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The First Rite

"The First Rite" (2001)

1. The Awakening
2. Immrama
3. Benandanti
4. Fly (Like a Hatun Laika)
5. Initiation
6. The Call
7. Nemeton
8. Ocean of Mind
9. Chaos Rising
10. Invoking the Power
11. The First Rite
12. Song of the Way

1. The Awakening

2. Immrama

Between the fissures in the surface
Beyond its cracks and flaws
Between these hollows hides the light
A realm’s to regain
So try to walk between the worlds
The gates will be revealed
By oak and ash and thorn we’ll meet
And your journey’s just begun

Down, down the tree
Into the hollow hills
Down, down we’re passing the gate
Of Annwn

Beyond the creak of all your thinking
Between its hiss and moan
Beyond these whispers shines the silence
A world’s to retain
So may the old ones bless your voyage
To the centre of it all
Your quest for calm when will it end
It’s time for coming home

Between the cracks and flaws
Between all moans and hisses
Blessed are the sacred ways
Blessed are the sacred sidhe

3. Benandanti

I am the fire of the earth
The fertile ground below
I am the cool refreshing rain
The wind that softly blows
Bound to the silver of the moon
We’re bound to the shades of night
Great Diana knows our names - She takes us away

Feel the sacred flame inside
(We fly with the clouds)
We are the heirs to all the world
See the hidden light inside
(We ride the wind)
The heirs to those who passed in flames

I run with the howling wolves at night
Swim on the salmon’s back
And with the sacred cranes I fly
Towards a better day
Bound to the spinning wheel of life
We’re bound by nature’s grace
Great goddesses you call our names
And take us away

Close your eyes - Fall asleep
See the secret flame - The hidden light
Deeper and deeper - We’re falling now
A different world beyond to see - To see

I am the fire in your head
The river of your thoughts
On vanities rushing stream
I ride like pure white foam
Bound to the turning tides we are
Bound to the changing winds
Oh mother earth you know the names - Take us away

4. Fly (Like a Hatun Laika)

Close my mind
I lose myself
To watch my fall with different eyes

An ancient wisdom rests
Buried by centuries
Dead but dreaming of a change

In pale grey I walk
Towards a deeper core
To pass the inner gate of flames

I slip out of this world
Dream new realities
So many worlds flourish beyond the void

Now break these chains of flesh
And leave these lesser spheres
Immerse in different states of consciousness

Tranquility comes first
Now come ecstasy
On lucid wings I raise aloft

I leave myself…

…and fly

5. Initiation

Dreams so strange - Keep calling me
I’m lost insider their web
Weird visions burn - Keep torturing me
I’m forced to cross the line

Dark angels long for this crumbling mind
To dust my effigy will fall
Through burning skin cut blades of pain
Dismembered - Still alive

In agony this soul’s inflamed
The path of light through darkest pains…
…of death

Born again
I’m born again

A pall-like dark embraces me
My soul is torn apart

A new name I’ve dreamed for you
For that the change will be completed
So witness your transformation
And learn to see the otherworlds
The bones are gathered now again
It’s time for waking up!

Streams of blood revive torn flesh
This mind’s shot through with light (with life)
The first in line - The ones who passed
And now I’m coming back

6. The Call

7. Nemeton

The world’s so quiet
The world’s so free
I breathe the air
Sweet scented air

Oh darkest forests
Oh land of trees
Your ancient tunes
Still echo in our hearts

Sons of the oak
Of wisdom lost
Daughters of light
Of warmth and love

Oh summer breeze
Caress my skin
Oh whispering trees
Tell me the secrets you have seen

Nemeton - Sacred grove - sacred source
Nemeton - Kernunnos hear our call

Child of the woods
Blessed by the trees
Ages have passed
And still the longings burn

Oh pagan land
Your gods are gone
Oh northern wind
Tell me about some ancient dream

8. Ocean of Mind

The mourning voices of breaking waves
The wailing tunes of the sea
Black tide is coming with enticing whispers
Awake now and follow the undertow

Let’s leave these shorelines far behind
In mind’s ocean deep we immerse
And everything you’ve ever known
Dissolves just like the haze
Lets take a look behind - Behind the veil

Wash away our chains
Take away
The shadow from our mind
Wash away our ties
Take away
Our lives to give us birth

Sweet water wash away the blindness in our sight
We’ll see the joins beneath the efferent drifts
And following the timeless tides reality will change
Let’s take a look behind - Behind the mask

9. Chaos Rising

Dethrone the gods of fate their kingdom’s falling soon
We’ll bury this darkest age without reason
Evoke the ancient gods of love and death
And burn the fields of ignorance and pride

When skies are coming down watch your past dissolve
A shroud of dust and ashes for your sins
When the sea comes rushing in washing all signs away
Nothing will remain but torturing memories

We’re calling Thanateors

Chaos arise - This is the coming of the storm
Chaos arise - Arise
Chaos arise - The winds of change break loose
Chaos arise - Arise

When shapes and outlines blend and all gets erased
Things will come to light - Tell you their names
Pandemonaeon is near - Time will start anew
Our aim’s to be the watchman of the coming world

Your power’s melting in the ardour of our will
Your throne is burning in Gehennas fire

10. Invoking the Power

Coming - going
Vipashana breathing
Relax the body - Relax the mind

Swallowed by effulgent dark
Embraced by elysian light

Coming - going
Shapes disappearing
Inside of the body - Inside of the mind

Swallowed by entrancing depths
Embraced by empyreal love

We’re gathering strength
Like a growing storm
Invoking the power
Our images will change

Awake - God inside - Awake
Power - Raise in me
Awake - Deep within - Awake
Power - Blend with me

The god inside once buried by fear
Waits now for the words setting him free
…Set him free…

11. The First Rite

12. Song of the Way

Just the sound of the surf
The whole world seems to disappear
The song of the sea
Blends with that tune inside my head
And I’m falling

Thoughts dissolve
I am fading
I timeless priceless place (that’s where we’ll meet)
The song of the deep
Blends with that tune inside my head
I am leaving

Passing the gate
Entering the light
That way’s song
The song of sand


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