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Call To The End

"Call To The End" (2001)

1. Introduction
2. Eyes In Flames
3. Power Machine
4. Call To The End
5. The Traveler
6. Introspection
7. Save Africa
8. Stop The Wars
9. Sons Of Lord
10. Everything I Want

1. Introduction

2. Eyes In Flames

Look at the sky and tell me what you see ?
Warplanes flying to kill the enemy
In the name of their fatherland

People are dying everywhere
All the difference we can't forget
Allienation we can't allow

If we try to save the world
And change towards a new curse
(What's the meaning of the signs)

There's no time we've change our minds
Turn life into a dream

In the streets the danger is near
Furious people kill themselves for fear
The wickedness will rule the man

Life became a hell 'cause of the greed
(I can't believe, why do they it?)

I think they will never change

Just war, just pain
Look out
Afraid, so many lies
No doubt
The flames in their eyes
Reveal the caos
The order is unreal

3. Power Machine

Happiness is something
People hardly achieve

In this perfect Babel 's Tower
All this rottenness makes me sick

You are living in ambition
And you don't have regret

It just stinks and don't you notice?
All this greed is in your veins!

But all could change
Start with you!
You could really change
With this we can go on!

Can you feel this madness?
The power is blinding and killing!
Can you feel this sadness?
So you will pay for never more!

Happiness is in your mind
And you must believe

In this perfect union of power
All the hope must still remain

We live in this same fucking place
And you musn't forget

Our miracles are our magic
And with them we'll reach our aim

Can you feel this madness?
The power is blinding and killing!
Can you fell this sadness?
So you will pay for never more!
Can you feel this happiness?
If you can give you can earn it!
Can you feel this success?
It's the name of dictated game!

4. Call To The End

Arise destroyer!
It's the call to the end

By the force and the religion
Has born the evil again

But through the stars
The dream remain's
You don't fade away

Over here althrough these wars
We must be strong and keep fighting on

Please don't run away
We've got a lot work to do
To keep us feeling alive
Would it be a dream come true?

The vew millennium will come
And it must not be doomed
And the will of ahnging must be
Inside of you

5. The Traveler

Days always begin
With the breath
In the circle of form
Everything returns to preset

And since the first day
When I planted the dream's grain

I saw the birth of sea of hope
To meet the shore

Look around!
What can you see?
Now look beyond!
To find your dreams

The sun dance with the trees
Their music is the wind

We're drifting in the sea of madness
Just let it be

Pass through the gate
The gate of the reason
Into a dream
The traveller

6. Introspection

Come with me into the mirror's place
Look yourself, see your face
Get out of here and fly high in your mind
Where are you, search and find

Only you can make your way
Only you can try again
Your heart and your soul
Together will protect you, my friend

Turn of the lights and see your self inside
Who are you?
Is any pride?

Dreams and reality in the same frame
Trust in you!
Scream your name!

The days will come to make your hope return

The days will come to make your heart feel
What's more trust
Believe yourself forever
Or you'll have begin again

7. Save Africa

Can you think about it?
Children dying everyday
They can't get their away (Africa)

How can we close our eyes?
Leave out their dreams and broken hearts
They don't have a chance living in misery

Sometimes I turn the TV on
And I feel like screaming
Many people just like me
Wait the time to fade away

Can you think about it?
A child cries for one day more
Cries with all her faith (dream on)

They don't deserve it
And die without a hope to survive
We have to believe and save Africa

People in the hole world that nothing can about it
Try to help and bring their hope again
Man of power turn thir back and kill in the silence
People must forget them and go on

8. Stop The Wars

We are living the age of the stars
We are trying to find our salvation
We are going to live on Mars
We are leaving the light to dark!

No feelings
No scruples
We've gotta change our minds

Remember the profecy:
"Black Sun, Blood Rain, Fire Sky"

Please stop the wars
Peace on and on
Please stop the wars

We have no one reason to be proud of
The future is bad
Science studies other kinds of life
And we forget ourselves

It's time to wake up
Time for union
Time to break the walls

Why so many questions and no answers?
Why so many tears?
All the signs are in front of our eyes
But we can't see it there

9. Sons Of Lord

In this junk room
The Golden Statue shines
In the middle of the night

In this lonely room
Forgotten Gods woke up
They wanna their revenge

Sons of Lord
Do you know what it means?
The faith is a gift and a dream
And just you can know it

But we always could come back to Lord
And He will set us free from the curse

The Gods curse will come
And the end is near
There's no way out

In this hopefull room
I beg peace to them
I don't wanna die

10. Everything I Want

So many times you tried to let me know
That for so long I'm out of your shore
So this time I'm gonna let you go
'Cause honey, I don't want you more

I met a girl who really turns me on
She's so hot
Just one more look I'm waiting for
She teases me right on the spot

Hot lips, long legs
She's got everything you don't
So smart, so pretty
She's got everything I want

It's really boring being with you
And that's the reason I'm getting out
You turned my life a real mess
Oh shit! I'm getting crazy with you!

I met a girl and now I just think of her
I must confess I felt in love
She's just so perfect, I can't believe!
A greek godness walking on the streets


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