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Elements of Creation

"Elements of Creation" (2005)

1. Soulseeker
2. Spellbound
3. Dance of the Elements
4. King of Warriors
5. My Revenge
6. One More Promise
7. The Quest Part 1 (Instrumental)
8. Dawn of the Dead
9. Die In A Dream
10. The Bitter End

1. Soulseeker

Music: Tobias Wernersson & Chrille Andersson
Lyrics: Daniel Andersson

I am lost without a reason
Finding out no way
Now I see a nameless horror
Wrought of endless fear

Walk alone
through blackened shadows
Eternal grief is mine
I challenge hell's deepest fires
To claim what should be mine

Those dark times I feel in dismay
Seems there's only pain in my life
But I, I will not fall

I'll make a stand
King of this land
I'll be like fire in the night
Then you will know
This is your foe
I'll be like fire in the night
I don't need your cross of guilt
I am a fire in the night

Formless shapes of my own terror
See them point at me
Wretched foes, my silent jury
Sentence me to burn

Feels like I'm lost - have no soul
On this road, I walk alone
But I, I heed the call

SOLO: Tobias Wernersson

Believer, truth seeker
Cold eyes of pure mischief
Redeemer, storm bringer
In skies of black born of grief

Now I, I am immortal

2. Spellbound

Music: Tobias Wernersson
Lyrics: Tobias Wernersson

Standing alone in sorrow
Wake up now the smoke has cleared
Feels like there's no tomorrow
But no one can see your fear

Fight against the demons in your mind
You can feel it coming from behind

You'll see a light across the sky
If you surrender you will die
Never look back, remember you're on the run
No one but you can break the spell
Leaving your life a living hell
Follow the signs, away from the evil one
... Spellbound

Now when the world stopped turning
Got everything you desire
The armour of flames keeps burning
Your courage will fuel the fire

SOLO: Tobias Wernersson

3. Dance of the Elements

Music: Tobias Wernersson & Chrille Andersson
Lyrics: Daniel Andersson

Like a fire bursting, flaming skies are torn
Thunder strikes, echoes in the air
Through the mist of aeons, thousand souls are born
Minds awaken, thoughts are shaped, reborn

There are great powers in the air
And from the void, tranquility, itself unaware

Hear the voice, Desire
Echoes up from nothingness
Calling forth each power,
joined in a dance of elements
Hear them breed, come fire
Each one kind, earth, wind and rain
Swirl together in the dance of the elements

See the lady, the creator of all kind
See the void, molded by her hand
Universe is slowly swaying to the sound
Of her all wise nature, godly stature, profound

Mysteries growing in the night
Princess of time, in ecstasy,
riding through starlight

SOLO: Tobias Wernersson

4. King of Warriors

Music: Chrille Andersson
Lyrics: Daniel Andersson

Was born in a battle
Now he raises his weary head
Has fought for a lifetime
Mighty warriors stand ahead

Nowhere to run,
nowhere to hide
His enemies draw near
Time for the kill

He stands without anguish
Will not try to make amend
As long as his heart beats
He will fight until the end

He will not run
He will not hide
Clasping round the hilt…

Armour and steel
Bends by his will
Standing strong, and glorious
Bow for the might
Both day and night
Hailing the king of warriors

He flies like a shadow
Like a menace to his foe
No man stands against him
Or decides where he may go

Now they will run
Now they will hide
The slaughter's just begun…

SOLO: Tobias Wernersson

5. My Revenge

Music: Tobias Wernersson
Lyrics: Daniel Andersson

Winter morning and the sun is yet to wake
Pondering thoughts, I was alone out by the lake
In the distance I hear sound of horsemen ride
Followed by screams of pain,
as thousand men has died

Innocent blood has touched the ground
To its revenge I have been bound

If I am not back before the morning light
Remember my last thought was of you
Remember these words, as they are true
If I'm to die, then let thy will be done
I will revenge my father's blood
The guilty will stand before their god

SOLO: Tobias Wernersson
SOLO: Rille Svensson

I see my father, his body's stained with blood
Around twenty warriors, their faces in the mud
I will set out to repay this wretched crime
They're going to cry in pain,
the vengeance will be mine

6. One More Promise

Music: Tobias Wernersson
Lyrics: Tobias Wernersson

I search for shelter
in the shadows
Got my back against the wall
Since you walked away
You gave me one more
promise to break
Got to find my place in life
Then I'll be back again

I'm here all alone
Living in hope
When will I learn
I'm haunted by fear
Imagine what the
future will bring

I'm never giving in
Holding on forever
I'm stronger when I'm with you
One battle left to win
I'll fight it and I'd die for you
Until my dreams come true

I hear you calling out my name
Breaks the silence for a while
Know something must be wrong
In a sudden breeze
my blood running cold
Sending shivers down my spine
In a flash it all is gone

I'm still alone
Living in hope
I'll never learn
I'm haunted by fear
Knowing what the future will bring

Your life swept away
Like a castle made of sand in the wind
Now the night kills the day
I'm hiding in the shadows again

OLO: Tobias Wernersson

7. The Quest Part 1 (Instrumental)

8. Dawn of the Dead

Music: Daniel Andersson & Chrille Andersson
Lyrics: Daniel Andersson

SOLO: Rille Svensson

Prying eyes in the dead of night,
shadows walking unseen
People wonder with horror,
what this atrocity mean
Foul smell of the evil coming,
the forest silently moans
Creatures rising from down below,
to rip the flesh from your bones

I say you better believe it
The thing is coming for you

At the dawn of the dead
Wicked screams rip the silence
At the dawn of the dead
Screams of terror and violence

Holy water and crosses blessed,
oak sticks be gone
Only tongue the undead speak,
is the sound of the gun
Stand back let no one touch,
in hellish fire you'll burn
Ere sunrise, before the dawn,
of true horror you'll learn

If you could never believe it
Your soul has better be true

SOLO: Tobias Wernersson

9. Die In A Dream

Music: Chrille Andersson, Rille Svensson
& Tobias Wernersson
Lyrics: Nidas Shagul

Die, I'm dying in a dream
No one can hear my screams
Surrounded by a night I can't fight,
I could be caught here in eternity

My eyes are shut, and I fall to sleep
Not long before, it all starts again
The same nightmare, once more
If I don't wake up,
I'll be lost in eternity

The faces, the demons
Tearing me apart from inside
The whispers, the screams
Paralysing my terrified mind

SOLO: Chrille Andersson

Will I wake up at all,
or will I die before dawn
I can hear my reaper,
as I run for shelter
Closer, closer,
I can hear him breathe
Closer, closer, closer,
I can feel his scythe fly

10. The Bitter End

Music: Tobias Wernersson
Lyrics: Daniel Andersson

Born from silence,
bound for silence
There's no turning back
Why keep searching for
a truth you will not find
And end up in black

Life's like a bad charade where we
Are actors on the stage

I know, though we can't live forever
I'm staying 'til the bitter end
Still, if nothing is to stay until forever
What matter does the bitter end?

Mind's intriguing, soul's deceiving
Black shadows must be gone
From forever, 'til whenever
The show must go on

I'll play my part until the end
Until the curtains fall

SOLO: Tobias Wernersson


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