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Millenium Of Thorns

"Millenium Of Thorns" (2000)

1. Millenium Of Thorns
2. Cancer In Your Mind
3. Confidence
4. Reaping Fear (new version)
5. Die Insane
6. March The Way Of Life
7. Thoughts Of A Son
8. Human Race (new version)
9. Living In A World Of Dark Emotions

1. Millenium Of Thorns


Beyond the darkness we arise
You can see the life in the arise
When you come around you will see the ground of a town.


Going into a door – not to ignore - less we find
Why is it – to breath – humans to Death ?
You´re my real !!!

Before the Isolation ,1000 miles away,
I feel the ice on planet! On my side !
Yes, we ride under this horse of hate.
´til someone feld. Know - it´s the start of hate!

I want just out – Let´s go!
Come on! I want to know!

All they´ve seen – Oceans of matter
I want to look in a Millenium of …
I want living to… - live is to die !!!

I´ll !!! Now ??? Yeah!!!

Why is it to breath – humans to Death ?
Yes, we die, now we will go, outside below.
Know the Show - that´s what we´ve found!
Now is the chance for hate,
Know it will grow under the mask of hate !!!

I want just out !!!…

….I´m below the serpent of Jesus,
I want to look in a Millenium…

2. Cancer In Your Mind


Your fight is for your right
Your light shines for me just at night
Is this the real world in that you live ???

The present is that you give
But the reason to my file???
I see it everywhere – to despair

I see it everywhere, it makes me to despair
I want to search for another World
But I cannot agree with my thoughts
The living emotions will (be) not so really fine
I want to fuck our line

Living emotions are not so fine !
We find our motherfuckin´ line

Do I see ya in hell ???

Present is that you give
But the reason to my file???
I see it everywhere…

… That´s what we pray …

…Cancer in your mind…

3. Confidence


Sometimes people speak not good about me and my past
I want to ignore and run over the floor.
But in a day it overcomes me and I have to pretend for my own responsibility!

Confidence – Imagination?

But how can I persuade the others about my doing and my feelings?
How can I explain my aim ?
No! For me is that no game!

Distrust is deep, the reason are my “misdeeds”
If I could I would cancel my mistakes
But I have to recognize that this wish is impossible!
I never want to injure anybody
Because that`s really not funny!

Confidence – Imagination !!!
But how …

I´m not the same like in the past! In my mind is for a long time another cast
I want you - to make me trust!!!
Please form at first your own opinion about me. We will see!
I hope this love will be realized!

Confidence – Imagination ?
But how can I persuade YOU about my ….

4. Reaping Fear (new version)

Silvia Stolz
(bearbeitet von OLLE Holzschneider 1996)

I see your blood on my skin - feel your hands on my heart
Love´s been a toture to tear me apart

But it tastes so good and it hurts so real
Can I breathe without this reaping fear?

Now, look away just to see the hurt
Rising above the hooks in my back
You´re like a knife, but I´m always a dreamer

Tried to be fearless-never unkind
Always wasted like the mirror of time

Found myself in a clear white room
Chains on my ankles, chains on my writs
This time you won, but I will always succeed!

5. Die Insane


The Death - the glory land of infinity
Through Death you will turn – find to yourself

I just want to die – you have just to recognize
We just got to pay
Everybody`s goin´ away!

God save me! God save you !
He makes things really forever!
But I think in other dimensions
Of horror and pain
Depressions coming over night,
They take me on the adventure-flight

I want just to die – I stop to cry
Can you understand ?
I want to live and die !
Cry – DIE INSANE !!!

The life is the countryside of gloomy darkness
The life shows different sides of Death
The life has obstacles
But I take it as its comes!

Don´t Wait up your time and learn to find!
I want to live my life , I want to give my Love
I feel the pain – I´m insane
if you go my way You can feel the same
But than you will… DIE INSANE

6. March The Way Of Life



…These confusion of life – evolution march the way of life
I - below the signs;... as we got of time…
Father – where were you when I needed your love, when I needed your help???
These confusion of life – Evolution march the way of time
These confusion of time - Evolution march the way of life

That´s the chance - of time – as we fuck our line
That´s the chance- we die- as we know each other
Mother - where were you When I needed your love, when I needed your help really ???

Better I want to be a piece of this fuckin´ life

I(´m) fuckin´ breath
The human race
I (do) fuckin´ all

We found a piece of a planet
-I want to see broken lifes

Ways I want to know - I wanna be
I want to grow – ways I want to feel
Knocking out - the crime
It´s also be of time

7. Thoughts Of A Son

khalil gibran (1883-1931)

Your children are not your own
They are children from the desire of Life
And to the self-determination

They came through you, but not from you!
When they with you, you shouldn`t think that they`re your property!

It`s allowed to give them your Love
But not your minds , they have their own…

You can give them a home, but take care that you leave alone their souls
Their souls live in a house of tomorrow that you never will see in your dreams!
Never in your dreams!!!

It´s allowed to develop like them, but don`t try to form (them) like you.
The life doesn´t go backward or stay in the past of your own.

Your are the bow that throws your childrens like living arrows

You can give me a fucking home , but …
Thoughts of…a son.

8. Human Race (new version)


…we are! 2x

We saw the flight of the Ravens to the human crown
As we play such our game. We have never known !!!

As we had the serpent. full - the light between our eyes
- Into the Sabbath we are goin`.

I can see over me – with your trust !
Last to be will I ?
Human Race will fall ?
Last to be… we know
Learn to feel the god!
(At)Last we are just sections in a game
(At)Last we are just sections of the Human Race
Yes we are…

We saw the flight of the Ravens to the human crown.
As we played such our game. We never knew.
As we heard the serpent - full in the race !
The light between our eyes. Into the Sabbath we´re going. I can see…We are just sections of Human Race

I can see over me – with your trust
Last to be… We´ll know!
Human Race will fall?
Last to be ignored ?
Learn to feel the god!
Last to be! We know…
We are …Human Race-
will fall ….

9. Living In A World Of Dark Emotions


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