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Rehearsal Demonstration

"Rehearsal Demonstration" (1991 Demo)

1. Beyond Recognition
2. Castration
3. Family of Sodom
4. Submission

1. Beyond Recognition

Burn alive, ignite die
I have a hobby, and my hobby is death
Incinerating flesh, 'til there's none left
I want to hear, your last cries
I need to be, the reason you'll die
Flesh melting, flesh burning
Power turned to trash
Screaming, praying
Reduced to human ash
Suffer for me
I am your death
Your life is final, my soul is at rest
Almighty turned to pain
Incinerate your worthless brain
Your body I desecrate, engulfed in flames.

2. Castration

I'll crunch your ballsack, whip it into a mulch
Genital juices, gurgle and squelch
Squeeze your testicles, put them in a vice
Butcher knives and razors, stab poke and slice
I open your scrotum and fiddle with your nuts
If I get too hungry, I'l bite into your butt
Spaghetti like urethra dripping urinal gore
I fist the gaping orifice, I'm such a fucking whore
Saving the human race from over population
Destroying your manhood with a castration
Dissecting your penis and your balls
I start to fucking laugh, your future generations are thrown into the trash
You scream like a woman, your voice is now higher
My cauterizing implements are heating in the fire
Creating a new species of ambiguties
I'm your god and savior, I'm vesectomite.

3. Family of Sodom

Bestiality commited by the mother
Pillaged, raped by their father
Born and raised for sexuality
Incest within is reality
A son not wanted to carry his name
Only daughters, to impound your shame
Males were killed off at birth
Females used for what they're worth
Flesh begins to break, a child I sodomize and rape
My pleasure I hide from the world outside
Writhing in pain, family of sodom
Fucking my daughters is really nice
I don't even have to pay a price
They're too young to be pregnant this month
I love to fuck their premature cunts
Sickened and deranged, prey to lunacy
Desecrated minds, obliterated and diseased
My knowledge is strange, my feelings I can not supress
The solution is death, their bodies I kill and ingest
Writhing in pain, family of sodom.

4. Submission


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