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Time Perpetuating

"Time Perpetuating" (2000)

1. Fight To Live
2. Black Paradise
3. Still It's Not The End
4. Hell Party
5. Love Or Leave Them
6. Children
7. Kill Or Die
8. New Testament
9. Drug
10. Time Perpetuating

1. Fight To Live

Fight To Live (Evaristo, Girardi, Stimamiglio)

Splendor in our lives
A new cycle
Release no fear to fight

Reviving for a new millennium
Loading the soul
Just let it go

You and I
No tyranny
Now it's time
Fighting to live

Look around you
We are not giving our best
Turning back
The world started to demand

Hey! There's still time
Don't stand still
Be aware

Life's essence is the freedom
Following the way
Following the way

We were tied so far
Limited by barrier made by us

Expel the ghosts
Listen to your heart
Go ahead

Side by side
Believing fully
Taking risks
Making life neat

2. Black Paradise

Black Paradise (Evaristo, Girardi, Stimamiglio)

Welcome to your new reality
Don't find weird my insanity
Maybe you don't feel the difference
For whom condemned Jesus Christ

Don't think I'm happy for what you did
My heart is bleeding of pain
Advices not attended,
protection at the end
Pride sentenced your liberty

It wasn't caused by me
Never in my mind
It was your choice
Black paradise

Give up the passions of this material world
Tormented for trying
all the luxury and fear
Feeling load and taking nowhere
How could we? How were we so nave?

It was challenge for me
Wrong help in your mind
He gave you free choice
Black paradise

This expression of regret
is so little for me
I believed in you
I bet on your essence
And your egoism affects my merit
You've know the truth

Why do you try to hide
in your body
My eyes lodge in your soul
You harvest what you plant
It's always been so
Your turn is now

Face to face
You can believe it
Take the law
You know the law
Look in my eyes
They cry but never lie
It's real

Nothing is to be lost
The price the time will give
Comfort in the future
I still can guide you
Just change your behavior
Black paradise

3. Still It's Not The End

Still It´s Not The End (Evaristo, Evaristo, Girardi, Stimamiglio)

In some moments of life we pass
Through opposed situations
It's about destiny
In the air, looking for the reason

Get up
There is no time to discourage
Be brave and have faith
The good battle will come

Close your eyes
And feel the eager of the heart
There's no mistake in it
Giving up your dreams
Is killing your soul
Glory comes from daring

Carry on and fulfill
That's the sense of searching
Persist, wrong steps
Help you to find the way

Because still it´s not the end...
Why the end?

Sometimes is needed
To challenge the power that guide us
Being strong in the obstacles
Proving that we deserve what we want
Not letting the doubts stop the actions

We are responsible for this world
Until the end
We've lost the fear of loosing

Because still it's not the end...

4. Hell Party

Hell Party (Evaristo, Girardi)

Obscure morning
from a hallucination night
Wrapped bodies with disagreement and power
Minds sunk in nothing,
in the deep of the abyss
Dry, hard, dirty

Kept for who looks for
and doesn't find
Who has and doesn't feel it
For my hell party
Everybody is invited

Morbid, I allow you deep in the mud
I protect my creatures from the common
The hell key is in your hands
There is an arrow showing the way

I realize
I am your world

You are in the end
Smile, my hands continues lifted up
Thank for it, you are dying
My death and my soul with you guys

5. Love Or Leave Them

Love or Leave Them (Evaristo, Girardi)

You look and think, this time will be right
The rat's just entered in the gravy
Soon they'll act stopping the prejudices
But it'll carry on all the same

They're the worst and they never mind
Vulture in the pans
They stole euphoria of the death
Charging taxes of it

Love or leave them
Bucks in their asses

Treacherous disgusting worms
Descending from the control
Inviolable money god
They hate to pay minimum wage

Might country, humble people
Led up by radical devil
Dictators and wizards
Preaching liberal doctrines

6. Children

Children (Evaristo, Evaristo, Girardi, Stimamiglio)

There's somebody in need of light,
A simple brightness in the horizon is enough
There's somebody looking for a hand,
Crossed arms don't make up goals
There's somebody looking for ways,
Without the shadow of death
There's somebody who wants to live
Who dares to steal this right?


Scenes of extermination in mass
Silence by loud protector voices
Paternal actions of exploration
Sucking the childhood of a little dreamer
Hunger, plague and death are in their lives
Living interlaced in the darkness
Look, they don't wanna die
They only want to try


Glances without direction
looking for a lost hope
The stolen innocence and you don't know
Dreams suffocated by eroded reality
Future smelling blood

Gotten by the mother street
Gun in the hand learning the filch
Day by day is a conquest
One more day in blackness

7. Kill Or Die

Kill Or Die (Evaristo, Girardi)

Little puppets with no life
They do what they want of us
Serpents in the treacherous rut
Poison in the name of peace

Fuck up all the way
Doing hookers with gonorrhea
Smoking a fucking joint
They take you nowhere

To kill or die
Killing to survive

Your motherland is no longer loved
It turns into your disgrace
Hanging the saint president
The coherent on decimating us

The national anthem you throw up
The flag you step on it
Why killing another dick
He didn't start it all

Kill or die
Kill or die

With machine gun in the hands
And now, big shits or not
Worms with no destiny
Murderers of society

Oh mom! You wanted to see me in the army
With nice medals of honor?
Today to kill or die
Killing to survive

8. New Testament

New Testament (Evaristo, Girardi)

"Porque hão de surgir
falsos cristos e falsos profetas,
e farão sinais e prodígios para enganar,
se possível, até os escolhidos"
Mateus, 24:24

God greedy and double face
Preaching false trues
But in the kingdom of darkness
The badness you can't suborn

I'll have pleasure with your disgrace
Your money is a joke for me
With your life and your millions
The satan also enjoys

Your word is a morbid book
Your brain is getting poor
Your voice prays the extermination
Do you still believe in salvation?

Atheist, do you have religion?
Do you believe in salvation?
Now, it doesn't matter
Your life in my hands

The bell rings
Announcing one more cadaver
One more cave
To your religion

She talks about nonsense legend
Doesn't help you with anything
You get crazy in her name
And they accuse you to be atheist

That's your new testament
It's getting over
How can we believe
If nothing is eternal?

9. Drug

Drug (Evaristo, Girardi)

I don't know if I am what I am
I don't know if I am what I used to be
I don't know if I know what I know
I don't know if it's all the same shit
Cocain, heroin
Syndrome, epilepsy

Everything is a fucking coming
Running through the toilet
Too much sperms
Dying in cold water

I don't know if I live
I don't know if it's a need
I don't know if I'm a maniac,
Mad, holly or insane

Cocain, heroin
Cocain, heroin...

10. Time Perpetuating

Time Perpetuating (Evaristo, Girardi, Stimamiglio)

Our steps against our legend

We pay for the answer of the existence
For not musing the great law
And suffering for the past
Even conspired by the universe power
A conqueror always carries
a certain kind of pain

We perform our history
Living each moment
Intensely and...

Time perpetuating

The same intentions joined
in the same way
Reincarnated desire in the human mystery
Possible dreams without fear of failing
Designing the symphony of the destiny

We perform our history
Living each moment
Intensely and...

Time perpetuating


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