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"Turbulence" (2004)

1. Sweet Suicidal Serenade
2. Traces
3. Soured Memory
4. inExistence
5. Untiring Memory
6. Freedom Subways
7. Void

1. Sweet Suicidal Serenade

(Lyrics by Eduardo)

The dew falls upon long black hair
And all its utopian purity
Are long awaited
Seducing me to return, tempting me to ignore

What beauty was yours
That I couldn't clearly see
Undressed under the legacy
Of a timeless jewel, reminding youth?

Dancing divine on a distant beach
Wearing a carved salty water dress
Taken by wings
To a sweet suicidal serenade

From night to morning
I still miss your tears
And your mystic autumnal smile
Where seconds answer as years.

The falling of dew upon black hair
Is longs awaited
Seducing me to return, tempting me to ignore.

2. Traces

(Lyrics by Eduardo & Patrícia)

She was his autumn mornings
And a tear on his lonely eye
A dream for each slumber
And a season on every smile.

While tomorrow never raised
And the beginning wasn't the end,
She fasted his daylight
Without missing what she never had.

Prudent as the moon when the day arrives
There remains their trace
Guiding each other's soul steps
Far from the night's puddle face.

Wild courage repressed to breath
Holding the fire to end the storm
Linger a while inside their cry
With the sin once denied.

Light would be seen again.
Hope wouldn't die in the day.
Eventually disappeared the day after
Delivering themselves to the past.

Sorrow can't drown all memories
Nor fucking poisoned thoughts
Reach the lovely sounds
Of those familiar voices.

3. Soured Memory

(Lyrics by Patrícia)

Atrocity could never end
Since the lust for feeling pain
Was the strongest wish
We wanted to own.
Will this be over someday?
The questions travel
To an ending pond of doubts,
Once filled in with anguish.
You will never guess
How many times have I tried
To pull you inside
And distrust denied me to pleasure.
Now that the ring is broken,
Nothing can bind us
To a shared eternity.
You could mind frozen the paper
Of this testimony.
The words remain meaningless
Towards the strenght of your punch
On my breast.
Could I ever forget?
Will I ever forgive?
The sins are long gone
But the sour taste in on my lips.
Nothing is remembered
And I set my teeth
So desire moves on to other hands.
Experience the cains that hold me,
Die as I lay my eyes upon your cry.

4. inExistence

(Lyrics by Patrícia)

Life has no meaning
When you pass through
A broken mirror
And the image reclected on it
Is you having no soul.
The sound that you hear
Can't reach your brain
And you infinitely search
For a reason...
Can you please stop
Pushing me away?
No longer will I survive
For a reason...
And misunderstood words
Are pushing me away.
Intact to a never-ending speech,
I used to kill myself
Wandering through
A sea of undefined misdeeds.
Now I just want to disappear
And never come home again.
Your scent can no longer
Leave a trace on me.
No more... no more.
No longer will I dig
My grave under your body...

5. Untiring Memory

(Lyrics by Eduardo)

Concentrate on your taste
When the legend tou created
Posseses your life... requesting it
And when it's time to wipe your face

How constant have been the disguises
And the madness that electrifies the nerves?
Isn't strange enough
Not to obtain answers on the new skin's texture?

Could you trust on me
Trying to reach the floor?
Need to find us safe from home
And start a new bedtime story

Undressed fiction on a life of attempts
New way comes preceding the old one
And a rude way to say goodbye

Enraged by the distance
Navigating creature carries on the horizon
On the lonely alliance of the ship with the dreamer
In a salty wandering kiss

6. Freedom Subways

(Lyrics by Eduardo)

After the collapse, I searched for a tender circle
That could share my wish in a strange sigh
A hand that would patiently hold my chin
And the eyelids' burden in the hidden steam

Its mystic fragrance will eliven my lips
And satisfy me with its chosen beverage
Out of the dark shroud and the verbal insanity
That my own desert combines

I have been deprived of harmony
I've drown at the distorted sound
Of a retrained scream
Shaping my shadow

How many times did I fall near you?
How many times did I say it and was near?
In ecstasy I look for an answer

7. Void

(Lyrics by Patrícia)

And then you slipped away
Far beyond where I could reach you.
My hands couldn't hold you,
'Cause of this tedious cold
That surrounded my inner existence.
Now you've left and emptiness
Is no longer here.
It has gone with you
Far away from the tangible lines
Of this senseless life.
Don't you know that all is gone
And that your mind floated
Into a remote part of my being?
Don't you know this smell?
It was written by your eyesight
Give me no more excuses,
Cry no pity tears...
No more shall you have
A place inside of me...


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