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Bloody Crown

"Bloody Crown" (2006 Demo)

1. Prepare The Battlefield
2. My Black Nightmare
3. Bloody Crown
4. Perish In Catacomb
5. The End

1. Prepare The Battlefield

I have waiting since long time
Vision Of destruction unveil my mind
Chaos and perversion haunt my night
I am ready to begin the battlefield

The clash begin, war stratting corpse pile up for thousand milion
Cross turned sign of defait breeve the smell of death
The clash begin, war stratting corpse pile up thousand million
Wrath breeving , sexe humid let’s orgy go up in your head

Rape the banner of the light , destroy , kill all life
Rape the banner of the light , kill them all , one by one …

Your right now , is in my power
Here you live in shower
Leave your symbol, show the way of hell

The Hord of legion wait
Assault come nearly
You are slave for decenie reign

Body flesh are on the side
Decomposite corpse lay on the ground
Blood cover mountain of ice
I see the scare into their eyes

2. My Black Nightmare

My black nightmare begin on the night
Demons of falling strom enter on my mind
My black nightmare are more night by night
Vision of decadence wake up me all time

My black nightmare are living on my side
Crime and suffering haunt my dream
My black nightmare….

They have decide to ruined my life

Life of emptiness schizophrenic torture
Way of deviance impossible future
Mental deficient asylum preasure
My day are sick and my Life nocturn

They have decide to ruined my life
Torture ....mental…

No one help me, i’m proch of the suicide
I want sleeping but they enter on my mind
Thousand voices whisper horror
Insomnie , crazy , pert of control..

3. Bloody Crown

Scars of Jesus Christ make it the blame of child
Make it the blame of god
Wound of laceration before crucifixion
Make it the blame of son of god

The way of penitence do in silence
The crown is fixing on the head of the king

Into his eyes , I see the lies , I see the pain
Before his kindness I see the madness to control human race
Before his tears , I hear his scream like a pig
Spit on his faith lance on it be humanity reject his reign

A long pain for a judgment, heaven tear’s flow on his head
Many blown deforme your face your corpse live but yours soul his dead
On your crosses you pray in vain ..nobody listen your pain
You wait a sign and crawl comes you dream fall in mains

4. Perish In Catacomb

Alone in a catacomb , slave of the time
Surround by the putrescence and a pack of rats
The skull fixing on a side show your destiny
The night wake up the death and take your breeve

You are shut away for ever
The time represent your last hours
The flame unlight your coffin
Pray your safety is nothing

You perish in catacomb
Noboby see your tomb
You perish in catacomb
Nobody see your fucking tomb

5. The End

When the ground way out under your foot
When the night not will the moon
When the sun burn your chair without death
You are proch of the end

World funeral , coming soon with apocalypse
World of disease bring the smell of death

I cry
Emptiness is cause of murder
World died
Death take the smell of flower

A world of madness a part of humanity is the final
Way of darkness drive mens to the abyss for endless


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