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Opium Hearts

"Opium Hearts" (2000)

1. Houmfor
2. Paralyzed
3. Opened Eyes Dream
4. A Sacred Place
5. Dh`Lhya
6. Lost Souls In The Land Of Delight
7. Bloodline
8. Shadowflame
9. Left To Rot Forever

1. Houmfor

Down the vast hills we dwell
deep in mother earth
buried and forgotten
in a cold and nameless grave

The sun won't shine again

Is this the hour of our rebirth
have I died or will I wake from dreaming

slowly walking up the bridge
Into the mist to stalk
onto the other side
crossing the river of sadness
down the vast hills we dwell
deep in mother earth
burried and forgotten
in a cold and nameless grave

2. Paralyzed

You could sense it
even if they couldn't see the storm
like a wave rushing a black sandbeach at night

No one had come in to wake you up from the dead

take my hand and wake up dead
dreaming this cold dream forever
you are my eternal slave
a deafening scream echoed in your soul
out of the dark and into that

Crawling in the dust of the earth
at least nothing will remain
red shades moving in ghostly silence
through the drifting mist

This is a totally paranoid delusion

3. Opened Eyes Dream

The night is still a part of me
Darkest efegy deep in the flesh
Scripts of blood, demonic presents
Dethroned god, hopeless dead

Raping the world of the dead
Opened eyes dream
Your screams are unheard

My life half rejoined my other half
Mirror shatters my soul
Black wings of lies
The fiery of my wake

Dead, hopeless dead

4. A Sacred Place

Now we leave the world of mortals
Deceiving by the whores of the flesh
Are we blessed enough to see the light
led to the edge then pushed to falling

Staring down into the depth
Deeper and deeper below we sink
But life down there is just a strange illusion
across the vast fields of the underworld

Feel the pain deep within your flesh
surrounded by the light of the moon
Is this the home of your ancient fathers
Or the visual projection of your soul

This is a sacred place
But darkness has engraved your mind

5. Dh`Lhya

Looking from Outside inwards
Dreadfull land of the Lost
Falling in shallow views
Forbidden tombs of Dh'Lhya

6. Lost Souls In The Land Of Delight

Drowning in the Rivers of lust
bloodred waters turn to dust
the spirit of the trees is inside of you
Dreadfull land of the lost
Astral walk to the eternal shores
Theres no tomorrow for the damned

Time fades like the moon in the sky
Passing to those dark centuries
Dreams were nothing but illusions

we're swifting the last time over
Lost souls in the Land of delight
Are fading with the moon in the sky

Lost souls in the land of delight

7. Bloodline

Now this curse lays dark and cold
Upon a world at sleep
The endless void that lies beyond
When aeons passed without cessation

Feel that flame that burns within
You try to hide your deepset sin
Turn your face to the burning sky
This is the doorway back to your Life

Drown in the shade of the sun

The bloodred waters are turning black
I can hear the echos of the past
Time fades like the moon in the sky
There's no tomorrow for the damned

8. Shadowflame

Hear my cries of anguish
I suffered a thousand deaths
but I live on in vain
Out of your mind I come
I am the avenger,
shapeless and faceless
immortal and everlasting harred

I can see all the rivers of flames
Lost in the Land of no return

Grant me the powers of light
reach out to the mirror
embraced by this cloudly nothingness
I can see the darker side


Another sunrise swathes the earth in light
you feel the fright you know I'm near
beneath the cold of the frozen sun
we're passing through centuries of bleakness

9. Left To Rot Forever

Reborn Souls are entering my body
trapped in fears

Surrounded by Charron
stand in front of the end
beyond the shades of light
Nathorn, is the master of our flesh

Dh'Llya, left to rot forever
straggling across
shadows from the ancient gods

Carnage fills the endless void
screams are distorted with blood
Odor of Carrion
this endless sight of your life is mine
dark secret
I cannot move


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