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Become Death

"Become Death" (2007)

1. Darkness Fills The Sky
2. Condemned
3. In The Hope Of A Dream
4. Death Has Come
5. Inside The Cast
6. No Final Words To Say
7. Towards The Light
8. Ancient Prophecies
9. Lost But Found
10. Lies

1. Darkness Fills The Sky

You're the saviour, that's what you are
For your shattered faith, I travelled so far
In a split moment, a fraction af fate
The weight of the world, I strived for too late
I'm nothing more than a ghost in your eyes
Grabbing your senses wit aim
One in a milion that fate conspired
Straighten me out but it's all the same
My cravings, forever standing by yuor side
Fear is floating through, you step into the light
When darkness fills the sky, my eyes are torn to shreds
...Welcomes the end, the freedom's gone we had
I embrace the dead
I crossed all your dreams, illusions now are dead
All my frustrations are last in line, to live your live up in regret
Seek for redemption, all shattered in time
My sickness for all that you've seen, nothing left & passing me by
I remember it as from a dream

2. Condemned

How many times have I been told
But now the stabbing pain covers my soul
The point of return has yet been burned
And reflects the anger and takes it's hold
Drowning in seas of sorrow
I'm on my way, so hollow
You hear me screaming out your name
I repent from my sin and see me falling down again
Set me free, I'm condenmed
At dusk you fall asleep and I awake
I begin to leave but your soul I'll take
The darkest path will lead you astray
You fear the soil drifts, don't get lost along the way
I've been drowning my sorrow for lone
And crawl up on your crucifix until I'm strong
My constant struggling, my self defence
The worth of life, my last chance
In times of despair still no one really cares

3. In The Hope Of A Dream

You keep your sorrow
You travelled far and wide
Visions appear but cast aside
Locked in the heart of your suol
Trapped inside the cold
As you can feel the hollow
I can reach the cold
All my memories have died in the hopes of a dream
As this unknown feeling is surrounding me
Against my belief
You're crawling up my spine
In a man dimension of time
The spark to flame inside
Like shadows in your mind
To keep myself away from you
Where I belong to tell me the truth
For a moment in time, my soul got torn apart
Still no one knows, you seal the pain in my heart

4. Death Has Come

What do we see and who's to blame
I'm ripped, I burst at the seams
There's nothin' new where do they come from
Bringin' me down to my knees
You turn my fears into your needs
Visions of hate just keep me alive
So many words lost in time
Right on the edge between death & life
How we feel inside
Screams arise from ancient halls
Where no one dares to stand beside
When death has come into your dreams
Where memories are ripping you from my mind
What was said to come stirring you dream
You hear the screaming, it's all the same
Before the thread disappears
I wonder how you can pretend yourself
Blood soaks and hides your tears
Gathered all your answers & learn to let go
Not easy to drown in this life
Sheds that skin from my face
I'm the destroyer of life

5. Inside The Cast

There's no need to be so frightened
Of those wicked games we play
Unable to find a stand or grip
As you still go astray
All you see are pictures of rape
All the hopes are passing your mind
You try to stay awake
One minute to run, ten seconds to take
Rise to the place for what it takes
Open up the doors, find what awaits
Haunting for soul, will you die at last
Forever you dwell inside the cast
Tumblin' walls no shadows near
No one inside, can betray your fears
Ask yourself what's the purpose of life
Step back from where you started ... to become alive

6. No Final Words To Say

Don't talk about humanity
If there's nothing good this way
You think of me but I'm out of sight
While I'm fallin' through this hole in my mind
Don't want to share those memories
As daylight waits while you walk away
You meet me where darkness meets the brightest light
As we walk through the shattered night
We chase the wind like future from the past
But all the lights have died, seems like I'm the last
Got no feelings left inside
Nothin' left, nowhere to hide
There're no final words to say
But something's coming over me
It's more than any eye can see
These final words, lost in fantasy
When we touched the sun and went back on our way
You better pray for all the rules I disobey
How many times does right go wrong
I'm waiting for the storm still standing here alone
I've taught to call this pain my friend
Poisoned blood runs thru my veins
But I live again

7. Towards The Light

All of the pain is ending now
I'm here with both feet on the ground
This will only drag me down
When silence is falling, so quiet no sound
I can't remember what to do
I can't stop comin' after you
Walking on the trail of tears
There's something that I can't forget
I'm facing now my darkest fears
No one leaves tonight
I'm heading towards the light
You hear the words but now you're gone
When everything's said and done
I'm trapped inside my own philosophy
And tried to become a man of dignity
So now you quest all the tears you shed
And cast aside to born the dead

8. Ancient Prophecies

One by one we drift away
Side by side we suffocate
Eye to eye we loose our faith
Step by step we enslave the hate
Will you ever find a way?
In circles we walk, in circles we talk
Will you ever fall from grace?
And generate the echoes in your mind
All those broken dreams I've seen
All our ways and views were wrong
Sleeping deep down left behind
Intuition's running up your spine
All the mysteries drift away
Like in ancient prophecies
In this world you've done me wrong
For all the fears you came from
But no one understands you ways
Of your ancient prophecies
What disappears like a steam
Slips through my fingers and passes me by
There's nothin' close to what we have done
Whenever we hit the ground
All the memories we're caught in
Way deeper than before
All those broken dreams I've seen
When all the walls are closin' in

9. Lost But Found

After the war is gone
You only seal the one
I hide all my secrets in
And everything I've ever seen
You speak the truth but I pass you by
Cause you can't take away my soul
And you will never understand the pain
Will you ever hold the fire and close the eyes
Turn around and I take you to the ground
'Cause I'm lost but found
They forced me to stand tall
Right behind the wall
But soon the walls are closing in
Fear what tomorrow brings
All that I've ever seen
Got lost in my memory

10. Lies

Oh, you think you know all about it
You try to hide without it
The brightest sun did burn you blind
Where darkness dies, there's nothin' to find
All I do is summon you name
You hear my words, you're trapped in my game
As it runs right through my hands
When we're old maybe we'll understand
Because of what we are, this is a high price to pay
How can I deny my fears for being led astray
I hide the truth to find my way
And wearing someone else's face
I turn away but I can't hide
I'm caught inside a world of lies
Don't you go and you will see
Eyes forever closed, find your reality
If all seems lost and you can't find
You keep things in the ruins of my mind


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