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Nailed/Take Up Your Cross

"Nailed/Take Up Your Cross" (1994)

1. Silent Scream
2. You Don't Understand
3. G.O.D.
4. Seal Number Four
5. Conviction
6. No Decay
7. The Howl
8. Be Warned
9. Rebellion
10. All You Need
11. Problem Solution
12. Directed Youth
13. Washed Out / Apathy Medley
14. Freedom
15. I Want To Be A Bug
16. I'm Not a Christian Punk
17. Death to Death
18. Your Image
19. God In A Cage
20. Crucified With Christ
21. Give It Up
22. Disposal

1. Silent Scream

From mother's womb to garbage can the little children die
Although they never took a breath those babies were alive
The infants are sucked through a tube the murder goes unseen
Does only God and my heart hear the babies silent scream?

Capitol punishment for the innocent it's not justified
Should we kill a two year old if he keeps us up at night?
The saline salts injected and the baby melts away
Can you hear the silent scream the baby wants to stay

Is all human life worthless now or is that just how it seems?
Does only God and my heart hear the baby's silent scream?

2. You Don't Understand

Don't want us in your pulpit seats
You don't like the way we look or sing
But we'll just love you more and more
Because that is what we're fighting for

You don't understand where we're coming from
We're just following God's only son

Laugh at us for our beliefs
Open your eyes so you can see
Without the Spirit you can't understand
We're not a part of fleshly man

If you're halfway get out of the way
We don't need you here or in our way
You know what's wrong then fight for good
You know the truth you know what's true

3. G.O.D.

1-2-3 G-O-D

Carnal Christians
Carnal minds
If you don't want to be the carnal kind
Keep your eyes on Jesus
And soon you'll find
You'll be leaving those carnal ways behind

Keep your eyes on God
And He won't steer you wrong
He'll show you the way
And you won't go astray

Garbage in
Garbage out
Listen to those doubters soon you'll be in doubt
Keep your eyes on Jesus
And take a stand
Don't treat your brain like a garbage can

Bible says you shouldn't
Satan says you can
He'll do anything
Just to ruin God's plan

4. Seal Number Four

Here comes the ashen horse
Death is on its back
The creature utters "come"
The creature's voice a thunder crack

Seal number four is broken
Now the time has come

Once in times of peace
There was a chance before
But now it's much too late
He's broken seal number four

Revelation 6:7-8

5. Conviction

You're walking down the street just yesterday
A kid tells you about God you say, "No way"
He tells you hell, you kick him in the gut
Well are you pretty tough since you beat him up?

Conviction is there something wrong?
Conviction don't hold it in too long
Pretty soon it'll come right out
Don't we know what that's all about

Don't you want to get rid of that nagging void
It's a force that only God can destroy
Everyone has it until they let Him in
Receive Christ now let your new life begin

6. No Decay

The fool has said in his heart "There is no God"
He loves evil more than good deceit from his tongue
No one who understands no one who could
Fire will come upon those who refuse

Jesus has made the way
Hearts no longer decay
Jesus has made the way
Hearts no longer decay

God has looked down to earth says, "No one does good,
They need my loving grace" accept it you shoul
But you look to yourself think you will find
An answer in unity of spirit, soul, and mind

Listen to what I say, I'm speaking to you
religion is not the way of finding the truth
Relation is what God wants tradition is through
If you want unity what else can you do?
What else can you do

Now you can put behind the thoughts of the past
Jesus has set you free you're now free at last
Free at last - are you tired of this rotten world?
Are you tired of this world?

7. The Howl

I've been here for amillion years
It's only been the twinkling of an eye
This dark, this pain it's so unbearing
Fire consumes the tears I cry

I never thought of pain so drawn out
Screams and gnashing all surround me
Over and over I keep remembering
I must bear this through eternity

This howl - I can't turn away
This howl keeps droning through my mind
This howl consumes my every thought and emotion
This howl keeps droning on through time

I cannot bear this isolation
Where have all of my friends gone?
This was supposed to be the best time of my life
My fate has shown me I was wrong...

I hear His voice every second in time,
"Depart from Me cursed one
I never knew you"
Weeping and gnashing of teeth

Jesus, please forgive me
I'm ready to accept You now
But how I know you will not hear me
I had my chance I turned it down

8. Be Warned

The wicked shall return to Sheol
Even those who forgot of God
The needy not always
Perish not the hope of the afflicted
Arise O Lord do not let man prevail
Judge the wicked before
Your throne

Arise O God do not let man prevail
The nations shall be judged before Thee
Put them in fear O Lord
Let the nations know, they are but men

Relief to you the afflicted
To us as well as Jesus' return in flaming fire
Dealing out
To those who do not know God
To those who do not obey
The Gospel of our Lord

Salvation is in your reach
Christ is King and He is God
You would be wise to heed
His Word
Your fate is laid before you
The choice is in your hands
From now until your death
Be warned

9. Rebellion

"I hate you, it's your fault my life's messed up
I don't care what you say, my way's right.
Where's your proof that anarchy just won't work?"
But Jesus Christ has the plan for you go your way
By the way what's the cost


"My heart's black apathy I'm so cold"
Change the world let's unite humanity
Narrow minded you call us we're just fools
God will use the foolish things to confound the wise
To show you that He's right

There is a choice you must choose now's the time
Heaven or hell God is knocking at your door
Don't reject His only Son He died for you
Don't reject His only Son He died for you

10. All You Need

You, you don't know what it's like to be free
You, a slave to sin just let Him in and then you'll see
You can be brand new you know it's true his love will reign
He, He shed His blood for you and me we caused His pain

Jesus blood is all you need

You, you silly fool what will it take to prove His love
They, they spit on Him they peirced His hands He gave His life
You, you find your life you gain the world you lose your soul
Lose your life to Him deny yourself and then you'll win

11. Problem Solution

Who wants to grow up in a world that's so unfair?
And who wants to live in a world where everyone's scared?
Bombs in your backyard all your doors are locked
Your neighbor is a killer your brother's hooked on drugs
All because we're living in a world that we messed up not God
Say your life is going nowhere
Friends and family just ignore
You put a gun against your head
Figure you're better off dead?

There is one chance to make things right
He's Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ
He hung on your cross took your sins
He suffered the loss so you might live
Receive Him now, freedom gained
Better do it soon because He is coming again
Why must you procrastinate
How much wasted time *
Why must you procrastinate
You're playing with your life
Jesus is coming yes he's near
You're the ones who have to fear

Make a choice and choose the way

12. Directed Youth

We are directed youth we know where we're going

When we were growing up we saw the world
So screwed up we refused to be a part,
We rebelled and hardened our hearts.
When we were growing up we knew what was wrong
But had no right so we lived for ourselves
Until we found Jesus Christ

Now that we have Christ we're up here to tell you
You need what's right what's good, what's peace
The only way is on your knees
If you do not accept you will find how hell will be
I'm telling you now it's the worst
It's the worst you'll ever see

13. Washed Out / Apathy Medley

Washed out
The things of earth will fall to decay
Washed out
There's nothing standing on the final day
Washed out

I'm found
I live my life serving Christ
I'm found
I've something after the pass of life
I'm found

Sit at school - waste your time you think that it's OK
Hit by a car - suicide it happens every day
Fellowhsip sweet fellowship you keep it to yourself
Slashing wrists - crying out people go to hell

You don't care, you say the blind can see
You don't care, I call that Christian apathy
They need the life that only you can give
Through the blood of Jesus Christ eternal life in Him

Jesus Christ is telling you to reach out to all men
The end is near, He's coming back so harvest while you can
Scared to start a brand new life, you don't think it's cool
The world's your friend, God is not, Man don't be a fool!

14. Freedom

I have freedom
I have Jesus
You want freedom?
You need Jesus

America land of free
America show your freedom to me
Look at us - I hate our little circles
Look at us - we steer away from the troubled world
Jesus gave us the chance to be free
Jesus we killed Him and nailed Him to a tree
Satisfied with these tissue paper living lives
Satisfied your fine while everything goes right

But I don't want to be a part of that
I'm not into it, I see the waiting trap
I have Jesus I'm truly satisfied
Because I know, for He died
Can you tell me who has the real freedom now? You?

15. I Want To Be A Bug

Hey man play that weird song
Oh yeah
Ho ho daddy oh
Wish that I could be a bug
Much to small to spy
If I could be a bug

16. I'm Not a Christian Punk

Looking for a way
That's just not God's
A C. or a P.?
Make up your mind
Light and dark
They just don't mix
We love you all but
Something needs to be fixed

It's ridiculous
There's something wrong
Christian punk?
What a hopeless joke

Christian this
Christian that
Christian groups
Christian clique's
I think we've had enough
It's not just the punk
It's holding to the world
It's not prejudice
It's what the Bible tells

I'm not a Christian punk
That's exactly what I'm running from

17. Death to Death

There is blood on the street
And tears in their eyes
And life moves so fast
Until you's gone
The world is a corpse
It hardens with time
And so harden the hearts
As they draw to the line
The fear that you feel
Shows white on your face
Though you mock death with words
You wonder is there a place...
Where darkness there dwells

In the black pits of hell
Is there truly the desolate place
The gnashing of teeth
The screaming beneath
Stillness of pain, time, and space
Where pain is your king
There are no living things
Merely you and the fire you chose
Hope has gone past
Realization at last
This fate you chose as your own

Death drop your pride and fear
To death no hiding here
Death Christ made a way
To death before it's too late
Death to death

Now you can have
Right now you must have
Faith in God and Son
You have failed
All hopes you have impaled
Can't you see the war has been won
No matter what you've done
He's the forgiving One place it at His feet
He'll take you in His arms
Forever in His arms
This is your chance to receive

18. Your Image

The blind are dead, they don't see they don't listen to reality.
They walk in shadows which blind their sight
And they live in darkness without any light.
You laugh at us, spit at us and call us names.
But when Jesus came to earth He suffered the same.
The Bible says we should be crucified with Christ
And in the end we'll get our gift:
Eternal life.

When you wake up in hell
Ask yourself
Was your image worth it?
Are you proud of yourself?
You had a chance to receive
To be a believer
But you turned you back on God
To be a crowd pleaser

Walk around like you're so secure but when it all comes down it's just a stupid trip
You've got to keep that image, you've got to fit in so you keep up your image your image of sin.
Can't you see what I'm saying to you? Jesus Christ has taken me and made me new
I no longer have shadows which blind my sight, no more living in the dark and I walk in the light

No ones proud of you now!

19. God In A Cage

You've heard the whole story you don't want to be a part
You've taken Jesus Christ and locked Him out of your heart
If you're not for Him you're against Him the bringer of new life
There is one thing you must do accept the Way, the Truth, the Life

Is God in a cage?
From hell you won't be saved

Concerned with pleasing crowds you put God to the test
Don't wait 'till you're before His throne the wages of sin are death
I'm no longer of this world that I know for sure
Greater is He who's in me than he who's in the world

Jesus set me free now it's time for you
If you think this is a fairytale I tell you it's the truth

20. Crucified With Christ

My life was in the dark disgusted with the light
When I heard my sin it made me want to fight
I hated those who loved Him yet they loved me back
I was in a corner I ran but could not hide

Crucified with Christ

Dying to myself
Giving up control
Killing the old man
Rejuvinate my soul
I used to be so scared

Not my life
Christ lives in me
The life I live
I live for His glory

21. Give It Up

I don't need drugs
I don't need drinks
I don't need things that make me so I can't think
All I need is Jesus
He keeps me holding on
When satan attacks He makes me strong

I was out of luck
I gave it up

I don't need money
I don't need cars
I don't need things that make you who you are
To Jesus I am famous
That's my only strife
I know my name is written in the Book Of Life

All the stupid things
Of this world
Will do you no good when you're in hell
I'm talking 'bout Christ
Life for free
I'm talking 'bout Christ can't you see

You're outta luck
Give it up.

22. Disposal

You went to church on sunday
You got your sunday school star
You act so secure
But you don't know who you are
You got drunk on friday late
Drag God's name through the dirt
Perfect example of
Actions speaking louder than words

Spit you out lukewarm
Spit you out halfway
Spit you out give all
Spit you out or nothing.

Christian girl wants a boyfriend
No more sitting on her hands
She settles for a moralist
What's happened to her stand?
I don't get it
What's the deal,
This is the ultimate

He'll spit you out of His mouth


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