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Wraths of Time

"Wraths of Time" (1995 EP)

1. Wraths Of Time
2. Upon blood And Ashes
3. Conspiracy - Preview
4. Outro

1. Wraths Of Time

...And the stars give only light to my eyes
Watching a quest within the trident's lines
To magically enrich my spirit with torment
And put the stones in the empire's throne
Fjelds towers aloft tall at my sides
- Enslaved in the dominion of damnation
The snow lies deep and i fight my path through...
...Damned fields and freezing works of doom

"Thou art superior - Death's Warrior...
You one begotten Son of Steel"

...Echoed once to me kingly voices
- The entombment and baptisal of my soul

"For in the prophecy of the eldest time it is written
In the very book of shadows"

...And ehereupon my rusty sword is drenced in tears and blood
- Bathed in the torment of thousands of souls

Midnight for years then years and again and again
tears to bring and bring from man
Hundred dark decades to wander, so many hundred more times
Times to wander within the Triad's lines
...Age after age in tragedies, Dominion

...And the towers of the kingdom seeks higher now
As Tragedies' Dominion's flag dances free
Witnessing in victory the fleeing race of centuries
Sorrow and the great perfection in death
Under icy metallic skies Satanic lands spreads
Darkness brings the deeds of hatred
And in these snowbathed and monumental reins
Triumphs return with an iron fist!

This torn page of death, a page from the Book of Shadows
Forever to be...
Under rapt eyes of baphomet

Music by Night June - Sept. 1994
Lyrics by Whiplasher Oct. 1994

2. Upon blood And Ashes

Deepening nights seek across heaven's vaults
Now watch the scapes draped in Darkness
And with the new wind came fright to the lands
...Like a crying angel, devoured by poisonous clouds

...Under the brightening Pleiades gather
To haunt the penetralia of light and life
- An eternal journey in seasons of doom
- So arrive on monumental Death
....Under skies bleeding bloody juice
- The hunger for empyrean drew hearses
through the lands
Under the signs of times yet to come
Hear chanting cosmic songs

...And Pythonic powers reburn the everlasting wrath
In every spirit so hungry for flesh and Death
To structure the poison for heavens eyes
- Thrusting a serpents venom nexus to our rise

A wolf-herde's journey sworn since
superlansyne times
Draws near as the genesis of the structure opens
No palladium could ever bear the rage
Which burns as an allpowerful element of Evil here

Possessed by wrath, Obsessed by Death
New arts riding seasons of doom
Upon blood and ashes...darkness and fire
Under the flappering wings of ravens and vultures
- prepare for Death

3. Conspiracy - Preview

4. Outro


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