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Demo 2002

"Demo 2002" (2002 Demo)

1. Messiah of the Damned
2. Loathe
3. Searing Wounds

1. Messiah of the Damned

The unborn ones yet call my name
Shackled by the unspoken tongues of dismay
Clothed in madness, they mock my words
I live for those that bring me unbridled hatred...

I can see, what no one else have seen
I have been the lonely wanderer
Beyond this, i now know who i am
Messiah of the damned

Forever punished by the mourn to come
Cannot undo these horrid deeds i've done
Cannot feel shame nor regret
Ever damned to burn this living hell...

2. Loathe

Why has this world forsaken me?
Another life in misantrophy
Beyond the darkness, the void, eternity
There's a new fate, yet to be seen

Reveal the pain, sealed shut within
Embrace the one wicked as sin
Betrayed by those that punished me
My remains are shrouded in unknown blasphemy

You maimed me, never-ending legacy
You taunt me, leper-brought insanity
You smothered me, soiled me with your misery
Loathe me, send me back to where i came to be

Deceit of my wounded lies
The demons of my past will arise
Burn my body, scald my devilish eyes
Laugh at the portrayal of my demise

I am the fallen one, to bring the sadness home...
Broken tears undone, until night will roam...

3. Searing Wounds

Admire the undoubtful thoughts of the callous man
The pride he bears in his work of flesh, in his demands
He has seen the fear carved in their minds, deep within
Quench his never-ending thirst with the blood of the innocent

Contemplate those fateful errors of yours...
Your damned soul is locked behind the doors of nevermore...

Welcome death with opened arms
Searing wounds heal my soul...
Be not afraid of what lies beyond
Just remember to follow the piper's song...

Twisting and turning in the void of emptiness
Forever haunted by the tears of the ones that you caressed
Cleansing our world from unwanted lifes, those that are blessed
You are the messenger, the leader to our hell


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