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"Danger" (2003)

1. Fallen Star
2. Heroes of our Lands
3. Danger
4. Until the End of Time
5. Save Me
6. Cruel Circle
7. Two Against Many
8. After Midnight
9. By Your Side
10. Never Surrender Alive (Acoustic - Live) (Japan bonus)
11. One Step Away (digipack bonus)

1. Fallen Star

He was coming from the cold
Didnít know where he was but a
purpose he had to follow
There was laughter all around him
People mocking his visions and
prophecies deemed as hollow

Then the sky crashed down
And the spheres collide
They would hide in fear
Feel the darkness near

Hey now, fallen star
Your soul was not meant to be free
Fire, across the sky
This time he knows itís for real
Hey now, fallen star
Breaking up seven seals
Fire, across the sky
This time he knows itís for real

Riding on through endless skies
On a steed pearly white as the
sun-sparkling mist of morning
With a mind set on just one mission
Save the earth from the void, be a
guardian of all thatís righteous

Then the sky crashed down
And the spheres collide
People hide in fear
Now the darkness is near

Struggling with the beast for an age
A final blow falls hard through his heart
Silently they fall to the ground
United, both as one, one as all

2. Heroes of our Lands

Into this world, without no fear
No one around to rely on
Daylight relieves, the secrets of tomorrow

Children will learn, hope will return
Guardians of hope will be stronger
Message from god, I will try to follow

You better listen to the preachers
Before the anger, and the rage takes over

No, there is no chance
When wind sweeps the land
Wipe out the footprints in the sand
Oh no, weíll never surrender
No, there is no chance
We will demand
We are the heroes of our lands
No, no, weíll never surrender

Seems like a dream, nothing will change
Shadows been hiding a danger
I will not rest, in presence of a stranger

Iím all alone, fearless I am
Angels wonít cry any longer
Soldiers who die, only make me stronger

With all your thoughts and faith around you
We are not broken, hear the angels call you

Rising faith within you
Freedom, strength will need you

In need of some piece, movement of faith
Words from those priests were my saviour
Now I can sleep, beside my guardian angel

Here I was born and raised to fight
This is my land here will I live and die

3. Danger

Iíve seen a sign, at the horizon
Iíve seen a dark shape in the midst
of night. You see the signs, but donít
believe them. Just heading forward
Ďtil the end of time

Watching as the distrust, spreading its
disease. Weíre dancing with the devilís
whore. Our world have gone insane,
this time weíve gone astray

Danger, danger
Weíve lost it somehow
Seems like weíre strangers
No matter what Iím still in love

You turn away, and keep pretending
The blackened seeds we plant will cease
to grow. Our soothing words, disguised as
comfort. In truth weíre aiming arrows at
our hearts

Nothing is forever, nothing will prevail
until end of time. I have to believe, we
can make it through. We have to see it
clearly, canít keep living on just day by day
Do you still believe, we can find a way

Danger, danger
Weíve lost it somehow
Seems like weíre strangers
No matter what Iím still in love, with you

4. Until the End of Time

Come a little closer
And let me feel your warmth
Feel your skin towards mine,
feel the passion burn inside
We are all that matters
Let us hide here for a while
You and I, and leave our worries,
all thatís bad behind

Cause tonight, you fulfilled my life
And tonight, I want to hold you so tight

So please donít leave without a sign
And please be here when sunlight
breaks at dawn
When the night walks on home
And if youíre scared of letting go
I will be waiting here forevermore,
right until the end of time

I have dreamed about you
Through lonesome endless nights
You were there beside me, even
though youíre far away
Through a stormy ocean
Through the pitch-black depths of time
I have sailed afar and nothingís ever felt
like home

But now your here, and fulfil my life
Youíre here tonight, I will hold on to you tight

5. Save Me

A soul is passing by
Pale voice calls out:
ĒDonít fear the fouler things
Beyond your dreamsĒ

No, donít look back
Just follow the path to the light

ďSave me, and bring me back to life
I canít hold on anymore
Save me, please save this wretched soul
Before the ravens are calling my nameĒ

Enchanting words seducing
Fail to hold back
Enslaved by wicked evil
Now a darkened soul

No, canít look back
The clear path is fading to black

6. Cruel Circle

Devoured by a beauty
Got no chance to escape
And a voice, calls from inside,
you canít run and hide
Iím keeping my distance
Donít want to intrude
Is it so, Iíd rather not fall,
than risking it all

Love, will find a way to lead you astray
Making you cry and beg for mercy
Love, will eat your heart, aim its cruel dart
Make you let go, but do you really want to know

Iím trapped in a circle
Wonít get out of this cage
I have reached the end of the line,
Iíll make her heart mine

She looks and then smiles at me
Her words stabs and leaves me in agony

A feeling of anger
A feeling of pain
I reach out, freeing my mind,
and leave all behind

The world keeps on turning
This heart will stay strong
Iíll go on, search for the one, Ďtil her heart is won

7. Two Against Many

Two men stand upon a solemn hill
The wind smell fresh before the storm
Fearís not present in their valiant minds
Thoughts on glory and to kill

Tonight, they wonít give up without a fight
They will revenge and show their might
Two against many, soon the victoryís won
Tonight, they wonít give up without a fight
They will revenge and show their might
Two against many, let the demons be gone

There wonít be no tales about this day
A silent prayer to his god
Battle evil in the form of snakes
Takes a will of steel to slay

8. After Midnight

My heart is on fire Iím burning
A storm in my mind
For all of your love I am yearning
All else left behind

Out of control, you make me whole,
I must surrender
Tonight, Iím letting it out
Weíre going to fly until tomorrow

You and me after midnight
You and me are one

We knew what our hearts were needing
Without no hope
Iíve tried to stay strong to the feeling
But now I canít cope

Oh, you lift me up, to the top,
of this existence
Thereís no end to it all
Let us try, living the fantasy

Weíre stuck in this cage of desire
We will not get out of this fight
Surrender your will to the fire
Letís do what feels right

9. By Your Side

A tear is trailing down
As raindrops are falling from the sky
The grief, heavy on your soul
Your thoughts, just keep on asking why

Each breath lasts eternally
With pain and with hunger unfulfilled
Youíre trying to reach out
Remembering a voice inside your head

Cause you know, this time is worth waiting
And for sure, weíll meet again someday

I know that itís hard
Itís tearing me apart
We canít go on
But love will still find a way
One step at a time
Feel my heart as I
Stand by your side
So close but yet far away

You stare through the looking glass
Impaling your mind with just one glance
You shiver, as shadows
Sweeps by and embrace you in a dance

Then you know, that I will still be waiting
On this side, keeping this flame on fire

You rise and walk out the door
Move on, shed your fears, let life go on

10. Never Surrender Alive (Acoustic - Live) (Japan bonus)

Maybe the first time I got you inside
It was a moment, a scary cold night
Stood there and watch you, Jack Danielís
supporting my thoughts

Sailing away on this cold winter night
Afraid of the danger the shadows may hide
Time will soon tell that this battle has come to an end

Denied those thoughts through all those
years. Without you by my side Iíll fear
That the mask that Iím wearing soon will
fall off and leave a stain
In spite of that, I will not die in vain

(Now hear those)

Screams from my shelter, to far from the sun
Haven of calm starts reloading the gun
Blueprints of life, wonít be able to save me
this time. Which one of us is without any sin
Right in between where the bullet went in
Iíll never surrender, never surrender alive

Dark are the thoughts that occurred in my head
Walked on the path to the valley of dead
The demons I hide will not cease to exist Ďtil the end

End of the story with scars in my face
Secrets revealed and my hide-away place
Embraced by the shadows,
I leave my own future behind

11. One Step Away (digipack bonus)


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