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The Pillars of Humanity

"The Pillars of Humanity" (1991)

1. Intro
2. Hateworld
3. It's All About Fear
4. The Wrong One
5. Mindbender
6. Path to Sorrow
7. Fellowship of Thieves
8. Focus
9. The Strength
10. Blackstone (Instr.)
11. So-Called Living, 1991
12. The Pillars of Humanity

1. Intro

2. Hateworld

A scream is heard from the street outside
another soul that is ready to die
When hope is lost there's no need to go on
That soul is crushed by the dread of the thought
that life is no more than waiting for death
from the day of birth to the final breath
Where is the reason, the reason to life?
It's nowhere in sight, and I'd know it if I'd seen it

Searching...gotta find a point to it all
There's nothing it's empty
There's nothing it's empty
There's nothing it's dying
There's nothing - in hateworld

At every turn another light goes dim
All around me it's closing in
My life is fading but the pain goes on
it never stops - keeps pushing on
No choice but to be hard as life is itself
What else you gonna do when you've known nothing else?
But deep down inside that ain't no way to live
There has got to be something more to this

This world - empty
Though its promises are many
Expectations so high that none can hope to fulfill
All these impossible standards that they've convinced us are real
Lead to nothing but anger, frustration and hate
But you don't have to live that life -

there's hope with change
Children of the Son
In a world of hate
It's the only chance you've got
Call on His name...

Save me...
Oh Lord, save me
This place is evil
This world is headed for its due demise
With mankind's corruption destruction lies
You can taste the tension, feel the strain
The world's weak foundations are giving way
Then this grand illusion, this immaculate lie
Will rot and crumble leaving nowhere to hide
God's call you've heard, and He is waiting
Do you want the change or will you die saying...

3. It's All About Fear

Look at you shake...
I see it on your face...
Why are you so afraid...?

Looking down from above for much too long
On the masses you're here to serve
Established as such but never as much as
The voice of the people's word
Decisions of war and who needs thinking for
It's a kiss-up to the 1% and dismissal of the poor
You don't even live by the laws you give
And your welcome here is wearing thin

Our fear...
Palms to the sky that wait to be filled
Raised in surrender under the breaking of wills
Deserted, diverted, left to rot and to die
You've used us, abused us, all your promises - lies

From the history books and the twisted schools
We've been taught to question you was betrayal
And that you would never think of us as beneath
You, that to challenge you would mean to fail
But hope we've received through God and we believe
He remembers the afflicted, His justice will be seen
Though so many have yet to receive His light
Soon they will know the message of Christ

Your fear...
A stirring within us has opened our eyes
Surely God above breathes the breath of new life
Though you'd rather we looked to the strength of ourselves
God will be our source of power, and the world we will tell

Your fear...
is our hope

4. The Wrong One

You're up in my face, spitting and screaming
Your composure is gone, gone away
Calling me "fool" the insults abounding
And you're shocked to find my mind hasn't changed
You say God's for the weak, if He exists
To punish man for the wrongs he has done
You're simply a hindrance to those who are seeking
But in the heat of your pride you have overlooked...

His love

How could you be so very wrong?
(Can't stop thinking it's true...)
How could you miss it all along?

The sucker...was you.

Allow for that possibility
Like you would expect from me
Could the wrong one, could it be you?
Is God not what you assume?

You say, "Don't stereotype, don't generalize me, I alone represent myself."
But it's o.k. for you to do that to me?
Could it be that you don't know me quite that well?
You live double-standard, the Law of Convenience
Such as the right to freedom of speech
Name any religion - you'll take the lecture
But you'll pull the plug once Jesus Christ is preached?

"It's o.k. to speak beliefs, as long as I agree
Cencorship is wrong - but only if you censor me.
I'm open to the truth, accepting of change
But not if that means repentance because they're really not the same."

You've taken my God and attempted to turn Him
Into something you know He is not
(Place one lie here and another one there
and then you've got a God with whom you can find fault)
But the fact still remains, and the flowers still fade
God is true and forever more
If you would open your heart and honstly seek
He would open your eyes and you would know the truth

5. Mindbender

A nation of millions
Of lost little sheep
The mass effects so many
Who believe all they see
The media's children
The people of sleep
Taught to rest in peace
By the whispers of deceit

Led to believe
That they're still free to decide
Because the t.v. gave permission
On a program on rights
Fed only the candy
The part that they wanna hear
Slowly raped though they can only feel
The tickle in their ears

"Close your eyes, release your mind."

Consider yourselves my very one desire,
Consider yourselves my slaves
Consider yourselves at my fingertips,
In the palm of my hand, my slave."
To "leave your thinking to me..."

A nation of puppets
Who worship a beast

Who drinks the blood of their souls
As they lay at its feet
If seeing is believeing
Then you can have your t.v. screen
I will worship a God
Who allows me to think

6. Path to Sorrow

sitting here thinking back
on the better days, the days gone past
Before the change, the way things were
When everything was new and pure
When life was free and filled with hope
when everything was explained in full
Those days are near forgotten
the ache of today replaces them
What about tomorrow?
Will I have reached the goal?
Or died forgotten,
with nothing to show?

"Don't get your hopes up son,
there are no guarantees in life but one -
that eventually you'll die.
That's a guarantee you cannot escape from."

So I'm sitting here - all alone
It's always worse when no one's home
Why should I continue on
If death is the only final outcome?
To pursue some mythical success
that some have been fooled to think exists?
Only to meet frustration and die
still they go on trying and trying and...
I refuse to live that lie
but then what is there but to die?
I knew I require some change
But every day comes up the same...fruitless

FAILURE - so many say
I slow them down I'm in the way
SPINELESS - got me convinced they've reached security
WEAKLING - got me pegged
as if alone they've reached success
HOPELESS - all I am, the difference between

This world betrays
this world, it feasts upon me

FAILURE - far too weak
can't even stand on your own two feet
SPINELESS - you could never make it in this world of ours
WEAKLING - they scream at me
inside your self is the strength you need
HOPELESS - the strong survive the weak are devoured

FAILURE - I feel defeat

but I see now they're hiding something
SPINELESS - draw my attention far away from hope
WEAKLING - away from God, away from Love
shake their fists at Him above
HOPELESS - could it be? He shakes the world the lie they hold

My loneliness is evidence of my failure
to stay would mean to pursue some goal
Which has eluded me so far
they say I need no one else, only myself
unfortunately that way of life leaves me nothing but hell

7. Fellowship of Thieves

In this time of need
This time of peril
This time when the helpless seek
When so many search for some light of hope
And they begin to consider this God of whom they've been told
The wolves come out to play
To deceive
And turn men's hearts away
Under guise of sheep with such beautiful smiles
They appear to be of God, yet all the wile they...

Lead them straight to Hell

Don't touch me...
You've got blood on your hands

Time will come, you will see
You're over

Playing on their need
The need to live

To live pure and free
You mix a little lies with a lot of truth
You bait their trust and then they follow you
You get them believing and following lies
Then they see your deceit all in the name of Christ
They look into my eyes...they can't understand

When they hear you call me "brother" and see you shake my hand

Curse His name 'cause of you...

Stealing their hope for Peace
A fellowship of thieves
Hands dipped in the blood of children
Exposed while seeking Peace
A fellowship of thieves
Causing more destruction than those
Who don't claim to believe
This fellowship of thieves
Watch for the wolves, be wary
That you are not deceived

8. Focus

The deficit, environment, a government corrupt
So many things to worry us and tangle our minds up
We know we're being taken, we know it all too well
We know that something must be done but there's more to tell

Where are you going? What's your focus?
Losing your reason? For a...Lie

Caught up in the cause, the fight, caught up in the roar
You know that your intentions are right in what you're fighting for
But in the midst, the heat of it all, don't forget your drive
We're hear to do the Father's will our reason to survive

There's so much going on around us and we must be aware
It's important that they see our love and that we truly care

Oure time for lying dormant while the world is so in need
Is over now but don't forget the purpose of your doing

9. The Strength

In these remaining days, let us not be tangled in
Mankind's celebration of itself,
rather, let us live as children of God.
For what fellowship hath light and darkness,
good with evil?
Shall grace be as pearls to swine,
or held higher than gold?

Let them know the difference.

Keep your signs - hold your banners yourself
send no "latest cause" this way
Need no factions, political distractions
Keep them out of my face
Spare the fashion codes and social pars
and the vanity of it all
To subscribe would be to sell-out
and to set up for a fall

Can't you see the road you travel down
leads swiftly to your end
sold as slaves for a place to hide
a temporary defense.

Then He'll come, all will be lost
You'll be swept with the tide, your shelter of clay
He's calling, protection is here
Your grip will not hold when your world's laid to waste
Lord, grant me the strength, to follow Your path
To not go astray I, alone in myself
I'm feeling the pull, Lord, grant me the strength

Once again breathing down my neck
the smell of the generous leach
the liberating hypocrite
come to save, to teach, to preach
to save me from my slavery

From a God who doesn't know what's best
Look - keep your rebellion to yourself
you don't know me, my God, or the life I live

Not a patriot, revolutionist
not a left or right wing voice
don't need a liberal or conservative
To tell me about freedom of choice
My freedom comes from God above
Forgiveness beyond comprehension
Stregth not found in earthly powers
The only true deliverance

10. Blackstone (Instr.)

11. So-Called Living, 1991

3 a.m. shots ring again
good-bye to another night's rest

pusher in the tradewinds been cold two days
found dead by the manager's kid
more fights at the show last night
more leave in the ambulance
homeboy spendin' the night in emergency
caught a monkey-wrench in the head

a life full of nothing, or little more
this city starts to take its toll
frustration aches, the tension breaks
self-destruction takes its hold

WATCH ME GOING (ever see despair? just look in my eyes)
WATCH ME GOING (here I was born and here I'll die)

so whats the use continuing?
if living means nothing more
than to face another week trying to make ends meet?
finished off by passing out on the floor
can't you see that there's more to this?

or are you content at wasting away?
live a life that's lost, hide from the cost
end up dead in a downtown alley-way

a hand extended there's life at the cross
there's no need to go on living this way
can't take seeing another life lost
or feel again that empty look on your faces

12. The Pillars of Humanity

INTRO: Isaiah 41:23 & 24

The roots deep of this wicked tree
they're reaching out seeking to change me
It's struggle enough not live for my "self"
Gotta lift up God for He is deserving so well
All this "humanity" and the power it claims
Has turned from God to pursure its own way
To do what God does through its own strength?
I see a storm coming - chaos this way

The lies, distorted truths
So many lies
Surrounding you

You look to yourselves
To bring you deliverance from Hell
To lift yourselves into the place of God
Convince yourselves that you cannot be stopped

You'll stop yourselves

Environmental, racial conscience so high
Your claims are nothing when the fire has died
Starting off with that strong P.M.A. (positive mental attitude)
Your education's only partial and then you fade
To make a change you gotta lay down your pride
Only God can make those changes inside
Pride is a fire that burns with no name
Careful now that you are not the moths drawn to its flame


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