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Prepare For The Judgement Of Mankind

"Prepare For The Judgement Of Mankind" (2005)

1. Destruction Of The Twin Cities
2. Conviction
3. Return to Eden
4. Spiritual Warfare
5. Trampling the Serpent
6. Seeking The Truth
7. Legion Of The Crypts
8. The Ultimate Sacrifice
9. Realm of Insufferable Burning (The Horrors of Hell)
10. Deliver Us From Evil [Deadly Blessing cover]

1. Destruction Of The Twin Cities

The cities teemed with the dregs, wicked in thought and deed
Pleasure was gained in suffering and pain, and wealth in lies and deceit
The outcry was shouted loud over its mighty stone walls
Then darkness loomed as clouds of gloom eclipsed the sun from them all

Lights up the sky
Raining judgement
Witness them all as they die

The air was filled with their screams and the crackling of flames
They were frozen in time like a pantomime as their wax skin melted away
Billowing smoke and smouldering ash, the inferno has dried all their tears
And killed all the crimes that burned in their minds, Behold the most sacred fear!

(repeat chorus)

2. Conviction

Night had fallen on my grim life
An endless black hole deep inside
Until the truth shone through the storm clouds
The day has dawned, I am alive

(chorus) Conviction
Brought back from death
I'm reborn
Rising again
I'm restored

Now that sorrow has been vanquished
Ain't looking back to life before

(repeat chorus)

3. Return to Eden

Men of iron will
take up your arms with a strength and conviction of steel
Do not lose your courage
from the fallen ones whose husks are strewn on the battlefield
Our war is not of this earth
These battles that we must fight cannot be won
by shield and sword
We wage this war against sin
Denying ourselves in the glorious name of the Lord

We fight for the glory of God

We will march on through the fray
For the good of the throne they shall not gain any ground
Though we are beseiged
for this cause we are brave to the end and lay our lives down
Each year this war rages on
And we begin to grow weary from the many battles we've lost
But we still hold this flag high
We know that victory is certain to come through the cross

(repeat chorus)

Come and let us celebrate
Our foe is slain for the dark one has tasted the blade
Join us as we lift this song
To sing in praise of our mighty king's glorious name
We have gathered together
at the great feast we will meet again all those who persevered
We are given spoils from war
Riches abound that are given as treasure for our years

(repeat chorus)

4. Spiritual Warfare

Lord of all lies, cunning serpent
Preying on lost souls of adolescence
He leads the way to knowledge and strength? No!

Donning his darkness to cause trepidation
Poison their own minds with false meditations
Mocking believers to provoke and rebel

Repent your sinful past
Heed the call of truth
Steeds of salvation mounted
Heretics driven under hoof

They say man is beast, nothing more
Deny transcendence, deny the soul
Survival of the fittest, the strongest will rule? No!

Wisdom survives, faith perseveres
The Way has endured for untold years
Life's understanding slips through their grasp

Trampling the Serpent

Lord of all lies, cunning serpent
Preying on lost souls of adolescence
He leads the way to knowledge and strength? No!

Donning his darkness to cause trepidation
Poison their own minds with false meditations
Mocking believers to provoke and rebel

(repeat chorus)

5. Trampling the Serpent

It's quiet tonight in the garden
Alone with the fears He must face
Desperate prayers by the moonlight
Before He is taken from this place

A life that was full of love
A man who brought hope and peace
But now the darkest day has come
When His time on Earth will cease

Though no stain was found within him
And no words could be found to accuse
All the elders have turned their backs
And the soldiers will come for him soon

(repeat chorus)

He gave all He had, and they took all He gave
He asked God to forgive them as His last breath escaped

The lamb has been slain, and the offering was paid
With blood from an innocent man, who never deserved such shame

6. Seeking The Truth

I've searched without
I've searched within
I've lived in doubt
I've lived in sin

I've searched the Earth below
I've searched the skies above
I've lived in darkess
And I've lost in love

None of these things that I've found held any answers for me
How much longer must I live with flesh's futility?
Why must the things that I seek be so lost, please tell me why

Uncertainty, doubt, indecision
Forever seeking the truth
Philosophy, science, religion
Forever seeking the truth

There is a Lord of this world, One who created it all
There is a guide to my life, One who ordained it all
There'll be a Savior to greet me beyond on my dying day

(repeat chorus)

7. Legion Of The Crypts

Driven by the evil to the wilderness
Derelict of the people of the Gerasenes
Possessed by the demons of the underworld
Unbound from the shackles of society

They all knew his plight of prolonged agony
Condemned to the outer crypts for all his days
There was now but one man who could ease his pain
Give life to this tortured man, this throwaway

His whole life was marked by pain and misery
He had endured a true living hell on Earth
Tragedy manifested itself through his rage
Terror was his signature and his life's work

Legion - demons in his soul
Can this Jesus set him free?
Seven demons call him home
If you can then set him free

All the demons begged the prophet for mercy
To be spared the fate of the abysmal pits
And to this deal did the Son of God agree
Banished into swine and perished off a cliff

(repeat chorus)

The legion of demons won't reign any more
Of a stable, calm, and peaceful mind is he
Seven demons have now all been cast away
The power of the Lord above has set him free

8. The Ultimate Sacrifice

To those who embrace the vile and perverse
All those who spit upon God's blessed Son
The toll of evil is paid when you die
A brutal lesson that He is the one

Made to taste the blowtorch
Lashes crack in the air
The worm never dies
No more answered prayers

Silence the blaspheme, death to the witch
No thief of liar can now run and hide
The narrow path was avoided by you
The door is closed, you're forever outside

(repeat chorus)

Millenia pass as you writhe in pain
No hope in this place there is only your doom
But if you reach to Christ He will reach out to you
Call for Him now for His day is coming soon

(repeat chorus)

9. Realm of Insufferable Burning (The Horrors of Hell)

Bring new life breath
Life back from death
The power of His Majesty

Bring our minds peace
Set our souls free
All that it takes us for us to believe

When you close your eyes, can you dream of the Heaven
as was prophesized?
Believers inherit

(chorus) Bring Him your children, bring Him your dead
Arise, their spirits shall learn
Reach out to Him as He offers His hand
To Eden He leads our return

We'll be reborn
From sorrow torn
Heaven awaits us, world without end

Deliver us from pain
Our passing's our gain
As we draw nearer to Eden ascend

Ask thou of the wise, is Earth His creation?
as was prophesized
Restore the kingdom

(repeat chorus)

(repeat chorus)

10. Deliver Us From Evil [Deadly Blessing cover]

(words and music by Deadly Blessing)

Deliver Us From Evil

Looking at the world, full of sin and hate
Time to save your soul, it's never too late
Accept Him in your heart, that's the only way
Perfect time to start, believe in what I say

Believe in what I say

Devil's tongue through cursing, lying through his eyes
The only one that's hurting is you deep inside
Trying to be free from Satan's grip
For peace and harmony, you're on a bad trip

You're on a bad one

Famine plague upon us, man's time running out
Blackened hearts are screaming, it's over there's no doubt
Mentally repeating a fear we have within
Prophecy fulfilled, revelation begins

The revelation begins

Crooked politicians trying to run the world
Doing it for power, lying to us all
Confusion growing stronger, future looking weak
Trying to make it through this nuclear blitzkrieg

Nuclear devastation, ha ha ha!

Save your soul

Evil, Evil, Evil, Evil
Deliver us from Evil
Deliver us from Hell


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