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Dreams of Escape

"Dreams of Escape" (2004)

1. Intro
2. Disease
3. One Day
4. Something Like Home
5. Cover me
6. Fading Slowly
7. Menda City
8. Dreams of Escape
9. Without a Name
10. Unborn
11. Birgerinitiative (Hidden Track)

1. Intro

2. Disease

Iím reaching out for salvation, reaching out for something new

but Iíll never be so perfect, assimilated just like you

Iím not here in this world to be what you want me to be

Doesnít life owe me?

donít I deserve some time (for myself)?

I wanna take you down into the deepest black

where the sun will never shine

And I hate all the people, every single one

they wonder why they canít see clearly but theyíre staring at the sun

and I hate all the sinners, and I hate all the saints

they wonder why they feel so weak but they got poison in their veins

Iím a stranger to myself, I feel guilty all the time

I canít change all the things, all the pain and misery

but ainít this still better than total apathy

I just canít love you anymore

I just canít live life anymore

I just canít pray for you anymore

I just canít see disease anymore

©by Sylent Green

3. One Day

What is left to tell about

just a few more wasted words

spoken now, forgotten next

and I feel so unimportant

Life is too short to live it for somebody else

don't waste your time with useless conversation

I wish I could live my life this way right now

again and again I ask God for something like salvation

Will my prayers be answered

will my prayers be answered

will my prayers be answered

one day

Time is marching on and on

showing no feeling, no mercy

words will never last forever

today's words are gone tomorrow

I know what is right and I know what is wrong

but what I do is not what I want or what I think

my life runs through time and pulls me through

somewhere between now and then must be some missing link

©by Sylent Green

4. Something Like Home

So much has been said, so much has been done

and itís hard to realize that the past is forever gone

we still sing the same old happy songs, but they lost their meaning

some time ago we felt untouchable, today we just feel nothing

After all we headed nowhere

after all IĎm still alone

and between hope and despair

I found something like home

I want to throw my hate on the world, but it all comes back to me

is anyone of us really free or do we live in our own slavery

did I really think that my life is a road to the promised land

that road that seemed so long and bright is only a dead end

I close my eyes and I fall

I canít trust myself anymore

what keeps me from going under

in oceans without a shore

©by Sylent Green

5. Cover me

You're living in a dream and you're afraid to be awake

the truth that awaits you there would be too hard to take

you love the child who will hate you one day

and you trust the ones who will always betray

You will love me the best you can

my halo shows who I am

everything I speak is true

I wanna see belief in you

You see the fear even if you close your eyes

you never feel alive because you know that everything dies

Will ove always find a way? It's just a phrase

coz love has betrayed you in so many ways

Cover me in innocence

cover me in beauty

cover me in your blood

cover me, cover me, cover me

born as your new prophet is what I wanna be

tell me who's the greatest one

tell me that it's me

tell me who do you obey

born as your new prophet is what I wanna be

Believe in me, I speak the words of God

don't say you're well on your own coz you're not

©by Sylent Green

6. Fading Slowly

Weíve never been alive, never been awake

trapped in a coma calles existence

take all the empty space of eternity

and try to fill it with sense

weíve got placebos which make us feel healed

but they just make us even sicker

TV, religion, government pull our strings

and we wonder why it tastes so bitter

Nothing is like it seems

I have seen the truth in my dreams

now I feel my own vulnerability

now I feel worlds crumbling down in me

Sacred lives

sacred lies

leading us into decay

sacred words

sacred hurts

let us die every day

Slowly fading away

You say you want another life but not your own

you think this could satisfy you

no destiny, live life to end it fast

no control, there is nothing you can do

the light of your star is burnt out forever

faded away from the sky

your angel has fallen down from heaven

I have seen him die

©by Sylent Green

7. Menda City

Surburban lifestyle paradise

A green oasis made of lies

Beautiful people plastic brains

Cloned opinions bloodless veins

Youíre too stupid just to be

Youíre so simple just like me

Youíre too fragile canít you see

Welcome to Mendacity

One religion one true god

One opinion and one plot

Human beings who believe

Weakwilled robots who receive

Youíre too stupid just to be

Youíre so simple just like me

Youíre too fragile canít you see

Welcome to Mendacity

Fit the system donít resist

Thereís no sense in raising your fist

No true feelings or desires

In world thatís ruled by liars

Youíre too stupid just to be

Youíre so simple just like me

Youíre too fragile canít you see

Welcome to Mendacity

©by Sylent Green

8. Dreams of Escape

Iím so bored, my soul is too tired to see

I stand alone against the shadow of my life

Everything collapses, thereís nothing left for me

There comes the end of this day, the end of my strife

Haunted by the things for which I wait

Nothing lives in my weak heart but dreams of escape

Now my worldís falling to pieces

just some wasted years and shattered dreams

I donít love myself anymore

and I guess nothing will ever change

Iím not sure

how can I be sure

The sky has changed its colour

Into something I donít know and donít want to

I never believed in what people said

And now I even donít believe myself

Iím not sure
How can I be sure

©by Sylent Green

9. Without a Name

Breathing in, breathing out Ė death encloses

Now youíre a star, now youíre not Ė this is showbiz

People come and people go Ė born without a future

Stupid, numb, assimilated Ė just the way you are

Forgiveness, forgiveness

Pray for forgiveness

You are disposable as anybody else

Hell is here, hell is on Earth Ė weíve built it ourselves

Help me to survive this Ė here where decay dwells

One by one theyíre going down Ė they can never be free

Lifeís not sweet, life is no candy Ė as it is on TV

©by Sylent Green

10. Unborn

Every time I want to disappear

Every time I want to be like them

You tried to change the world

But you ruined it instead

The past will always follow

The grief is still alive

It all has become so weak and hollow

The unborn always survive

Nothing is so simple

Nothing is like you said

You tried to save the world

But you just saved yourself

©by Sylent Green

11. Birgerinitiative (Hidden Track)

Heute habí ich eine Katze überfahren

Ich fühlte mich dabei wie Gott

Wo einst vier Pfoten und ein Köpfchen waren

Sind jetzt nur noch vier Kilo Kompott

Ich dachte mir ĄDas reicht noch nichtď

Bei mir gilt ĄFrauen und Kinder zu erstď

Denn Du bist hier jüngstes Gericht

Wenn Du sie einfach überfährst

Niemand entkommt meinem Zorn

Ich gebí Euch das volle Brett von vorn

Denn ich bin flink wie ein Wiesel

Mit meinem Polo Turbodiesel

In mir kocht die blanke Wut

Da seit fünfundachtzig alles scheiße ist

Nur was ich mag ist wirklich gut

Nenní mich doch Musikfaschist

Es gibt Leute die das anders sehen

Meine Meinung wollen sie nicht akzeptieren

Sie werden es aber schon verstehen

Wenn sie unter einer Tonne VW krepieren

©by Sylent Green


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