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"Showpiece of Misery" (2005 EP)

1. Plead for mercy
2. Showpiece of misery
3. The weakling named me

1. Plead for mercy

The weight of slumber
on sour shoulders
The burden, it aches
as do I

Release me... now
Free my guilt... and-my-pain

Forgive my sins... and anger
Let me sleep... for-e-ver

Carry my weight
O, I need rest
Passing through matter
into non-existence

Please God... show mercy
Hear my plead... and-re-spond

Feel my love... for you
Let me sleep... sleep-in-peace

2. Showpiece of misery

Hell is nothing compared to this
Neither razors nor fire wound my flesh
just silence and utter darkness
Mercy? There is no mercy

I need not plead for anything
There is no-one to help me
God is just waiting for my mistakes
I wonder if I can make anything worse

No-one can caress my weak body
if one did it would surely wither away
I am just a living showpiece of misery
except... for me, no-one feels pity

I wait for a stone with my name on it
but no-one would bother carving for me
No sane man would have the time to bury me
I will just lay on the snow with a withering
flower in my hand

So, before the final day comes for me
Come and take me away from here
Take my hand and love the weakling named me
I promise nothing would ever tear us apart

And when I finally lay down to rest
please promise to think of me once in a while
Remember me, not for the man I once was
but for the man I became... with you
And so, this long journey will come to an end
The hurt and sorrow will be no more
A crooked back will finally straighten
and I will be at peace for once and forever

3. The weakling named me


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