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Truth To Promises

"Truth To Promises" (1999)

1. Truth to Promises
2. Drifted
3. Wounded
4. Retracing the Line
5. Stronghold
6. Across the Plains
7. Forevermore
8. Pouring Rain
9. Circles Are Broken
10. Sea of Life

1. Truth to Promises

Alone in a secret garden of stones
Alone with the fear, all answers are gone
Afraid of the sunlight, it shines on the truth
Beware of the future, you're talking to
Mysterious magic, in seas of lies
Corruption buildings, the painted skies
your feeling flies like a soul away
You're watching on a new life
your fate remains the same
I'm taking you everywhere you want
It's more than you're love's believin
In temples of gold you'll understand
The future is lost by your feelings
I'm taking the world in my hands
Forever the walls are tumbling
It's more than you ever and always missed
This is the truth to promises
In every hour, and so many times
Forever controlled by the system of light
In every minute, and every day
Mystic impressions drive you insane
Don't be afraid, when you're lost in the shade
these laughing eyes
against the wall
the painted skies.

2. Drifted

So far away over rainbows
so close, you ride side by side
into the temple of light into violence
over, and blinded by the white
You close your eyes
thy freedom rise
in different directions, in one life
One star to fall, behind the wall
after the curtain falls
Over the seas, over boundaries
over the martyr of sin
so what's the score, what did I take the trouble for
how can they give me anymore
Now taught by your state
trapped by your fate
it's do it or die, I can try
tell me who's to blame
moth to the flame
swollowed now up my soul
time passed my way
worn fools that pray
drifted away
your laughter stays
through my dismay
drifted away
Hearing you talk is like silence
Turning around to an empty space
Now locked in castes with rooms full of crimson
No sadness, no laughter in your face
What's mine is yours
surrounded by force
through rose colored eyes
a thin line
Not what you wear
Not what you fear
You're controlled by a modern might
Where eagles fly
reduced to a lie
that's when they hide in shadows
look back at the same
my deal with the pain
we're caught in an endless night

3. Wounded

Everything closer, all memories are there
Your point of view, what sin, who cares
Nothing is sacred, we play by your rules
Faster instinct, you're dead , you fool
Brothers of mercy, what do you say
pray to heaven, your laughter stays
cry out for freedom, break through the walls
no one is listening to uncertain calls
You'll always pretend this
It's like an unholy kingdom
You're dreaming
they want you
come fear my enemy
Yes, i'm wounded
The heart of the haunted
Takin' me away
Yes, i'm wounded
The heart of the haunted
Will the scars remain
Any time, any where
any encounter the future beware
ever wanted to be my friend
never met you, self defend
do you hear me, do you know
master plan, tears of sorrow
will you ever believe in me
but i will never set you free
can't sleep with the memories
they're always right behind me
when can i forget you
pray for the pain to subside.

4. Retracing the Line

You'll understand,
by the touch of your hand
No place to hide, face the storm, fear inside
Watching over the lines, it's carbed in stone
Never be afraid, now you're not alone
Into my dreams, like a reburn it seems
you're a church of desire, like gas on a fire
Now turning around, the faith leaves the truth
hanging down on a string ...over you!
a fortune
a moment in life
you're watching
the legacy of time
follow the sign
answer the question
retracing the line
Sometimes you feel what is true, what is real
Your last caress, what is mine..your last breath
Will you believe in...whatever you do
Desecrate your soul! I'm here for you
Searching deep in my soul, taking over to break
You ... realize, it was a mistake.

5. Stronghold

When you look inside my eyes
colored people, painted skies
the slave rules the king
my preacher becomes suffering
won't you come with me
unlock the doors, set free the dream
You're taking me higher, when we fall
never feel
never cold
never fall
never old...
stronghold !
through the mystic dawn
another world, where you come from
if there is a way
don't hide don't be afraid
across the sky
the rays of light, on wings you fly
wherever you are, set your soul free
won't you come with me
unlock the doors, set free the dream.

6. Across the Plains

So when you look out of the windows
You're drawn in by the stand, now they're gone
The echoes of laughter and boundless cries
the fear in my mind
In the stream, come closer believe me
reflections, illusions and sins you're swimming against the tide
now turning around
out of sight, out of mind
everyone into, his castles of gold far away...
never deserves you, come on preacher watch my dismay
Across the plains of mystery
Love sustains the infamy
Now caught in the middle of nowhere
No meanings, illusions are gone
A world lies in chaos, no memories
Spiritual lights
Waterfall of tears in the moonlight
Raise your hands to the sun
Free your soul, unchain the memories
step in, one by one
never they came for, building the walls far away
will ever break through,
in castles of sand, what is real true

7. Forevermore

I don't want to spend my life, forevermore
Don't know why you're leaving me,
I can't ignore
Mmh, you always understand, what is it for real
chasing after foolish dreams,
time stands still
your endless will I wanted to be a part of you,
not only for a day
No more asking for the truth, so stay
Never turning my dreams into sand
on the beach of the promised land
always believed in the right way
When you throw away the key, like you did before
Will you always guide my way, ... forevermore
Blinded by the rays of light, couldn't reach for more
Always hang on by your side, forevermore , ... forevermore
After all the spoken words,
after all these years
So far away, so close to fear
There is nothing left to give
Nothing than a dream, more than you've ever seen
And soon my eyes are filled with tears
closer to you
nothing more you can do
will you ever feel it
i'm coming through
now you're all alone
together we'll betray
lost in the cast
save you all the way

8. Pouring Rain

I'm torn and devided inside
Nothing left to give
trapped between the wings of fire
illusions a foolish gift inner storm, uncertain choice
who whispers in my ears
you should know
yes, you should know
So black, the soul caught in your skin
return and heal your wounds
over memories and all secret places
mysteries have been found
I can hear in the words you've spoken
through my eyes you'll see
Have you ever received the call
You couldn't believe me
The pouring rain will fall
Still couldn't believe me
Winds of storm, between the eyes of the lost souls
shadows cast loud and clear
so far away in seperate violence
in two different sides
if you're trying to unchain the victims
if you're trying to free their souls

9. Circles Are Broken

Why don't you rise up and tell me
why be confused , set your soul free
another within, ... I'm suffering inside
Don't have to be god to realize
will someone get out here ... alive
another within, I'm suffering inside
a life in a mirror, the mindless eyes
your choice will be rotten, by charming lies
and soon you'll come in, the circle begins
so deep inside, worlds between
when fools will step in
well it's written between the lines
the future is painted skies
so deep inside
now can you feel me
When circles are broken
Now, will the sun rise ?
These circles are broken
Shine within your light
Silent fears are deep inside
Now you have to ... hate me
They say god is on your side
And it's plain to see
Out of controls my role with you
Pass me by
Our real world has slipped away
Inner cry
What is real in the storm of the wasteland
Come on over it's more than the black sand
When you're touching the earth... your fate will wait !

10. Sea of Life

Anytime you cry, i opened up my eyes
When i see you smile, it turns into light
anytime you're there what's forever for
When i see you fly,
coming down the floor
Don't you believe me don't you realize
I'm loosing my mind in the sea of life
all what you're dreaming for
you're trust goes by the island earth,
a fortress of lies blown by the winds from deep within'
over the thin line, silence in sin
you can never feed the hunger of em all
will you now believe, the impact of the fall
why they're suffering oh god what is true
make us clear our minds,
but ... the bell saves you !


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