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Schizo Level

"Schizo Level" (2001)

1. RAW
2. Suturn
3. Patheon (as in Strip-Tease)
4. Withering Art
5. Nightmares Within
6. Cântico Negro
7. Tiger's Doom
8. Love & Breath (Rebind of thy Restless Mess I)
9. A Day... (Rebind of thy Restless Mess II)
10. Big Bang
11. Nausea
12. Thanatos
13. Weird Curse - Metamorphosis; The Return; The Nightmare After

1. RAW

2. Suturn

Straight to pain
Have no mercy
Wake to sleep
There's nothing deep... to seek

Jailed... writing soaked books
Filling empty spaces
Designated by life, he murders...
No other race will attempt to curse

'Till the end of times
Inflicted and forsaken mystery
Heaven's gate is the bridge
To Die... Suturn's betrayal
Drowned in pain are the weak
Behold: Suturn's betrayal

All the lines he wrote
Like a ghostly spirit
Got no voice to shine
He raises the hand upon thy

Suturn: truth revealed by sights
Suturn: into subconscious life
Suturn: there's visionary wing to fly
Suturn: oblivious to die!

3. Patheon (as in Strip-Tease)

The disfigured face trips at noon
The god in laughing channel... hides in stone
Morning after night... midnight spell
Recovering all my sores where I dwell

Thousand thorns will fall
Hammered hearts will rise
Browsed mistress comes
You will fall

Disfigured face trips at noon
The god in laughing channel... hides in stone

Patheon: set the fire
Patheon: lore of pain
Patheon: ritual mind
Patheon: you will fall!

Patheon sights
Masters of Pride

4. Withering Art

Cruelty is my subsistence,
The repast I have to have.
For the world
I'm just a disruptive behaviorist.
For me...
I'm just the ruler of the world.
Searching for what
They already have,
I simply crush their minds
In my holy hands!
I'm never satisfied.
The other's pains
Are not enough to kill my famine.
I live from disasters.
I die whenever I want.
I fulfill my needs
Through cruelty.
That's the way
I live for you all.

5. Nightmares Within

Shadows inside of me
Walk through my senses
Dragging what I am
Till my inner perishes.
I die every time
I try to reach the end,
But I can not overstep my avidity.

I fade
I fade so desperately as I live.
I resurrect
I resurrect as I die.

Wrath is all I feel
'Cause darkness brings...
Within my faked
Inner Surrender

Doors are opened for death
Nightmares you searched are back
Trusted, despaired with facts
Nothing than a brutal sign

Nightmares within death
Nightmares within death

And I'll always live
Seized to the chains
Of spectral and eternal pains.
And I will never belong
To this desperate world
Because I'm already dead.

6. Cântico Negro

"Vem por aqui" - dizem-me alguns com olhos doces,
Estendendo-me os braços, e seguros
De que seria bom se eu os ouvisse
Quando me dizem: "vem por aqui"!
Eu olho-os com olhos lassos,
(Há, nos meus olhos, ironias e cansaços)
E cruzo os braços,
E nunca vou por ali...

A minha glória é esta:
Criar desumanidade!
Não acompanhar ninguém.
Que eu vivo com o mesmo sem-vontade
Com que rasguei o ventre a minha mãe.

Não, não vou por aí! Só vou por onde
Me levam meus próprios passos...

Se ao que busco saber nenhum de vós responde,
Por que me repetis: "vem por aqui"?
Prefiro escorregar nos becos lamacentos,
Redemoinhar aos ventos,
Como farrapos, arrastar os pés sangrentos,
A ir por aí...

Se vim ao mundo, foi
Só para desflorar florestas virgens,
E desenhar meus próprios pés na areia inexplorada!
O mais que faço não vale nada.

Como, pois, sereis vós
Que me dareis machados, ferramentas, e coragem
Para eu derrubar os meus obstáculos?...
Corre, nas vossas veias, sangue velho dos avós,
E vós amais o que é fácil!
Eu amo o Longe e a Miragem,
Amo os abismos, as torrentes, os desertos...

Ide! tendes estradas,
Tendes jardins, tendes canteiros,
Tendes pátrias, tendes tectos,
E tendes regras, e tratados, e filósofos, e sábios.
Eu tenho a minha Loucura!

Levanto-a, como um facho, a arder na noite escura,
E sinto espuma, e sangue, e cânticos nos lábios...

Deus e o Diabo é que me guiam, mais ninguém.
Todos tiveram pai, todos tiveram mãe;
Mas eu, que nunca principio nem acabo,
Nasci do amor que há entre Deus e o Diabo.

Ah, que ninguém me dê piedosas intenções!
Ninguém me peça definições!
Ninguém me diga: "vem por aqui"!
A minha vida é um vendaval que se soltou.
É uma onda que se alevantou.
É um átomo a mais que se animou...
Não sei por onde vou,
Não sei para onde vou,
Sei que não vou por aí.

7. Tiger's Doom

The Tiger roars a silent scream
Reflecting the lamb in his own skin

Tiger's Doom:
Bleed for our path!
Tiger's Doom:
Bring us your... thirst!

I was walking in thy kingdom
Dipping all reality

We are the tiger
Roaming for life
Waking the sleepless
Through miracle of doom

Then you walked in my kingdom
Dipping my own reality
Searching just bohemic freedom
Hunting just for empty fun

The Tick woke up

Tiger's Doom

The tiger died without seeing the light
I have mercy on his soul.

8. Love & Breath (Rebind of thy Restless Mess I)

9. A Day... (Rebind of thy Restless Mess II)

Just one day before another marriage with the celebration of an unforeseen birth, did I realize how much is gone. What still happens in the way! So unforgettable...
How worthy is a foreseen destiny? Which punishment for the fortunate absence of intention?
Together we stand above the real and eternal past, yearning for that unknown future... Where are you better, if perhaps your heaven isn't true?
Listen: where you're seated - this rainy demand. Uncontrolled melody! Do you still remember how was the day you broke up with innocence, the day you condemned yourself to a labyrinth without return?
...Still know nothing...
Useless stupidity!
Do they think themselves capable of the suffering this leaves with us? Would you try to know, if we didn't sense the day you called us? Victims of our own will! We could have listened, but being so weak we can only hope for an end with the size of our sin.
Therefore leave together.

10. Big Bang

11. Nausea

"Be bloody, bold, and resolute; laugh to scorn
The power of man; for none of woman born
Shall harm...(Suturn)!

Come, you spirits
That tend me on mortal thoughts, unsex me here
And fill me from the crown to the toe top-full
Of direst cruelty. Make thick my blood;
Stop up the access and passage to remorse,
That no compunctious visitings of nature
Shake my fell purpose, nor keep peace between
The effect and it."
(Shakespeare's Macbeth)

A sickness inside of me
And inside of the world
And you?
You're above all that
Trying to mess all around
Because of your stupid pride.
And I hate it.
I hate it all.
I hate everything.

12. Thanatos

The once untouched prey was wrecked,
While treading the damned path of Thanatos.
To imbibe the Unknown
And absorb the power of Mystery
Were its eager yearnings,
The ultimate reason for
Pursuing from abyss into abyss,
Gathering misdeeds and zests.

So woeful was the quest.
So concealed was the enigma.
Never had the creature imagined
Such a spiteful and cunning foe.
A dreadful curse awaited (ab eterno).

Thanatos - the god of death-
Defeats mankind with a sole howl.
A sullen tomb of thorns is his realm.
What infinite woes and whimpers
Does one endure under Thanatos' curse!
If the prey wants Mystery and Unknown,
Thanatos' path is the way to follow.
However, there are some bestowals...

The conquer of the Unknown...
Facilis est descensus Averni

13. Weird Curse - Metamorphosis; The Return; The Nightmare After


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