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"GodSpeed" (2005)

1. Forsight
2. Everlasting Life
3. No Shelter
4. Nowhere
5. Haunting
6. Black Water
7. Wounds Will Last Within
8. Your Cold Embrace
9. Without A Trace
10. The Mirrored Room
11. Crawling Walls For You

1. Forsight

2. Everlasting Life

If only I could now return to warm you of your fate
My prophecies help you to stay alive unless you reach the gate
This life was unholy my world they had to release
You hear me screaming out your name
But all the tears are passing by to this everlasting life
The spirit we have called is strong
The fall from grace where I belong
Reveal the secrets of this life
Watching the past as it dies
Free me from this nightmare where I lived in peace
You hear me screaming out my name
And when the tears are passing by to this everlasting life
No need to fear so scream my name
When all the dreams you had they didn't show an everlasting life

3. No Shelter

When the sun burns my soul, when the eye takes control
When the evil surrounds my fate
Like the witness I've been
I will cast all my dreams
Swallow your seeds but it's too late
In a locked room I kept all my dreams and my head
And laid the weaker to rest
My reward for being sane, somehow you take the blame
I'll cross the bridge to the west
Why don't you feel like, why don't you come near
There's no shelter from the rain
Why can't you see you can conquer your tear
There's no shelter from the rain
Am I falling on the sand with your face in my hand
I'm here but now you're gone
All is lost in the mind
I'm protecting your crime
But at the end my time has come
What you've done to me, who you will deceive
In my eyes it's all gone wrong
The choices you make all the chances I take
And you fear the revenge of my tongue

4. Nowhere

The walls are closing in, my life is passing by
There's something you should know, but never ask me why
In a room without a view, where all our souls will last
But all you hear and see is dark, but still you ask: tell me why
Why can't you hear me
Why can't you dry my tears
Nowhere, that's the place where your arm your fears
Tell me why
Why don't you see me
Why don't we pass it by
Nowhere, I'm here to tell you why
You're treading on my dreams, the one who taught me how
I hide my feelings, but all those memories brought me down
My reason to believe, still hope is coming through
The downward spiral never ends and I'm losing you!

5. Haunting

It's been so long, long time ago
I pushed you up against the wall
But never I'll make you fall
I left you out to rule the day
It's not my time to cope with the pain
Instead I live insane
And I want you
They're haunting me
All the memories in my head
My rude awakening
Is when all my fears are coming back
You watch my shadows disappear
The air was filled with lust and fear
In dark corners of my brain
Before it gets the best of you
Inside my lust will face the truth
But I'm the one to blame
And now I got you

6. Black Water

As I'm coming faster, do you hear me speak?
All the things you said to me, all the things you need
Now you see me clearer, stare you in the eye
No need to say a word as ai read your lips and lies
Oh no the seasons changed
I sink into sleep
It's hidden away where black water seeped
All the pain you spread inside
All the roots of sin
So stay away and read my mind
But I won't ever let you get in

7. Wounds Will Last Within

You're steeling my pride, while my unrest grows
I'm moving but failed all my veins
Protecting or breathing, I stopped in between
As the arms of the night opened wide
As my life burst out, into madness I see
At midnight the flames are burning me
I've chosen my fear, I'm forced into hate
While memories are turning to fate
The tears on my skin will starve out my faith
As I ran through the valley of my dreams
But slowly I'm trying to keep moving on
Forever my wounds will last within
My body is helpless, you're entering my world
If no change then to hell with my fate
You're chosen my suicide, my blood on your hands
My loneliness seems to fade
I'm leaving no trace, no footsteps will show
Where your eyes will ease the pain
The shadows and shades of visions I speak
Of my desire untamed
Towards the horizon, sun's laughing at me
And nothing leaves anymore
Always in my mind, it's my stillborn dream
Forever my wounds will last within

8. Your Cold Embrace

I want try because I'm out of tears
You think twice but I try to deny my fears
For the memory and the faith
Qhile dreams appear and for devotion you wait
I hear you cry and curse the sky
I hear you cry
Watching you die
When I feel your cold embrace
I hear you cry, still I stir my veil
I hear you cry
As I see you fly
It's all across your face
All my laughter is hidden inside
But the picture's still locked in my mind
There's no excuse, I ignore the pain
Bury my hopes, but I'll try again

9. Without A Trace

I came across to find a corner, where life is safe and calm
For god and country they will die, one shout would end this lie
I'm watching you, a perfect smile, an ancient force set free
I read the lifetimes on your skin as it's dark enough to see
You give and take
Put me to sleep
The weakness in my heart
Awaken in the dark
Come meet again these words will change our soul and destiny
It fills my world the blinding light lies where the eyes should be
When you see me falling
Trapped in fears and lies
My dreams will haunt you
My fears will find you
Rise from the ground
You're gone without a trace
I can't speak, shadows on my face

10. The Mirrored Room

It's not too late to turn around
Time to forget about this thing that drifts me out
You're watching close enough to see I'm passing by
But it makes no difference it could have been a lie
The light's spreading and I hear your laughter
While you're heading from the ground
When you feel like you're alone
Where the light draws near
Now understand what you own
Depth and it's form unclear
Inside the mirrored room
It makes me laugh to see the things you do
But all your wishes could right now be coming true
I faced my fears with dreams I can't forget
The only reason I ever think of with regret
I'm trembling through a different state of mind
Wondering have you come so far?
And still you're here and stand alone, anxieties will loom
A place called home, you hide yourself within the mirrored room

11. Crawling Walls For You

I'm cured and by your side
Standing here outside your room
Don't blame it on me, cause I feel like a fool
Is everything alright?
No, you shouldn't be so sure
Somehow I know we're breaking all the rules
When I hear you speak
It's the fall from silence
Still I hear you speak
I'm crawling walls for you
And when I hear you speak
Listen one more time
Left alone and weak
I'm crawling walls for you
Make me know you care
In your hold you know that I
Will never escape your vary eyes
Like a storm you rage on me
Through the forest of my dreams
My bitter end is your creed


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