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Sweet Home Transylvania

"Sweet Home Transylvania" (2001)

1. Jesus Doesn't Live Here Anymore
2. The Other Me
3. Sewing The Dead
4. BCC/Sweet Home Transylvania
5. Black Valentine
6. Killing Maryjane
7. Dead...For The Moment
8. Blue Collar Horror
9. Creeperia

1. Jesus Doesn't Live Here Anymore

It's taken far too long to make me believe
The doubt you feel inside can set you free
I'll never suffer, fear to be true
Chaos reigns at God's front door
And Jesus doesn't live here anymore

No more
This trip won't clean your soul, not man or priest
It's how you live your life that brings you peace
I'll never suffer, fear to be true
The glory of the kingdom for God's selected few
Fiction ruled a thousand years
Absolution in disguise
Now chaos reigns at God's front door
And Jesus doesn't live here anymore

I need the answers to every question
Why am I here, how should I feel
Neither dead nor living
Lead me and I'll follow
Show me where to stand and kneel
I choose freedom
I choose freedom

2. The Other Me

Why kill each other to teach each other
To teach each other not to make the other bleed
We fight this feeling, this burning feeling
This burning feeling that says bring them to their knees
And take away their need to find another way and let the darkness fade
Instead of voices that should guide me, I hear a symphony of rage
And when infection is your driver, then am I really here or am I really just the other me
I am your demon in sheepskin clothing
In sheepskin clothing you can never see beneath
Look at this mirror, this shattered mirror
This shattered mirror can't show you what you can believe or how it can deceive
Rid me of this cell
Find a seam and run like hell
Run like hell
The other me will hack you up and hide you in the walls
The other me can't help but think that's right where you belong
Spread your wings and fly away
Fly away from here

3. Sewing The Dead

Fingers in every single hole, trying to stop this bleeding dyke
Vultures feed on what is left of this pathetic life
Is the tide rising
I need to know
You could die trying
I need to know
How can we live
Our lives spent sewing the dead
Brings me to my knees
I spend my time in a private room with dirt walls six feet high
No matter how I clean my cage, the roaches multiply
If I die trying
Who gets my soul
If I die crying
Who cares to know
How can we live
Our lives spent sewing the dead
Brings me to my knees
And how can we fly if life's spent sewing the dead
Who will set me free
It's only depth that seperates this old rut from a grave
And if I fill the ground with gold, my demons come to play

4. BCC/Sweet Home Transylvania

Time is a thief, death is a whore
Fear is a parasite, nothing more
All these things put into play
A natural slide into decay
Everything ends
Everything dies
Not my job to question why
In our circle, on our own
Nothing more than home sweet home
All that I ask
All that you pray
Don't make a difference when you come my way
I am vanity laid to rest
Trying to make you look your very best
Who does every filthy job
Who does all the things you hate to see
I will send you to the void
I survive eternity
The Bronx Casket Company
Forgive me father for I am sin
Faith and hope won't let me in
If I beg, if I plead
I will poison the cup of their belief
Why would you struggle
When will you learn
Prayer won't help as the temple burns
Meet your maker, get in line
You look like hell, you'll be just fine
Time is a thief, death is a whore
Working together that what friends are for
Follow that tunnel, follow that light
Be forewarned that they could bite
You won't see me as I follow
You will be the last to know
Torn out pages, broken chapters
Life and death joined at the seams
This is the way it always ends
If you're with me, you've reached the end
Lonely days
Lonely nights
Dead by day
Dead by night

5. Black Valentine

Life goes on and on with little things unnoticed
I won't take the time, you won't understand
Love can find a way into the corner room where only few can go and fewer can remain
No need to hide your pain, no need to feel the same
Through darkened skies the sun still seems to know my name

My valentine
Black valentine

One man's piece of gold is another's piece of stone
Half the battle seems to be which road to try
Look into these eyes, they won't betray the feeling she had given me
And I had locked away
Looks like a brand new day, a chance to find my way
Looks like I put her off, my life can't end today

My valentine
Black valentine

Want to believe in you, but you never rescued me
Which door is the truth behind and which is misery
If life was a different game, I could control the day
I could make the clock stand still and keep everyday the same
But when your dream is to fly, life has a different view
You have to believe in me and I in you

6. Killing Maryjane

Take this life (Take this life away piece by piece)
Long forgotten soul
All is lost (All is lost in a flood of grey)
Wasted, burnout, fool
You'd like to see me fall
Answer the bell, the call
You'd like to see me stay
I just can't find my way
I can't seem to find her
Alone while she sleeps
I know death by her true name
Killing Maryjane
Face this pain (Face this pain of reality)
That's how the gods can kill
Death from life (Death from life is what she brings)
Access, excess, thrill
This can't be how it ends
Bittersweet, my lonely friend
This can't be all I am
It's time I take a stand
Marilyn won't be asking for any worms today
He ain't going hungry either way
The prophet who can lead them, even dangerous from the grave, won't have the key once you become its slave
Can't you see the writing, the writing on the wall
Marilyn won't be asking for any worms today
Marilyn's not the problem anyway

7. Dead...For The Moment

Life keeps growing, boundaries falling, it's knocking me in my grave
And if I recover, I find I discover, it's me that's become its slave
Pushed from the mountain, lost in a free fall, waiting for black to come
The sound of the splatter can be heard forever, ending what I've become
I can take you by the hand
I can lead you through this land
But when the hangman comes to call, it's up to you to stand or fall
Oh, it's just my heart that's breaking
Oh, it's just my soul you taking
Cast aside with self-inflicted pain
No one dies from broken dreams
And when you're dead who hears you scream
How much could this corpse feel anyway
Dead for the moment
Pile it on me, stack it to heaven, can't make a dead man stay
He looks so peaceful, hard to believe a fire is on its way
I won't be here long, this box is just too small, won't break but I can bend
I'm painting it all black to mark this arrival, wake up... it's time again
Try to keep yourself alive, even if you're dead inside
And if you follow, take the lead
There's only so much you can bleed
Over and over breaking out of these chains
Lost in the moment trying to beat this same old game
Who will be there when I put out my hand
Who will be there and what will be the cost
Things have a way of getting out of control
Things have a way of working out when everything seems lost

8. Blue Collar Horror

I need your face to help me through this
Your smiling face will bring me to it
Let's me and you have a talk of torture
You'd never believe what I can see
You'd never believe what I can be
Blue collar horror
A suicidal man
Blue collar horror
Am I evil
Yes I am
Not what I seem, something's changing
Watch me unfold, rearranging
Let's me and you have that talk once again
Now you can believe what I do
Now you can believe I've nothing to lose
If I could see it some other way
You could be here, but a victim you'd stay
Taken for granted
Left there for dead
Argue with voices that ring in my head

9. Creeperia

When the day is over
And the people gone
A gypsy road will take me home
A place for the freakshow
The rare and the odd
A traveling world where you're never alone
Step right up, you won't believe what's hidden behind here
Come see the sickest show on Earth
To the left of the midway
Through the bible belt
A southern final resting place
At the liar's table
Where the tale is told
Taking money from townies young and old
All this mystery, smoke and mirrors, designed to deceive you
Just like taking candy from a babe
Are you free to wander
Twisted tortured soul
Are you dead or living
There but for the grace of God go I


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