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Oriental Hell Rhythmics

"Oriental Hell Rhythmics" (2001)

1. Conquerors of the Apocalypse
2. The Darkness Against Light
3. To Reach Out for Eternity
4. Satan's Malicious Fire
5. Blasphemous Beast Rising
6. Paradise's Brothel

1. Conquerors of the Apocalypse

Hell's comrades! We're the conquerors from the black land - are you ready for battle?
All children of God will suffer greatly from this unholy war
All saints will be seized - their heads cut off
God will then be the first one to be my slave in Hell
My children of the Apocalypse will rape all fairies
The land of heaven will be covered with a huge black cloud

We'll take fire from Hell and set this holy place ablaze
God will be no more from this war
We'll be victorious and generate a new age of fire
God can not survive from our infernal searing swords
The bright land will be suddenly darkened
Commandments set forth in the Bible will then be eliminated
And I'll be the first one who'll sacrilege the Virgin Mary
We will celebrate the greatest victory
All divinities will come to praise me
Satan will be a new strong symbol
And my sins will return to power... forever

My Master, my king! Let us bring on the Apocalypse. Fucking come on!

Fuck! God's armies, are you ready to fight with us? In your cowardice, you flee - fucking flee!
But you will not escape. My forces are great and you will now be my slave
The fire of my malice will burn down the heaven
Satan's sin will become the new Bible, which spreads its influential rule to everywhere
My followers who are eager for devastating war
You seem to be waiting for this battle for much too long
Our Satanic horde will not suffer a loss - We trust our Lord of sin
Let us conquer the Holy Land

2. The Darkness Against Light

Over two thousand years of historic time the Creator has been powerful
The Creator who pronounces that if Men worship him they will live eternally
On the contrary. Men have been dragged into pain and humiliation
Poverty, demolition and strugling for making their living outside Satan's rules
Thee just indulged thyself under his words and stuck with them
If the Creator really exists why he has tortured mankind - to be humiliated
Life is only dust in the eyes of the Creator, as denoted to thee, the Creator is devastator of mankind
When he is without vision to rule, it's time for a change to come
Satan is ready to supercede this role
In the name of the Prince of Darkness, I shall dispel this Creator for you
It's time for a turn, we shall see the other side of the Universe - Hell!
Entering the time of immoral life forever
Clouds on the sky will turn dark and darkness will enshroud the light
The dark forces shall destroy Christian filth
The remaining time for human life shall suffice thee to beg for the forces of Hell!
The power of darkness shall embrace and empower us
It's the special creation only Satan can proffer to mankind
It's the winning touch of darkness against light

3. To Reach Out for Eternity

Crucify me. If my faith is blind
If it sets me free. Never believe in the light

The Bible turns it inside out
With his thousand toxic lies, my soul is tortured

Try to close this pitiful life to reach out for eternity
Where is the darkness? - it's infinity
Escape the Holy Spirit who has died - To reach out for eternity
My lord's power is beyond the horizon - without faith in suffering
Without souls in sanctuary
Anthems of domination are like blood flowing from my eyes
I know I can't deal with the light

Until the Blackness shadows the sky. I know I can tear away the light

4. Satan's Malicious Fire

When the paradise is burned
We will be back. The land, which known as Heaven
Your time is out - Jesus who influences the world
The legend has been disclosed and the story is notorious
God who has claimed himself as being pure
I am one who does not believe it
I realize that you do not believe it either
Eden's garden is false
And it'll be burnt down by Satan's malicious fire
Wash out the holiness with my sins
Fresh wounds will appear on God
They'll penetrate deeper where no light has ever been
And at that time the cross will be the symbol of sins

Praise your malice
Condemn Jesus, the cheater
Respect your sins
Get rid of all commandments
I, by the name of sins will replace the heaven
We'll tear all divinities and force them to be our slaves
We're the releasers of all of mankind's sins
By the power of Lucifer - He who is above the fallen icon

This land used to be mine
But God has pretended by changing your mind
Creating many fucking falsehoods
Changing his image to be respectful
But I am the one who has been betrayed - my story distorted
It created the worst perception of my image
Made up things by distorting the facts and then generated legends promoting himself as the divine one
I now return, Jesus. Be back to take the throne you have been sitting in.
No more time for you, Jesus. Satan will be the new legend of the world.

5. Blasphemous Beast Rising

Coming up from the disaster of the world
Enter into the land of darkness - full of death
The entrance is covered in blood
Stepping on skulls under feet

Coming up from the disaster of the world
Enter into the land of darkness - full of death
Such walking proceeds the suffering of everything
The darkness is still by our side
Our arms of fire will set heaven ablaze
The bell's death knell will be the last sound to be heard

The suffering souls look like a dark cloud
Every death is the eternality of mine
Back to the Motherland - full of moaning wind
Back to the land of purity without prophetic deeds
The moaning sound will howl like the wind
Ash is the surface of the ground, on which I am stepping

6. Paradise's Brothel

Sorrow of vitality to lose what you desire
You have happiness in blind, frigid and unresponsive eyes
Humiliation of everything - just to see
All disciples of blind men worship the Holy Spirit of a bitch
Asexual in your passions unleashed through destruction
The loyalty of mankind will be crushed - she just laughs
Under the crimson moon, I'm ready for saturnine powers
In the beauty of darkness, the diabolical gate will open again - fucking again!
Screaming of greed in a kingdom possessed by pain
Master of the Hammer is looking for you
With the black flame of Satan you scream in pleasure
Master of Madness embraces you until you're burnt to dust
By the power of fire and lord of darkness, I'd bind you in the sexual sin of Eternal Hell
By the power of black magic from the unknown
A bitch and her son will be detained in the dark land forever
We wish you despair! Mary - you're fucking damned!!!


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