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Fallen From the Light Path

"Fallen From the Light Path" (2002 Demo)

1. Cry Cry
2. Feel the Nightmare
3. Children of Darkness
4. Flame of Victory

1. Cry Cry

Now you realize, but it's to late
Nevermore you'll plunge in her eyes
No, nevermore her arms will reassure you
This feeling melt your heart
And it's poison flow from your eyes

Bridge:Oh!(4) Life is so cruel
Oh!(4) Everything is set upon me
Oh!(4) The pain pierce my soul
Oh!(4) That's my reality

Everything is missing up in your head
You remember all the good times
And make it hard too accept
Those moments are really gone
And now you stand alone, again


Chorus: Cry! Cry! Feel like nothing will be bright again
Darkness fill your heart more and more
Cry! To push away your pain
But let time make the sun back at last


You're lost into the void, of your mind
You don't know if life left you something
You don't know what to do
With your world filled with sorrow

It's over, you must turn the page
You're freed from the weight you dragged
Your smile reapear like a sunrise
The summer comeback to thaw your heart
And to prepare him to face the future


2. Feel the Nightmare

Clouds cover the sky
Deamons invade your deapest tought
Preparing your mind
For the worst that is to come

You can't believe it
All your visions seem so clear
Hauted by them day and night
They now become reality

Bridge:What can you do, who can help you
Your not ready to face your destiny

You're dreaming of fight
You're afraid and try to run away
But every night it's the same
You have to face them again

Spirits of darkness
The dark side of mankind imagination
Now you've seen beyong your eyes
A truth that you did'nt want to know…

You are our only hope

Chorus: Now your hear the angel's cry
Even in day the moon is in the sky
Only a fearless warrior
Can give us back the will to survive

Now you must rely on yourself
By your side the light will remain
Provided by your inner flame
That will shine throught out the depht of hell

3. Children of Darkness

This desaster we live in
Take away the one that we love
Why us, why now
The violoence kill our peacefull land

Our blood feed their hate
Our pain make them smile
Our fear cause our loss
They live to kill, we live to die

Bridge:Death in the starry night
Light those who have a pure heart
Oh yes, their race is divine
Save us from the Childrens of darkness

Chorus: They have a dark future
Childrens of darkness
That's the end of all
Who'll stop these killers of innocence


The warriors of darkness take our souls
A new reing is rising
But even if we can't resist
There'still a light that shine in our eyes



You, holy warrior, who fight for justice
For the light against the dark
Oh oh oh
You, holy water that pu off the flame
That burn our heart
Once and for all

4. Flame of Victory


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