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"Sinctuary" (2000)

1. Eye of Horus
2. Holy Sin
3. Until the Last
4. Blackened Skies
5. Burning Star
6. Insight
7. Reveal the Secrets
8. Soulfly
9. Nice Dreams (Powermad cover) (bonus track)
10. Resting Places (bonus track)
11. Freedom
12. Gone Too Far

1. Eye of Horus

There was a time when I needed to pray
the color of dried blood down on my knees
for now I'll believe falling apart at the seams
I gotta rise, I'm sick of your lies
now I'm just feeling better, I'll be trembling in
your breath and I'm here forever
Souls of fire won't you be told
instinct liar I've sold my soul
There was a time when I needed a place
to free from my face
the days with no dawn and my pages turn

holding onto a ghost
I can't save
Do you feel the shame
cause I need a change
Some believed in all my lies
but I know, what's wrong in
your mind

When you walk away,
so I'm lost
in the eyes of forever
now I hear you say
heal my soul
with the eyes of forever

There was a time when I needed to live
blood on my left hand to judge and dissect
to serve and protect my faith, the reason to get through
I gotta rise, I'm sick of your lies now I'm just feeling better, Strength
time of suffering Man alone is a weakling
Plugged in my mind, there's no place to run and hide
no bag of gold, can save their lives

2. Holy Sin

It comes from the depths
of a place unknown
to the keeper of dreams
so human at sight
a monster at heart
tear you right apart
high priest and fire from the sea wipe the guilt free from my face the
darkness seems to find me.
Try talk to the clouds spill out the rain, what?s wrong with your brain
the weeds are on fire they're burning away the last one to betray
Watching the days slip into the night have always been my guiding light
and you know the world?s unkind

Holy sin will forever be,
holy lust will ever be holy sin for you!
Holy sin will forever be,
holy walls of never holy sin for you

When trust turns to pain,
when doubt drives insane
drifting into the lives
seep into the soul,
emotions controlled
the power it holds
Open my eyes wide to see a moment
of clarity religious believes they seed...
alone you might find serenity

3. Until the Last

The Abomination with all it's pestilent dreams
will swallow in the darkness and relish your screams
I lift my head up high and stare to the stars.
To a place that will heal the scars
Beware my friends as you pass by
as you are now so once was I
as I am now so you must be
( prepare to follow me )
The silence is broken, by nightmarish dreams.
And you have been chosen, to conquer the weak. Hypnotized you will, you
Hypnotized by what they say
Concede your mind
sight as it blinds
conformed design
It turns to light
no place to hide
In for the endless might
Someone to hear your prayers,
someone who cares
your destination ends ahead
I'll make you a believer
you know I'm a forgiver
Until the last
Until the last goodbye
Until the last
you could carry on with this lie
Until the last
Until the last will die
Until the last
No matter how hard I try

4. Blackened Skies

When the mist of the morning falls from the faith, a silence calls
Everything is growing near to the shadows, why I'm here.
Fly on the wind of my soul a blinding light, hands are cold.

Now when we leave illusions
so we're fighting under
blackened skies. Now when
we dream and speak in lies

Now the world won't turn for me
never really came out what it seemed to be going nowhere, not today the
great tomorrow's coming anyway
Not really gone, so far away
don't want to go,
but I can't really stay
Slow it down, turn around
stone my soul down below
Now I drift, so far away to go
where we'll never be
will the door be closed behind
will we fly to where the sun will shine
Blind confusion is in the air,
but there's something out there

5. Burning Star

The shadows are on your side as lights go down
In the darkest place you find a tune of it?s own
Like the haze of the afterglow jaws will part
When the storm is about to blow words fall out
For rumors in the wake of such a lonely crowd
I?m changing my name just as the sun goes down
through the years of emptiness in darkest souls
yearning to be held by you, but you feel cold!
Show me your secrets and tell me your name
try to remember again and again
Now as the fog has lifted, you can see somehow lost we'll find our way,
in a dream. Echoes growing in the heart of twilight. I wouldn?t say that
were ruthless or right
The blood on the hands of the one
who has covered the sun
If I were born another time, I'll have my place. In different worlds
we've been, another world in space

I just can't help myself
the truth is now too far
I start to find my way
in a burning star
I just can't help myself
as long as you're too far
Out of my mind and sight
In a burning star

6. Insight

When the wind is blowing cold and winter takes
control. I throw the dice. There's no choice,it?s all fate in life. I
embrace what lies ahead until the day or am I dead. Prophecies have paved
the way from all this decay
Losin' my mind a chance to live while
chasing the time. You steal me blind
so let there be no doubt I feel it's time
I like to practise what I preach constantly
out of reach If I could see the things that you see then I'd understand
way you feel

Will the sadness go away, come back another day
endless stairs and a guiding light
another world in sight....
When the sadness went away,I'll be there for another day
hopeless souls and the darkest night
take a look insight....

7. Reveal the Secrets

Just a shadow in the dark
you've seen my face before
is it just a fantasy
am I coming back for more
can't say what's on my mind
can't do what I really feel
and where's the helping hand
is this my final stand?

Now I will fly
until the day the future dies until the morning of my life
until the meaning runs beside me into my life

I always thought I'd never get caught
my time draws near, what I thought was peace of mind long before I broke
rules Thinking now about my perfect crime now I'm standing in the line
They come at night, they steal my dream they will reveal, they steal my
secrets out of blood i'm sure you will.
The end is near captive of the empty dreams so crystal clear
I feel the crumbling insane
I am the lord I am the pain
I hold the secrets of your life
I?m out of sight
Stained glass bursting in
shattered my world again,
they dig me out , they let me in
nothing will be in between

8. Soulfly

In your eyes the time was right for us to stay
a falling out, between you and your pride, no, don?t go there's something
you should know a blinded light

Will I ever,they die to get inside
will I ever be here tonight
will I ever you better leave don?t try
will I ever see my soulfly

the stains have tried
desperate and blindfly
leave the pain never leads the way
The open door shut tight
braving our misfortunes day and night
After what I had to live
I've got nothing left to give
Indifference consuming you
under a violent new moon

9. Nice Dreams (Powermad cover) (bonus track)

10. Resting Places (bonus track)

11. Freedom

As time slips by I awaken from my sleep
too blind to see that tomorrow's just a dream
destination Paradise kiss the sky
follow on, along the line fate`s what I?ll find
Suicide our hearts embrace
life and death become a race
With these eyes
I?ve seen broken dreams
at the end of the world,
where paradise begins
search myself, the demons

I have to face crawling out of my life on my knees crushed my spirit,
oh my god, to it?s knees
As you speak I form a plan
of just revenge upon the man
and all the stories I?ve heard are true
also the tales of your darkness too
I fear no pain as I reach towards the sky
immortal words was I really born to die
the failed messiah wannabe
either way I find it hard to believe

Freedom, till the morning light
demons from the dark of the night
freedom, real not fantasy
alter my reality

12. Gone Too Far

Raise the flag of shame unholy is your name
frozen life too blind to see
Now see a crumbling sky. I drain you of life
distant echoes haunt the brain
to find the answer to the mystery there's no return
with every step you tread and every breath you take I will learn

Holding on to the fire
please, alternate my wires
This time I've gone too far heat up my core

You'd know what I just said who
knows what lies ahead
I used to look behind the lies
I'd like to feel alivejust one more time
you caught yourself before I cried
Awakened by the anger in my mind
every nerve in flame
draining the life
from me, my ears
they bleed it will never
be the same
Falling, to the setting of the sun
calling, gravity pulls us on - oh!


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