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"Symbols" (1998)

1. Scream Of People
2. What Can I Do?
3. Hard Feelings
4. Save My Soul
5. Like Mars
6. Love Through The Night
7. Rest In Paradise
8. You
9. Eyes In Flames (bonus)
10. The Traveler (bonus)

1. Scream Of People

Dreams about happiness, cry and pain
I'm waiting for a reaction from somebody

All people are screaming, now I can't hear you voice
All people are feeling, they don't have many choice
All people are dreaming, about a better world

So many ways to drop him down
Conviction made aware
This pain is hard and burst my heart
Infecting all our hope

This I will always have
Sometimes I want to die

2. What Can I Do?

Lonely nights again
Suddenly your face has disappeared
In front my eyes

The light that cheers my soul
Fill in the emptiness of my heart
My pride stays alive

I don't believe in love no more
I can't release my emotions
So now it's time to open all the doors
Across the fear
I feel that I can win

I wanna live
I wanna fly
To recover all my dreams
High like an eagle
Eagles flying to the sky
So long
I need to find again my hope

3. Hard Feelings

I hope to live more to take care of you
I can wonder why to me is not enough
I was living without reason, when I saw you
You changed my mind and soul,
You changed all my life

I have no choice
I must close my eyes
To give all my love
Don't be afraid

It's always the same
I lost my mind
And when the night falls I try to keep the faith
Someday I will know what you really mean
I need to find someway I gotta have you

I dream all the time
I wanna make you happy
Always by my side
Always together
It's a hard felling (that) I can't understand
Now doesn't matter, I'm ready to move on
It's a hard feeling (that) I can't understand
It's unfair, but together we can win

4. Save My Soul

Can you remember about the promise you've made me
I'm trying to find out, a clear way
Help me to get out of this darkness I'm scared
I swear that I don't wanna do it for bad

Help me, save me, I can't cry anymore
Save my soul

Open my eyes and tell me what I must do
Guide me to away, I could survive
All what I feeling in my heart is sadness and pain
Everything in my life is so strange

Help me, save me, I can't cry anymore
To set me free, I'm sorry, I can't open this doo

Trying to fly with my mind and soul
To the sky, save my soul
One more time, I can't support this lies
In my life, save my soul

5. Like Mars

In the name of the Lord, somebody would say
But they've never excuse their blamed hearts
They never mind about life they never mind about death
You know life always seems just like steps
Sometimes I wonder about the distant future
All I can see's just darkness and pain
The sky is the limit, the limit of what
This fucking World's near of it's end

In the name of the Lord, somebody would say
But they'd never excuse their blamed hearts
Never mind, never mind it will never happen again
I will kill someone

The money and the power, the couple of death
Are always letting people down to ruin
No matter we try, no matter we try
They do come back over and over again
I cannot believe. I can't understand
People are trying to destroy our World
I know they can do. I know they will do
They are planning to live on the Moon

But we could save our World
We don't have to be like Mars
We owe this to our children
They have an entire life to pass through
Do not destroy
Do not pollute
It must not have been right
So forever, goodnight

6. Love Through The Night

How could I try to forget you
If I can't stop loving you...
I've been waiting for so long darling
And I coudn't leave you now

Our lives are so together
And for you we are just friends...
I can tell you my devotion
'Cause I'm begging for your love

My life is all yours,
My love is all yours,
My life's all yours,
The love's all yours,
That I just can't do it now...

Baby you must be mine tonight
I can't wait you anymore
'Cause my heart is crying hard for you
We must make love all the night
In my life, I just loved one time
And I'm sure it must be you
And now, I will invite you to...

Make love through the night…

7. Rest In Paradise

Imagine the future
I don't like what I see there
From eastward to westward
Destruction desolated us all

Just hating and raging
Feel up there desperate minds
Not taking, just giving
Would it be the best way

Not keeping, just sharing
Maybe just I'm a dreamer...

Devastating everywhere
The judgement day came through
But on contrary of what we thought
The evil where left behind
All yours tears keep falling down
But no one really seems to care
All the sinners paid by staying alive
But now the blessed rest in paradise

I tried to forgive the things you've done
Maybe you don't believe but I tried so hard
I know these days are gone, but they don't let me go
I just can't believe in the shits we've done

8. You

Now I have a lot of time
To remember all I saw
Of reality that will never be back

Fine, my hands did all my wishes
I've done all I could for pride
But I didn't think, where it would take me on

Time, I feel there's no time
Great soul is in the other side
The only one i didn't try to save
Truth and Guiltlessness don't die
Somewhere they will survive
So their meaning will shine making sense again

Cry! My World has disappeared
I'll never see the sky
And my heart it was so hard it was so hard
Like a stone

But, I still feel hope inside
The illusion on my mind
And now I'm thinking of the meaning again
Light! The flash lights in my heart
Great feelings deep inside
In my mind I see the World
Like a crowd

Life! The nature will never die
I can see another day
In my heart I feel the Earth
Like a soul

9. Eyes In Flames (bonus)

Look at the sky and tell me what you see ?
Warplanes flying to kill the enemy
In the name of their fatherland

People are dying everywhere
All the difference we can't forget
Allienation we can't allow

If we try to save the world
And change towards a new curse
(What's the meaning of the signs)

There's no time we've change our minds
Turn life into a dream

In the streets the danger is near
Furious people kill themselves for fear
The wickedness will rule the man

Life became a hell 'cause of the greed
(I can't believe, why do they it?)

I think they will never change

Just war, just pain
Look out
Afraid, so many lies
No doubt
The flames in their eyes
Reveal the caos
The order is unreal

10. The Traveler (bonus)

Days always begin
With the breath
In the circle of form
Everything returns to preset

And since the first day
When I planted the dream's grain

I saw the birth of sea of hope
To meet the shore

Look around!
What can you see?
Now look beyond!
To find your dreams

The sun dance with the trees
Their music is the wind

We're drifting in the sea of madness
Just let it be

Pass through the gate
The gate of the reason
Into a dream
The traveller


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