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"InsomniousNightLift" (2003)

1. Reminder
2. Of Lunar Water...
3. A Promenade Portrait
4. Sublime Loss
5. Upshot Veil
6. The Journey's Shiver
7. Insomnious Night Lift
8. Dance of the Tender Leaves
9. Slow-Chamber Candles' Choir
10. Nightly Lift?

1. Reminder

In the nails with which you crucified me,
I no longer hang a thing. Alone...
It would be better, if you had changed into the bronze mirror
That encloses my blurred reflection in a unique compatibility.
I do not leave you alone by the scent of my opportune passage,
Which would come to you... Lonely, in life's conceded death!
The brilliant and fused foresight in which I had you.
You're delaying your appearance.
So I suspect youíve forgotten the thousand ways
By which you would burn to me.
You're late...
Static night-light of tormented plasma that steals your pulse.
Inviting, the frozen eyelids burn. Dark...

2. Of Lunar Water...

As you disregard your faith
Within my alienated being,
Breathe me in extreme and conflicting visions.
Horrors you dress as being the worst disease of all!
Judged by looking-glasses, you take me as a burden.
And for my mirth you spurn me...
Submerged in the salt of a colourless sea
As vast as my nausea and myself.
I journey to the island
Which screams and laughs as a mirage,
Where you enclose and don't see me. Free...
Hence, my sky has no limit.
The look's lunar water
Closed and united!
Converting cold tile in transcendent and modern chains,
I see you vanished in the lie's oblivion I've never shared.
The electric obsession you embraced
As if it was a rupture in memories...
With no remnant of that inconceivable vice,
Freely confined to a thousand sheens.
...A crystal rhythm into I do plunge.
Slow and chaste symphony that soothes me...

3. A Promenade Portrait

And from the countenance
Of the ridiculous suspended on the ground,
From the window behind the curtains,
The broken key stares at itself.
Lost as free grains of sand
In your hand... with the wind...
In the fall's laughter,
The night's clock alters
With the dog's old bark.
Reversed and unquiet portrait of myself.
Imaginary of the inexistent coincidence.
Neither can I find my inner
Where should I certainly be!
I return with an incoherent late ticking
To the frozen street
Without knocking at the door.
Despising any company,
Inside her nobody can be found.
Inflaming me to one more promenade
Through the night.
In a night without magic...
Thoughtless among the fields of the memory.
Maybe lost.
Hurt by the dilemma that refreshes the pain,
Which has carried me until here!
Tempting me with a challenge...
A moan of a hunted relief
By the kiss in which I get rid of myself.
Excited by time. In loneliness received...

4. Sublime Loss

Holding a burning pound of gone emotions that are mine as well, I wait for the glorious day to come. Silent I stand... vanishing, showing no sign of repentance. The taste I have always longed for is greater than my own obscenity. And no human kindness will ever manage to reach the soul of this lost body that has already killed thousands of hearts.
Thus, I phlegmatic journey across the unknown to get where I am, upon the horizon of loneliness wrapped up in brutal happiness. Foreseen fulfilment that I seem to have lost, wondering to recover! Knowing the sea, screaming to feel someone drifted in the flow. I depart now, so you can capture me. I can see now.
We have lost... we have found what we most demanded. Endless nights to love the radiance of your water eyes. Spiritual conquer... lascivious satisfaction... Onward wearing of the soul. That eternity in the day you died to me.
I no longer am... deep impulse of silence makes me tear the sky. Iím willing to commit this crime... once again. I awoke suddenly plunged into a lachrymal riverbed, too dusky and sullen to discern a thing. To recall hearing someoneís mourning, weeping over something undone... over our essence. I rather prefer what remains inside my mouth. Now I can barely remember ever desired something.

5. Upshot Veil

"Which colour has the autumn wind that stains my body with its touch?". If only you could see me: spying your shined and frozen skin, while lying between the shadows!
"In this world, love has no colour. And who knows? Perhaps my body is stained by yours!
I will leave this infinite thoughts' house and taste the rain-water in my lips". This is the way you remember yourself...
Breathless you crawl among brambles scratching you. This is the way you enchant me... Veiled is the serenity by which you bleed in an inner smile. Dishevelled by luck.
Unforeseen of emotion without fear. This is the way you left... In the interrogation of tomorrow. From the sting until today's payment...
Going beyond as if an empty window of false painting would attract you in trance... To no one... Alone under a torn curtain of insane acts...

6. The Journey's Shiver

In the wings of a breeze that blows fervent and gelid, I journey in a sudden impulse among the cerebral veins of a discouraged dream. During a temporal existence, I crossed a labyrinthine abyss of illusions, which has brought me no more than consecutive, spiritual departures.
I have tried thousands of times to strangle this inner shiver, but the desire to possess the madness whispered by the breeze has never abandoned me. I will eternally be part of a glazed tile painted by my bare hands and carefully inlayed by my longing. And nothing nor no one will steal from me the will to tear your destiny.
Whenever the appeal of the land is heard, I will bear in mind the origin of my being and allow the tumult of a long postponed thought to drag me. I reborn during the journey that I started and I will never return to a world of mundane passions.

7. Insomnious Night Lift

I deny myself a slumber.
Some terrible exhaustion
Punishes me with a gloomy hell.
Without disregard
To thisÖ conspicuous unbalance.
Phanerogamic foreigner of amazing excitement!
Will you concede your berth
To my frail and erratic body
And hardened before such a tormented rest?
Or do you not recognise me now,
Involved by an eruptive relief
Now inherent to my plea?
Damned refuge you have turned into;
Oh ruthless and lifeless inside
Does my existence claim!
Addicted to scarlet tears of the martyr
For you drew, you all became!
Your present consolation
Is for me an apparent farce...
Mirage of hazard...
Dream or fantasy...
Lascivious and awake I am in this trouble,
Which you pleased me with.
By a disenchanted pact,
I unload onto you all the burden of my pen nib,
Even knowing that you pay yourself
With feeble insomnia!

8. Dance of the Tender Leaves

My body trembles...
Trembles with an appealing bitterness.
Delight yourself smiling
In the penumbra of a dusky passage
Which confines a sad and tender tone...
Slow, nostalgic burden.
Drops in its bosom, drowning them,
Undertaking the silence,
But not the tranquillity.
Shades of perspired wax
In a cadenced perspective.
Chilled in the insubmission
To the theatrical final.
As fallen and humid leaves on the floor,
Agreeing with a penalty
That the winds condemned.
Awaked by disguised voices among the shadows,
Dancing around, ghosts dissembled as children.
Dancing around as if they were playing
The wheel of fortune...
Enclosed in the creation
Of a non-existent transparency,
We flow through the wrists,
Fearing a solemn audacity.
Fragile abyss that never goes away,
Enrapturing myself
With tremulous and sprinkled puddles,
In a winter's overcast nightfall.

9. Slow-Chamber Candles' Choir

Iíve seen your heart so many times,
Mindís bridge within praying candles
Where I worship you.
Dreadful hypnotic weather.
Endless appearance.
Even when these eyes go down
I wandered for what I stand...
May not tremble my hands,
But why are my feet so cold?
I wish I knew it all.
Make no lie. No sinner!
I wish I wasnít right
And knew you would believe us.
Itís a fact; Iím not frightened to cry...
Light plays the rough corner wall reflection!
It used to hide...
It used to hurt...
Framed sun in a candle box... innocent reward.
Itís all so different now!
But what difference does it make,
A burning chest on a long locked breath?

10. Nightly Lift?


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