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"PhorcefulAhead" (2002)

1. Speak My Mind
2. Unbroken
3. Slow Down
4. Longing Home
5. Moving in Circles
6. Falling Through Again
7. Your Blood, My Soul
8. Rage of Violence
9. Touched and Infected
10. Nothin` Left

1. Speak My Mind

As i walk through the ashes
I whisper your name
As your soul is torn apart
A beating of your heart

Into the depths of no return
Do what no-one has done
All my dreams i shared for you
How i wish they could come true

Do you hear me calling now
Another day unfolds, the rains are cold,
Do you try to hide it somehow...
Whe i close my eyes i'll see inside
.. speak my mind

Lookin' for a way to stay,
Stay away from my thoughts
The hunger in my stare
As i feed upon your fear

2. Unbroken

You're willing to lose, i'm willing to bet,
I'm willing to try and die for respect
Now i hear your lonely cries
Everything is safer now
Underneath all these lies
To find a way how

I go out to think, a little sad
But soon enough i won't feel bad

Try all you want to
Reached a point of no return
You're going to try too
Looking back, my bridges burn

I wake to your memory,
A silent knowing grows within me,
Swallowed up in empty space
To the side of my face

Close my ears, feel my bleeding heart
Whats going on, we were like one

You should beware
It's under the light
I know if you're scared
See the dark in my eyes

So impressed with all you do
Tried so hard to be like you
Flew so high and burnt the wing
Not lost my faith in everyhing

Al that is left of me... is unbroken
So don't disturb me now 'cause i'm unbroken
Ican see the why, the when and how

3. Slow Down

Look into a face of ademon
That changes from day to day
Nothing's as pure as good
Except your will to stay
Hear your voice, standing before you
Just a child inside a man,
With a better view

Can't remmeber but my name
Brave new world a prison cell
So confused, doin' alle the same
Promised land has turned hell

Some war their bruises on their skin
Others hide their scars deep within

Through all these years when you slow down
Sometimes you need to walk alone
Looking for something you call home!

4. Longing Home

I swear there's something inside
I hear, its fightnin to stay alive
Star with the lying
Here's no denying

How could i be so blind?
It was always there... inside
The purpose fading
It keeps me waiting

Hiding wounds won't ease the pain
Sleep won't make you whole again
Let the rain wash that pain away...
Longing home, lost and led astray
I have only million years to give
But at last... i live
Bled for our creed
Why must we still bleed?
I alwas took it for granted
I never valued the drops i shed
I failed to see the relation
Between my self and starvation

5. Moving in Circles

For those who came to play and know the game
For those who called my name, for those who feel the pain

My right from left, my high from low
I ran out, i rub my eyes, and i don't konw

All the things i've done wrong
After all the pain is gone

You can't deny the fact that all the things have changed
Can you tell the thruth, now everything seems strange

I tried to live, i tried to stand, i've tried to cry
I look to pray, my felleings won't go away

I found myself in disrepair
I went to find myself was there

Movin in circles
As night dissolves to day
Movin in circles
Silent darness slowly kills me.

6. Falling Through Again

I kin a room you painted blue
At a loss for what to do
.. whisper your tears
What would you intend to find?
Solitude? your peace of mind?
To echo your fears

Giving more than anything
That you could hope to win
You want the most
Giving up the ghost

I don't need to know reasons why
Safe and free, it's not about me
I learned to lay the blame on the
Strangers we became
I never meant a word i said!!

Into my world of sin
Falling through anything again
Voices inside my head
My destiny begins

Even closer than this life
Until you open up your eyes
I tried to show you how

Slowly moving across the dead
To the voices in your head
Well i'm listening to you now

And the morning light was breaking
You get up without my waking
Would make you want to cry
I've never been to a place i like
I won't ever be the same again
The hate i have has cut me open wide
Something you said has made me realise
Don't be afraid to look into my eyes

7. Your Blood, My Soul

In the dust of past mistakes
Of tears and cold heartaches
Cold skin clings to my face,
Spend my days without a trace

If i shed my blood in vain
Could i rest forever,
Should i lay my soul to waste?
Just a wait til your days are done,
Work your fingers to the bone

You gave your blood, i gave my soul
You taste your pain for every stain
See from within, truth or lie
Be where i've been and life before i die
Of foreever burning hate
By the torment you create
Future show chaos reigns
Iron will hope and change
World without end
Sleep without dreams
Common man whole again
Final change hand in hand

8. Rage of Violence

I know the darkness blinds you can you see without your eyes
If you take one step closer, can you speak without lies

You make the sound of laughter, burn my knees and pray
All sharepened nails seem softer, as you walk away

I know there's something inside taht you would never believe
I wish i was able to finally rule your dream

Holdin' my hate against you
You'll never keep my breath
I drink the rain
Open my wounds to heal the pain

Discard the old in with the new
And throw it all away
I've no respect for you
To handle every day

What i hear... is this the wall of silence
But i'm coming in
What i know... is this my rage of violence
I love the pain

It doesn't matter what i let them learn or do
From everyone i learned a thing or two

To give you thanks for all the suffering you command
To meet you for the chance to shake your hand

Discard the old in with the new
Make room for me to prey
No, no more respect for you
Remember today

9. Touched and Infected

I run through the hall, down the stairs
And i try to scream, but nobody cares
Caught in your lies at the end
We can start over and try it again

Words that seem so out of place
I wish you'd get out of my face
It's all right, no need for you to fright
You've only lost your sense of sight

Hold on for as long as you can see
Ups and downs infecting me
What do you expect from me?
Touch and infecting me

I hear all the lonely cries
Underneath all these lies

Break on through, is it existence that you fear?
Another cultural revolution is headed near
Someone young in the wind of a revolution
Trying to save his face in the evolution

I can't even get up off the ground
Because it all came crashing down
Now more and more everyday
Words that have nothing to say

10. Nothin` Left

Your tales, you told me,
Of monsters that filled my mind
You know i... can't get higher
I've tasted pure desire

I lift up my head
To the scent of the air
The wind grows darker
Glass fingers in my hair

So much time has passed
Standing here before you
But there's nothin' left
Like a thorn of pain in all i do
Do we love to hurt eachother
Every time you froze me out
Every punch, every shout
This is what we can share-
This is all we can lose

I lift up my head
A hatred blind
The wind grows darker
Human bondage of mankind


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