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Manifest Blasphemy: The Abortion of the Immaculate Conception

"Manifest Blasphemy: The Abortion of the Immaculate Conception" (2006)

1. Manifest Blasphemy
2. Consecration of the Heathen Messiah
3. Deglorification of the Dogs
4. (Tale I) Satanic Storm
5. (Tale II) Rise of the Possessed Ones
6. (Tale III) The Apocalyptic Catharsis

1. Manifest Blasphemy

Man - Weakened by Perpetual Thought
That Servitude to a Savior
And Devourment of Body and Blood
Grants Eternal Life in a Kingdom Façade

Those Who Once Thought Protected From Above
Look in Horror to a Sanguine Sky
Empty Promises of Heaven Brought Ascension
Now Replaced by Apocalyptic Warriors of Death

The Sigmartyred Being
Once Thought Holy Conceived
Forever to be Immortalized
As Victim of Eternal Suffering

Manifest Blasphemy - Inevitable Rise of the Beast
The Forging of a Satanic Victory
Aborting the Immaculate Conception
Decimated Lies Unto Eternity

Demonic Assassins Set Forth From Infernal Abyss
With Mission Commandeered by Blackest Hate
Obliteration of Earthly Treasures
Sets Forth Rise of Blasphemic Hordes

Weak Souls Who Searched in Vain
For Way to the Path of Righteousness
Forcibly Now Lead in Shackles and Chains
Into Damnation's Eternal Descent

Feeble Mortals - Souls Crushed
Belief in a Spirit Never to be
Damned Now to Suffer Endlessly
Never to be Granted Their Eternal Peace

From Immaculate Myth Said to be Born
To That Falsity Shall Return
An Impaled, Bloodied Figure
Who Upholds Man No More

Bestial Crowning in Truimphant Glory
Torrential Reign, Now for Eternity
Humanity's Hope for Salvation
Vanquished by Infernal Command

2. Consecration of the Heathen Messiah

beyond the stillness of the phantom cathedrals of black marble and stone
stood below everlasting grey skies, unchanged by the passing of each eon
past the pillared archways that sheath acidic rains from the towering obelisks
From within the blood-cemented avenue of bone, where looms a throned sphinx
there shone an eye of blistering lament, an effigy of sorrow increased tenfold
through tears shed beneath lowered veils unseen, tainted with amber and gold
dewed cysts of desolation, of a sage whose emprie is extinct, consigned to hereave
at the foot of the heretic prophet, kneeling before the blasphemer
who condemned the fools righteous for his own evil decree

Desecrate. Humiliate. Subjugate
your God of yesterday is dead
From the ashes shall rise an irreverent new Lord
Requiscat. Requiem. Amen

reaching into the spectral void, he weeps -
the illusory fables of traditional faith torn,
so bleak a chapter carved into humanity's smouldered remains,
for his followers were deceived and so it shall come to pass,
sayeth the law lain down by the dark apostates of old a creed ordained within
the lightless passages of the wayward harbinger's abode
while an elegy is sung in praise of the silent conqueror who denounced
the Falsely pious lord devoid of colour, or form, of substance and name,
the prophet leads forth his bestial hordes as sacrilege bleeds through paradise,
and the gateway crumbles to meet with death's tryst the saviour of mankind
is no more: crushed by the tyranny of the profane as he calls forth
the godless earth to descend into his own hellish abyss

Desecrate. Humiliate. Subjugate
your God of yesterday is dead
From the ashes shall rise an irreverent new Lord
Requiscat. Requiem. Amen

Demoniacal corruption of the subliminal crevices
assimilate the graven flames of hateful bliss
liaison between the heavens unravel and collide
to laws of primal craving and wrath you abide
solace denied in the burning
of thy spirit's wake
isolation. Flesh remains
of your false god forsake
denounce the holy myths
of yore, become a pariah
a banshee's dirge
for the reborn
heathen messiah

Requiscat. Requiem. Amen

3. Deglorification of the Dogs

Pariah Bastard Nation Hindustan
Born From the Sodomy of Cunt Krishna
Noble Aryan Blood so corrupt
By rabid Dravidian Dogs from the South
Uncircumcised, a pantheon of false gods
Proudly Worshipping the erected Penis of Unlord Shiva
Sodomize and Ravage the Anus of Durya
Om dhvesh, dhvesh, dhvesh....

Holy is the Stud of Nocturnal Worship
Bastard Saints, Bastard Sadhus
Adoration for the Blackened Cunt of Kali
Let's celebrate this Blasphemy with
an eternal orgy of Sodomy
Cast in flames the lies of Bhagavad-Gita

Let the Gay Devas Fuck each other in Vishnu's name
Bastard Mother, Bastard Child
Heavenly cum dripping like honey
The Sages and Swamis hesitate
not to drink with pleasure!
Cast in flames the unchaste Beast Ganesha

Transvestite God - Lord Vishnu
Reincarnates as half man, half bitch
Displaying proud, an ugly cock and cunt
Penetrated by Shiva's defamed lingam

Goddess Parvathi engaged by jealously
Took Shiva's diseased lingam, executing a blowfuck
Shiva's hellish cum all over Parvathi
Her hot wet cunt exploding with esctasy
Cast in flames her Spawn of Enlightened Brahmins

Pariah Bastard Nation Hindustan,
Thy Vedic Law propagates hell to all,
We piss on all Vedas in a storm of golden showers,
Decapitating your 20 rupee mother whore Vishnu,
Drag and feed her rotten corpse to the vultures
Embrace the dung, smeared across her forehead,
Blood and Excrement shall food your Temples
Om kruratu, kruratu, kruratu.....

4. (Tale I) Satanic Storm

No one was expecting them,
They started and won a way.... The War.

The thunder rumbled, the lightning struck
The sun was blood red when they appeared in the sky
Hideous demons invaded the horizon
Riding wild creatures, vomiting flames
At once people knew Hell was descending on Earth
The ancient fears aroused, Everywhere,
the human race could feel this supreme terror
The barbarian legions were the veil that
Death decided to throw upon mankind
No escape... They began the sacrificial genocide.

Immediate epidemics depleted Mother Nature...
The mighty forests were burnt to ashes by whirlwinds of fire.

Unbounded blasphemies to profane God's work were performed
The horde desecrated holiness till all faith was lost
And a hunt began, pitiless. No life has been spared, not any
Their master shouted to give orders
In this huge slaughter, torture was the only aim

Hideous demons made human beings die in pain
Urine was raining from the black clouds
Humiliating life was a kind of brutal game
Innocence was crushed with contempt
Happiness turned to agony
The infernal guide asked for orgies
Unknown perversions raped all that lived
Each living cell quickly disappeared

The entire world perished in the...
... Satanic storm.... Satanic storm....

Then the war ended, nothing was left
Except rotting flesh on a decaying planet
Hideous demons were feasting on these remains
The wind stopped blowing upon the bones
Before the last stage of the Great Armageddon
Everything died, for everything lived
Only the cursed souls are eternal

All the rest is destined to end in....
... The Satanic storm... Satanic storm....

Here is my story...
for I am the ruler of this hellish horde
I accomplished one of the prophecies...
for Satan is my father.

5. (Tale II) Rise of the Possessed Ones

Close to the swamps, the caves are
the place where I live with my disciples
We chose to stay away from
the Good and the Light, to hide in the dark
The fall of mankind, the Beast will soon be unleashed
We await the nightfall to hunt down
our preys and torture them to death
We sing incantations to create
nightmares that terrorize the weak
I command the souls of the dead for they are under my curse
And when the sun appears
the kill is over so we lair like werewolves
Fear reigns over the land
people pray to God, the one that ours slew
Now the world must feel our wrath!
Our intentions are as impure as a vermin
Since the mists of time, our kind prepares a battle
The very last one. It is the end of this mission
We convoke to Him!
As sons of the rebel angels, we seek revenge
Those mortal beings don't know
our quest nor our powers
Life's fate is about to be sealed, we shall truimph
An era of darkness shall rise... Rise!
We must reach the ultimate force
and we'll reach it tonight
All the spells have been cast

No turning back: the ceremony has now launched the apocalypse
No one will see the signs preached
by the book of lies: just pure destruction....
A chilling wind blows, he carries the breath of Death
The sun disappears as blood falls from the grey sky
Corpses are now out of their graves:
we've obtained the gift of resurrection
The living dead are seeking flesh:
the people they kill become zombies too
The world is feeling our wrath!
The nightmares we made are becoming reality
Legions of corpses are ravaging the lands with rage
Hurricanes of souls are possessing the believers
Vile creatures from Hell
are crushing all that lives on Earth
A violent disaster is quickly raping the toy of our King
The planet has become an immense altar where life is sacrificed
Satan can be proud of my work for I'm the chaos bringer
This intense suffering is a pure pleasure for our six senses
Life will soon be replaced by a nothingness
that bleeds from our souls
The mighty Armageddon is eating everything
Around us, all is decaying at a wild terrific rate
And this sphere that people called Earth will burst in pieces
Our body will perish with it but to Hell our souls will return
Back in my endless dimension, me and my disciples are hailed
I now sit at Lord Lucifer's left hand, close to his great throne
My kind will carry on searching for new forms of physical life
To erase them of the whole universe.... till the end of time

6. (Tale III) The Apocalyptic Catharsis

I have always been a lonely traveller
Caring for tomorrow is senseless to me
I am just waiting for my final hour
I believe in misanthropy

My poor life is so empty that
I have become addicted to pain
Enjoying my existence for its cruelty
I feel that I am surrounded by unimportance:
I've seen thousand places and all were loathsome
I can't understand why someone has created life:
I've met hundred people and I killed them all

In my dreams, images show that reality is decomposing:
A Messiah is here and only Death remains....

But suddenly, my head's going round, my sight's growing blurred....
Now I can feel a sweet shiver; weird but strong sensation
I'm on my knees.... The colours are gone, all is black and white....
Now I can hear these human yells I have always dreamed of

I know the next scene too:
Lots of people came, the terror shows in their face
They're running away
Something monstrous appears:
Cerberus the Dog, bringing winged Demons
with him from the path of Hell

Atrocious tortures have begun
The final spectacle starts here

It seems that someone has achieved my wishes!
Weak ones, I've seen your fate but now this is real
Listen to the Armageddon!
It's like a prophecy, which came true thanks to my soul....
Accept the evidence: I've been chosen by Satan!

My conscience is controlling the catastrophe
I shall annihilate this world for the infernal King
These sickening visions of horror purify
my spirit with emotional outbursts
The matter's vanishing:
The death of Earth I require
Ruling the elements
grim orgasms I can reach

But quickly, the silence is back
and the plant is wholly defaced
Images are distorted, agony has won
Forsaken and lost
I wander with only one aim:
To wait for the final disintegration
And I understand
the meaning of my impious life:
To win the war against
life and then to die
I'll suffer until my last breath
For my powers are consuming me
But great is my catharsis
I'll soon join my Lord


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