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Underground Medium

"Underground Medium" (2004 Demo)

1. Assembly Line
2. Faceless
3. Field of Hatred
4. Not the One Who Heals

1. Assembly Line

Doing everything to develope myself sucking energy from my endless source of hate
Trying to please the world while the so called friends keeps smiling and fucks my back

Back to the start
Hiding who I am
Fake from the start
Hiding what I am

All the shit I face today and
Contradictions rise
keeps feeding my source of hate

Way the world goes round, hidden termination, neverending assembly line
Here we stand, marked with brand, too pleased to turn our back

All the lies we have to face
Hypocrite, marked with brand, lieing tounge, stabing hand

all alone the life is ment to to be coloured
(all decisions) and pressures from the outside overruned

Lies and decieving. Self-hiding. Nobody wants to show what they really want. They are too afraid to be rejected because of their own opinion. It’s more important to know all the people instead of few open minded, well fuck that!

2. Faceless

Have you decided your mind, to be what they want you to be
Let your face drown among the others as you walk up this crowded road alone

So the culture has written your life
Most are up for it so you think it must be right
Stay low and you’re part of the crowd
Mind of your own is a death to your soul

You make it hard to find yourself
Seek no trends and be yourself
Strong execption, new inception

Have you decided your mind to say what they want you to say?
Speak with the tounge of deceptions and let your raped soul fall asleep again

a modern fucked up plastic scene, weak deceptions crawls right in
Sink in the masses, stay low now. Shake hand with the stranger, part of the

Stay low now, weak deceptions crawls right in, stay low now

3. Field of Hatred

See them cry the things they’ve done and long gone fucked up life
The choice was made to suit the day and to hide theirself

All desires thrown away, the soul was never there
The pile has grown up all the time, steep regrets fall

Field of hatred
Buried dreams and sinking souls
Fertile ground still underfed
Cultivation, rotten collection
Field of hatred takes
(On and on they slide down the hill of life
Rip the page, swallow the nail and you’re the one of all)

No destination they march on, the pace of prisoners
There is no blocks on their way, every stone is turned

Final journey almost done, start of growing hate
Towards everything they done, and everything are

You trample the path, that was already there
Pure follow leads nowhere
You’re shaking the world which has just got tired
You’ve builded the dreams which are about to fall

Take more leave less, goddamn faceless

4. Not the One Who Heals


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