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When Only Ashes Remains

"When Only Ashes Remains" (2003 Demo)

1. When only ashes remains
2. Blood Countess
3. Skymningen faller
4. Nocturnal sacrifice

1. When only ashes remains

Rising up from below/screaming out our hate
Tyrant god you will suffer/when your kingdom burns

Your horde of slaves/we will send to your heaven
Your darkest fears/is already truth

Break your chains/erase your lies
Feel our wrath/when only ashes remain
control has slipped/over your slaves
Alone and forgotten/when only ashes remain

Your book of lies/forever it shall burn
Your false salvation/never to be heard

as the fields of elysium are red with blood.
and hallowed angels fall from the sky
you will see the hate in our eyes
burning like fire.
a fire that will cleanse the world
so glorius, so pure...

2. Blood Countess

Night falls upon our village
Our children lays to sleep
Grandfather tells the story
The myth of Elisabeth Bathory

She is still inside my dreams
She still feeds my fear
I can still smell the corpse
I can still hear their screams

ch: I was there the night she arrived
The first in an endless line
What I saw that stormy night
Was not meant for mortal eyes

In the depths of her cold dungeon
A maiden of peasant blood
Drained of holy life
To please the countess of blood

3. Skymningen faller

himmelen blöder,ett regn av eld bränner allt
från mörkret,en furste leder oss på hatets stig
solen förmörkas,av vreden i vår blick
och änglarna gråter,när lögnaren dör

stormen blåser från norr
våra svärd röda av blod
besten inom oss vreden följer oss
när änglarna faller brända av hat

solen har slocknat
skuggornas herre
satan kallar
skymningen faller

tyrannen skall falla,när änglar gråter blod
rebeller från skuggan,släcker solens ljus
en stjärna har stigit,från mörkrets dunkla djup
den lyser så klart,rött så likt blod

4. Nocturnal sacrifice


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