did Not Die
Spit Forth *** Breathing
on the floor
Salt Solution
Dripping life
Breathing Living Unwanted Alive
WHY ? Must I - Live through-this?

3. Castration

I'll crunch Your Ballsac, Whip it into A Mulch
Genital Juices gurgle And Squelch
Squeeze Your Testicals, Put them in A Vice
Butcher Knives And Razor Stab, Poke And Slice...

I open up Your Scrotum And fiddle with Your Nuts
If I get to Hungry I'll Bite into Your Butt
Spaghetti - like Urethra Dripping Urinal Gore
I fist the gaping orifice, I'm Such A Fucking Whore...

Saving the Human Race from over Population
Destroy Your Manhood With A Castration
Dissecting Your Penis and Balls
I Start to fucking laugh!
Your future generations Are thrown into a trash

You Scream like a Woman, Your Voice is Now Higher
-My cauterizing implements Are Heating in the fire-
creating A New Species of imbiguites
I'm Your God And Savior.
I'm Vascectomite...

4. Whorrified

Disgustfull fluids Drip from Her cunt
germ infestation
cum lapping Slut flaming Vagina Bloody Butthole
Years of fucking Now takes its tall

Spread like a Wishbone Now Make a Wish
Perfumed covered Stench of Rotting fish
like A Wind instrument Drooling And gaping
Slimy Hunk of flesh Suitable for raping

Sifting Drifting eyes contorting skin-Writhe
Voluptuous Slut Now Horrified
Brain Begins to crumble locked total Disillusion
Soon Begin to Rot

to Pleasure And Pain-Your Body's Numb
Life-of filth and Pornographic Scum
Drunk-Drugged-Beat And Bashed
You-Will sell-for Sex is cash

With-A Hanger-You Kill-Your kids
Spreading Aids-Spreading Grids
Bitch-Your Such A fuckin Slut
I'm going to Staple Shut your Cunt

5. Rectum Wreckage

Cancerous Growths-Blood Soaked from A Rancid cavity
Excrucriating Pain-Deep Within Hemoraging feces
Intestinal clot-Bowel Rot Prevents further Defication
Stuck with tubes-Parts Removed A Long, Painful operation

colon turns into a Rock Excrement Discharge has Stopped
Insides, Decay, Wither And Sag connected to a colostomy Bag

6. Forced Intercourse

Incarcerated-Begin New life
Your Virgin Ass is thrown in a cell
Your Home is Now Behind Bars
The Land of Homos is Where You Dwell

Your former life has ended
Heterolsexual life has ceased
the new community in which you live
Is Ruled By Homosexuality

there's two Muscular Queers in your cell
you can't escape their Butt fucking Hell
this is your life-it doesn't get better
You have no choice Butt to Surrender

Erect Penis Ejaculates
Your Rectum is filled With Semen
Your Penis is being Sucked
Your Mouth used as a Duct

Cum Drips Down Your Crack
like Billiards Your Balls are Racked
two cocks inside of Your Ass
You'll Do what the fuck you are asked

7. Execrate

Eradication Extirpate
Abolition terminate
Extermination life will cease
Annihilation life Deceased
I Abominate the Human Race
I loathe All living life
You will Die I will Die
What I Hate Shall Not Exist

8. Sacramental Molestation

Holy Man of the cloth
tortured By your Evil thoughts
It's your Mission to instruct
(but) You are not Allowed to fuck

cum, My children, follow me
Join My Secret Ministry
the only Rule is: Do Not Tell
or you'll fuckin Burn in hell!

Unspoken truth of Ecstasy
Vile Desire controlling Me
Watching them I Masterbate

How I'd love to Penetrate

A Priest with A Hard-on is A Sickening thing
Nocturnal Emissions oozing Blasphamy
lick the toilet seat on which the children sit
Eat the pus that Has popped out of the Nun's Buttzit...

"I Baptize you In My own cum"
touchy-feely give me a hug
on your body My Erection rubs...

My fingering In Your Crack
In My chambers I go Jack...

Have A Doughnut My little One
A Special frosting Made of cum...

Sacramental Molestation
Has Assured My Damnation

9. Beyond Recognition

Burn-Alive Ignite-Die

I Have A Hobby-And My Hobby is Death
Incinerating flesh-till there's none left
I Want to Hear-Your last cries
I Need to Be-the Reason You'll Die

(flesh) Melting-(flesh) Burning
Power turned to trash
Reduced to Human Ash
Suffer-from Me
I Am Your Death
Your life-is final
My Soul is at Rest

Almighty turned to Pain Incinerate Your Worthless Brain
Your Body I Desicrate Engulfed In flames..

10. Family Of Sodom

Bestiality commited By their Mother
Pillaged, Raped By their father
Born and Raised for Sexuality
Incest within-is Reality
A Son Not Wanted to carry His Name
Only Daughters-to impound His Shame
Males were killed off at Birth
Females used for what they're worth
flesh Begins to Break
A child I Sodomize And Rape
My Pleasures I Hide
from the world outside


Writhing in Pain Family of Sodom

fucking my Daughters is Really Nice
I Don't even have to Pay A Price
they're to young too: be pregnant this Month
I love to Fuck their Premature cunts

Sickened and Derranged-
Pray to Lunacy
Desecrated Minds-
Obliterated and Diseased
My Knowledge is Strange
My feelings I can not Supress
the Solution is Death
their bodies I Kill and ingest


Writhing in Pain Family of Sodom

11. Hideous Reproduction

Hideous Reproduction
I Need to Serve my function
Hormornal Explosion is Present
Ejaculation is imminent

Ancient Sexual instinct
clouding my head-I Can't Think!
Rabid Cunts - BLEED! I need to fuckin BREED!

External forces take control
guiding my Penis into A New hole
I never felt this way before
libido craving something More...

Homosapien Pleasures Don't Satisfy Me
I want to Fuck an Animal Bestiality - YEAH!

A Sabbat goat, unholy Bride
Into her cunt My Penis Slides...
Rectal tease, I finger for fun
together we Scream-As I cum!

In Pain my Bastered Spawn is Born
A Human Beast with Hooves ans Horns
A Picture of Satan's Son
At last My Master's work is Done-

12. Submission

falling-Crawling- to Submission
As they Make their Attack
Power-Brings You to your Knees
there is no turning back

Your Mind is controlled-life is Now Sold
For all you're Worth you're Drained
You speak what they say-Become Mindless Prey
true thoughts are Restrained
Human But yet you Obey like A Dog
crushing you with their hand
Stabbing the Knife into your Back
And still you follow their command

-it's Rapetime they'll take control
Submission your Mind is sold

Life * is not your own
formed into A Mental clone
trapped-till the Day you Die
feeding off an endless life
Choose to be-one who follows
like a Whore obeys to Swallow
taking from you what they could
Disguised Behind A Mask of Good

You'll Give in You Have Sinned You Will Submit
You Piece of Shit fulfill the Needs Of Authority
(you're) filled with hate (their) Power is Great


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